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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nellie Vlaar Again!!!

Gosh, ever have a perfect day? I sure did. Except for the parking ticket my friend got, it was amazing trek with three of the goddesses. I may have to make this day a few posts to share all the inspiration I vacuumed up! Click the photos to enlarge!
First off I finally met one of my favorite local artists, Nellie Vlaar with her Potz and Panzies, at a booth on Granville island. I was surprised that she recognized me right away. Usually surrounded by a crowd it's hard to get a few quiets moments with her, today I lucked out! Having posted about her before she knew me from my blog!

I wanted share a few of her new pieces with you! Don't you just love the color on those teapots? For a chance to scoop up a few of these treasures I've posted the markets where you can find her!


Upcoming Market Dates
PUBLIC MARKET GRANVILLE ISLAND: 9am-7pm, April 17-May 10, June 1-7, June 15-21 LADNER VILLAGE MARKET June 14&28, July 12&26, August 9&23 and September 13

Check out the bobbles on that teapot!! So whimsical, so me!!
I am tempted to buy two of the music mugs for the kids!!
I wanted to get their approval first! Of course I want one too!

Nellies use of color is intoxicating for me! I get so excited,
my eyes dance when they get to soak in such whimsy!
All of her work is packed with inspiration, the shapes, the colors, the designs!

Excellent variation! Something for everyone!
Nice to finally meet you Nellie!
If you haven't guessed I love your art!
You inspire me!!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I love the black and white set.

Lucy said...

wow How much I would love to own some of her amazing dishes and tea pots! I am in such need of new coffee mugs, next time I head out to home goods i will hope to find a nellie original!
YOU deserve a PeRFECT day everyday!

violette said...

I'm loving Nellies work......so much fun and so whimsical!

Love, Violette
p.s. i have not had the time yet to enjoy your mug but just pulled it out......now i'm going to have a cup of tea and relax........using your cool mug of course! Thanks! xo

linda may said...

I found this after googling Nellie. On recommendation by Giggles.Love the colours, she is such a great decorator. My favourites are the black and white pieces.

Alisha said...

Love your blog! I just did a post on Nellie today, check it out here :)


Alisha said...

Love your blog! I did a post on Nellie today, check it out :)

Alisha said...

I love your blog! I did a post on Nellie today, check it out https://gigazette.wordpress.com/

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