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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Twenty four of us sat down to celebrate Thanksgiving at Peppers in-laws. I'm always reminded of my childhood when I join them. With no dishwasher we scurry to do dishes the old fashioned way. Many of the matriarch's dishes are similar to my moms, as well as her floor and cupboard knobs.

 It's comfortable with constant giggles and  chatter as eight of the ten kids kibitz back and forth  catching up!

Everyone doted on the five day old nephew. Bryans sisters first child. Everyone inquired  when his brothers wife would have their fifth, due in a few weeks. 

 It's hard to say how long these large gatherings will last as families grow and parents age.
I can think of  nothing better  to be thankful for than this wonderful large family who include us with so much love! And these two who brought us all together!


Janet said...

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late!) From the looks of the table you had a feast! What could be better than a huge family gathering and the welcoming of a new little one into that happy group. You and Pepper have a wonderful extended family.

Sandee said...

Happy Thanksgiving honey. What a lovely family indeed.

Have a terrific day. :)

Barb said...

Sounds like you enjoyed the true meaning of Thanksgiving!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Happy family to all. Love the cutie baby.

gemma said...

So glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving and all of your blessings.
Brian and Pepper are having a bit too much fun don'tcha think?
Kids these days...hmmm

Lucy said...

VEry late on the wishes but VERY BIG on the love....HAPPY THANKSGIVING GIGGLES!!! Looks like a beautiful bunch and a loving get together! LOVe pep and Bryans photos, they're truly THE most adorable couple!! I know i've been MIA lately, but I think of you so so often!! I miss blogging but don't even know where to begin when wanting to write something. I hope to catch up on all your posts soon! Hope you're doing well. Miss u and Love u much! xoxo

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