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Friday, April 16, 2010

Lovable Sweetie

Yesterday I hung out with Bryan’s precocious four year old niece. I love how children are unedited.  What a doll this child is. Together we created the above cartoon character on the computer paint program. She chose all the clothes and colors to her liking.  Everything was specific, the words on her shirt, the same striped socks she was wearing, down to her favorite tone of pink. Which she noted was slightly different than what she was wearing but exactly how she liked it. She wanted a round face like the angels on my wall, with dark hair, she's a natural blond.  Every time I did something to her agreement, she’d drag out the word P---E---RRRR—FECT in her exuberant voice.

She played delicately on our piano, it sounded lovely unlike most children who bang on it!    Like her uncle  she tends to put  intonations on different syllables than the average person. When she speaks it’s melodic and happy. She seems excited about every tiny thing she learns. Observant in every way she’s an interested remarkable little girl. Today I found my self mimicking    P---E---RRRR—FECT with the same inflection   she uses. This bright little spirit is a born leader. Can’t wait to see what kind of disease she cures, or sonata she writes, or building she constructs.One thing I know for sure,  this kid is special and will go far…did I mention she’s super lovable too!! Who says babies can’t teach you things!!! 


Janet said...

Sounds like you had a P---E---RRRR—FECT day!!! Kids are so much fun and so easily creative. I love the picture you did together.

Lucy said...

hey Janet! that's What I wanted to say! haha P--E--RRRR-FECT time spent!

and u are right Sher.. the world is hers and she will do amazing things! Children are so inspiring and can bring out the child in us. I love your creation xox

Sandee said...

Little ones can teach us volumes. We just need to pay attention. Sounds like you did.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sandee said...

Second place goes to Giggles of Happy Tiler with:

I see London I see France, but I think I forgot my underpants!

Congratulations. :)

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