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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Oracle"

All Images found on google are accredited to the photographers
responsible for these glorious photos

Wish I had these pieces to go with
our new paint job! Color fills my soul!

Love the rug and color....similar to my family room

Sunday Scribblings Oracle

My oracle is congruent with google reader! Sharing experiences in thought provoking blogs throughout our universe invokes a plethora of ideas and interest. The compilation is awe inspiring, filled with unique snippets of greatness. Art, prose, and style married informatively with vision, spirit and insight. This week I wondered how anyone could ever be bored, with so much to explore and do both physically and mentally. Life is an energy enveloping masterpiece of interesting goings on! All you need to do is embrace it!

Just a few blogs I ponder over the week!

Alisa Burke

On her table is a selection of all my favorite colors, how she uses them is unique and uplifting! Love her artwork!

Found six word Saturday at Show my face!

Here’s mine! Describe your life in six words!

Enveloped in love, color and peace!

One of my favorite blogs to peek in on! Life in the fun lane!

She has brought me over to the white side which I have rejected for years now!!

Beige is still on my “ do not like list!”

Jaime's blog has an awesome video on art and wishcasting.

Dare to wish for! I thought this to be an interesting concept that got me thinking!!

I dare to wish for trust…something I am skeptical of!

Trust I’ll make the right choices

Trust I can get things completed

Trust I am doing the right thing

Trust in people who I thought had my back and ones who don’t

Trust enough to love completely, another!


Janet said...

I haven't been by for awhile and when I popped in....Oh, the color!!! I would love to have any one of those pieces of furniture and that lime green room is gorgeous!

You are so right....how can anyone be bored with the entire internet at their fingertips! I love just getting lost in Blogland....and often do! That's why I'm so bad about commenting anymore! Thanks for the links. I'll check them out.

Jennifer Hicks said...

great blog review and luscious photos!

Jamie Ridler is a colleague of mine - glad to see her referenced here!

gs batty said...

the colors are certainly vivid. they wake the mind. You are right, the world is there to grab.

Anonymous said...

Nice BLOG.................................................

keith said...

What a riot of colour - and so 'you'! The first piece is simply amazing - I want it!

Tumblewords: said...

Exquisite bursts of color and words! Love this!

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