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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Scribblings " Mantra"

Me and the Goddesses on Friday with my favorite dessert!
As the Queen of clichés….I find comfort in knowing those before me left behind the  wisdom of their mistakes. My whole life I’ve gathered loads of information before making pivotal decisions. Even with the compilation of past knowledge I still make the odd blunder. Things tend to work out, with a lesson to follow.

My mind rarely quiets enough to  meditate. However I can zone out on occasion, still you’re not likely to see me chant anything unless it’s in jest. Instead I throw out an array of clichés, “The cream always rises to the top.”  "Children learn what they live!"  “Do what you love, the money will come secondary!”

Won't you join me for a yummy homemade chocolate strawberry ganache
filled piece of virtual birthday cake?

If I have an emotional dilemma I ask myself “ is this  motivated by love or fear.” Although I don’t have a mantra many clichés play like old records in my head. Leading me to a place of solace, and cautious decision.

I sent out an email asking friends what their mantras or quotes to live by are.
My mothers was “ Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” which I also live by!

A friend who's had breast cancer said “Help me Rhonda!" and " What the hell?”

My Warrior blogger friend with ALS  said
"Don't simply survive the storm but dance in the rain."

My artist friend who’s had her fair share of struggles tells herself to “Think positive!”

A  friend who has a very nice life, a beach view, travels to foreign lands, enjoys nature  and practices yoga, uses “ Love” as her mantra

Another wise friend on a quest to figure it all out emailed back “ Sometimes you'll think you understand everything, then you'll regain consciousness”

My inspirational  artist friend Violette wrote the book “ Follow your Bliss” not sure if it`s her mantra, but she lives pretty close to those words!

My friend who lost his two children within two years, after providing them with  most amazing care uses a Rocky quote “Life is hard, you have to keep moving forward one step at a time.”

Another blog friend who's had her fair share of trials said "Live well, laugh often, love much." Which also sums up how I feel, with the words love and laugh mounted to the wall of my home!

My dear blogger friend who lives a busy life with a glitch or two along the way asks herself "will this matter 5 years from now" and also says "this too shall pass" 

                     The following person  needs these  birthday flowers Pepper gave me!
Sadly she  finds little quality to her life and  replied with this truth laden humour
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
Please let me die before I wake
Because I'm not sure how much more I can take

Even though my daughter the Princess has struggled along with me at times, but always seems to get what she wants, says “ We’ll make it work” or “ It will all work out” As a teen she used the words“ Live, love and laugh”. Before she was born in the early eighties I gave each of my dear friends a gold necklace with those words. I think she’s right,  it usually always works out!! Not always exactly as predicted, but there are trickles of joy waiting to be found in every corner of life!


Sandee said...

The cake looks wonderful. I'm just going to take a small piece.

You are right...Live, love and laugh. That sizes it up very well.

Have a terrific day. :)

Lucy said...

love all the wise mantras tossed together! There is so much we can use here to better cope with life.
Live love laugh reminds me that lately I've been using zumba's phrase..
Peace LoVe Zumba as a closing on emails to zumba friends! Love that!
Your flowers and cake are GREAT!
so happy u had a special celebration!
(my heart broke with that poem from your friend.. she definitely needs flowers and someone to speak to about her dilemma.) hope she gets some help and feels better soon.
big hugs giggls xoxox

keiths ramblings said...

Lots to think about in this piece. For instance, how do get my hands on a bit of that cake!

Anonymous said...

My mother, at 96, said "I'm far too old to just sip wine" so I thought this good advice and words to live by. Don't mess around the edge - jump in and get wet!

Archna Sharma said...

This was lovely. Thanks for the book suggestion. Wonderful quotes. I loved the one about children learning what they live, so true.
Cute blog!

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