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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Scribblings "Dinner"

Sunday Scribblings Prompt this week is "Dinner"

She’s tucked in a booth with girlfriends
when the ex and  his partner wander  in
Plunk  down at the table near by
Discretely eying his every move she chatters on,
hiding acute discomfort behind the half smile

My back shields me  from the face of ugly memories
unreasonable wrath and bullish behavior ,
I’m reprieved  from acknowledging his presence
Warding off any chance eye contact
Hoping he will dine, and disappear
We  laugh and joke, forgetting for the moment
The hue of hostile history a few tables away
A late comer from our party straggles in
Greeting him like a comrade in high esteem
Reiterating too many times, excitement at seeing him

Flabbergasted, my contained  ire escalates,  
Have years wiped out his dreadful behavior?
Does time diminish abuse, or erase a perpetrators history?
If a child or animal were battered would we greet the attacker 
like a pal, writing off the  injustice ?  I’m perplexed!

Has time muddied the truth of those stormy nights
huddled, fearful in the dark of power outages?
When the innocence  of  a sweet mother fell into hibernation
To  ward off  the wolf who gobbled  her youth
And left her with a mountain of angst and cubs to raise.

We munched away on dinner, making more small talk
I’ve not forgotten the bully who badgered a friend,
the crime is not abolished in my mind
Theft of trust, youth, hope, security,  
Friendly as he may appear, I'll say it here
"He is NOT vindicated!!!!"


Lucy said...

this was so moving Sher..
I am so sorry this happened to u
why did your friend greeet him like that?? how hurtful!
"to ward off the wolf who gobbled her youth".. i still have chills from this. what a totally different take on the prompt than I expected.
great writing my sweet friend. xox

Tammy Brierly said...

How awful is that! My ex sounds like him and he still hurts my cubs. I felt your heartbeat racing in your poetry. HUG

Lucy said...

hi sher.. I had to come back and re-read this powerful poem. I now realize this is NOT about you at all.
YOU are just such a devoted friend and that's why your intensity for this injustice came off so personal.
your friend may have been skunked in the husband dep't. but she lucked out with a true friend like you. xoxo

Tammy Brierly said...

I guess I assumed too much but the passion felt familure. Powerful and relatable. XX

oldegg said...

Excellent piece showing how the hurt can remain with messy breakups. Every parting is different and some can move on but what would we do if a confrontation occurred like this?

Powerful and thoughtful writing.

Jessie said...

How awful for you. You've created such a clever poem out of this episode, I hope writing it helped wash away the horrible feelings a little bit. It's good that you were sat with friends, he'll realise you're getting on with your life. You're very brave.xx

Dream Goddess said...

Wow a surprise to read this, you truly are a wonderful devoted friend, and so passionately felt all of my pain in the years past. I did not feel as strongly that night as you might have suspected, people are who they are, and I have come to accept that (as you have I know) The past is just that to me now, not forgotten and I have my bitter moments-ultimately it shapes me but it is not me.We have just finalized our divorce and I am very happy about that. love you dear friend for your role over the years in giving me the strength to get through it all.

Sandee said...

It's what one never forgets. I've got one of these in my past. It's been many years, and I've not forgotten one thing. I've forgiven, but I've not forgotten. I'm in such a better place now.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hug. :)

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