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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

More Bra for A Cause

This is how my Bra for A Cause was displayed at the Saturday night Gala! I am very curious how much it went for, and who purchased it! Of course I'll probably never know that! I was told that some of the bidders display the bras as art on the walls of their homes. For more photos of all the unique bras check here!

I heard an older artist speaking about how she sold some of her art during fiscal down times, then went on a mission to buy it all back later in life. Not hard to understand, considering how much of our selves goes into each piece. Funny how a piece of my soul is floating around the universe and I don't even know where it is! Maybe I'll see someone wearing it one day!! Hope so!

An update..... the Langley Soroptomists made their goal of $50,000 at the Saturday night gala....hooray!! You can read more about it here!


Janet said...

That's a gorgeous bra! And it's purple!!

I think if I was ever lucky enough to sell any of my art I'd be happy to let it go.

Mary Timme said...

Well, I love the title of this piece! So "fitting," Wouldn't you say?

gemma said...

Mountains of Courage is fantastic Sherrie.
What a great project.
Rock on!

Lucy said...

mountains of courage?!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE those mountains! so BEauTIful and SO amazingly creative!
You know how much I love those colours Sherrie! I would be so curious also to know WHO had my art and HOW much they paid!
I think it must have made plenty for a wonderful cause! off to read more about that cause.

Anonymous said...

your site is cool how do you do all the stuff the back ground and the music on it .it is really cool...

Gypsy Hundley said...

I love this! I'm doing a painted mannequin show for the breast cancer foundation. Check out my blogsite for the information on it. gypsyfolkart.blogspot.com It may give you some ideas!

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