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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hope reborn

Hope Reborn

Two angels arrive
Encouraging relief
Comforting parents
Occupied by grief

Coos of innocence
Fills winters air
Double blessings
Offer hope repair

Tiny jewels
Ten fingers and toes
blossoms of joy
Long awaited repose

Welcome treasures
Restructuring life
For a labor of strife

Memories loom
Of children passed
A shrine exhibit
Mother amassed

Resilient hearts
Beat on command
As birth and grief
Walk hand in hand

My friends who lost their severely disabled son Ethan at age five last winter, after losing their disabled ten month old Jayna less than two years earlier, have just had a healthy set of twins on Nov 7th. They were optimistically reserved during the pregnancy since they were never assigned a proper name for their children"s rare genetic disorder. Which is still being considered by genetic specialist at this juncture.
They took an alternative root and these precious angels arrived to bless an amazing couple. Twins should be a cinch for these two who carted a tall five year old around medicating him every few hours providing 24/7 demanding care. They feel their children taught them so much in the short time they were here, including true courage and patience.
These lucky little princesses... WILL be loved! They'll be spoiled with humorous, fun loving adventurous, immediate and extended family, a warm, kind, loving mommy, aunt, uncle and grandmother, a highly intelligent wise daddy, and people who listens to their needs. This is hope reborn for my dear friends and their new angels.We are ecstatic for these good people!


Sandee said...

How wonderful indeed. What a blessing for sure.

Have a terrific day. :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

one word...PRECIOUS

Tumblewords: said...

Darling babies - what a delight! Wishing this family the very, very best. And to you - Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Linda said...

Oh my, look at those beauties. So precious. What a gift to have them to help their parents get though their grief of losing their other children.

Janet said...

So adorable! And what a wonderful family to have persevered through such sadness to finally be given these little angels.

JP/deb said...

What a beautiful blessing (times two!)


Lucy said...

Such a wonderful blessing for two deserving hearts. The gift of patience and love that they can give these beautiful girls comes from the unforgettable memory of their lost children. that is so touching. as is your poem Sher.
wishing much happiness, love and health to all! xoxo

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