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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Key"

Sunday Scribblings prompt albeit late this week, is the "Key"


When I was young

Decisions came easy

What to clean,

What to buy,

What to protect

When to ask why

In mid years

Life was askew

All resolution

Left in my hand

Resolve required

On demand

Finances, repairs

Shopping with less

I jumped to attention

Cleaned up the mess

Sold a house

Dispersed of our crap

Never asked my desires

I did away with that

Alone with the worry

When things needed done

Pride washed away

I succumbed to have none

Somewhere, somehow

Along my way

I misplaced

The essential key

To execute decision


Now trepidation


My sense of choice

As I extrapolate


From every resource

With imminent fear

Of Buyer’s remorse

Where did I

loose that key?


Queen-Size funny bone said...

love the art, i say buy a new car. if you can afford it.

forgetfulone said...

I always love your poetry! And your artwork, as well.

Meg Morgan said...

Dear Giggles,
You don't need a key to fly. Just brush off your wings and leap in!
We all go through it we all have to do it. I send you energy and light.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Love the scribble and the poem is great. You are wonderful with words.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Linda said...

Just wanted to let you know that I always enjoy your poetry and your humor. You are very talented.

Jennette said...

Great stuff,am now following! :)

realtalkbycornelius said...

I am glad that I found you! I love myself some poetry, so I will be following you....

K said...

love your poetry and art...sometimes our key gets misplaced now and then!!!! to always turn up again! happy wednesday!

Lucy said...

your thoughts fit so perfectly in your creative poetry giggs. I can understand your worries but remember ANYTHING can be returned!! (even a car!) Wish you would go look at the fit and be done with it! xoxox

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