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Monday, April 26, 2010

Checking it twice

Last week Pepper bused to a mega once a year shoe sale. All name brand   high end shoes for dirt cheap. The women were crazed hoarding piles of foot fitting candy. I have no desire to fight a crowd for shoes thank you very much. Not a parking spot to be found when I picked her up. 

This year it was all sales final. In past years women would buy forty pairs then return thirty nine. So they changed the policy. She found a pair of comfy rocket dog high wedgie forties style Mary janes. The clerks all but kissed her when she asked a non shoe related question. Why are people so insanely rude over material possessions? 

We decided to split a burger for lunch.  Asking the guy at our favorite burger joint  if there were any deals, politely, three times. I still couldn't understand what he said. In the end it was "  no deals today." We drive around the corner, on the side of the building a big poster advertising a deal, almost half the price. Annoyed we feel duped, feeding each others anger about the Tuesday special we're missing out on. One car length    from the window I  psyche myself up for the big " WE WANT THE DEAL" talk.  My daughter is more upset than me. I Iook to the poster again, then back at her,  pause  while she finishes her rant. Then trying to contain my self I tell her "It's NOT TUESDAY!!!"  We both burst into hysterics!!!  Not gunna lie, I rather enjoyed being wrong before I hit that window and make a total ass of myself!!!


Sandee said...

Bwahahahahaha. I have trouble knowing what day it is too. I'd probably have made an ass out of myself. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Janet said...

For some reason, ever since HB has retired we can't keep the days straight and are always asking each other "What day is today?"

I am in LOVE with those shoes!!! If I was younger I'd have to wrestle Pepper for them!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

love it when i share a silly moment like that with my kids

JP/deb said...

sometimes you have to just laugh!!

Lucy said...

giggles...you and I would have a confused hoot together!
as for the shoes! Love em! I own several pairs of rocket dogs..it's as if I'm drawn to them in the stores! haha I love your outing tales!

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