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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Scribblings Essential

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is " Essential"

 Saturday night we visited theses adorable munchkins!
 One taking a couple of lone steps should be walking sometime this week!
My friends have a story to tell full of intrigue mixed with adversity, mystery and  betrayal. Despite the conflict there is resilience, resurgence and Karma. In their forty years they have lived a life stranger than fiction! Here's a plea that they share with the world their life as parents of disabled children who passed away.  Those who invasively affected their lives and how they handled such heartbreak. Still  keeping their children's memory alive while raising soon to be one year old twins!  In the face of the ulitmate betrayal this amazing couple have always taken the high road. I am so proud to call them friends. I adore their twin girls, and openly talk about their two angels now deceased, knowing we have all learned so much from their short time on earth.


It’s essential
to worship peace
With purpose
Knowing karma
Skips behind
Waiting to pounce


Sandee said...

How sad this is. I am happy that they have two healthy happy baby girls. What a wonderful tribute to your friends.

Have a terrific day. :)

gs batty said...

nice tribute to friends. cute children that leave a warm spot in my heart. Your tribute left me sad becasue I cannot fathom losing two children. It also left me curious as to the betrayal and the story behind it.

Lucy said...

beautiful gifts these two! so happy your friends had what it takes to move past unimaginable pain and continue giving their gift of love. xox

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