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Friday, March 18, 2011

Embracing the chips!

Photo in a state of perfection
I truly hate to admit I was pretty anal before kids. I wanted to be a kind parent, so I tried not to sweat the small stuff. Still I carried my need for perfection into motherhood. Always over prepared and organized, with many changes of clothes wherever we went. I washed my floor every night before bed. Being super mom was not always a good idea. I never cried over spilt milk, never made her feel bad about a mistakes, or accidents. I just over excelled in keeping things perfect. When I became sick I had to relinquish the need for perfection. Many years of incorporating perfection fell by the wayside! Laundry backed up on me, while I took naps to stave of headaches  and exhaustion. Dust danced around the house longer than normal. I learned to realign my life! I grieved the old me, set boundaries, paced myself and divorced perfection!
I've embrace who I am today. Less perfect, wiser, and more content. It's a relief to surrender perfection. So the other day when I discovered my favorite Mary Naylor Tea pot had a huge chip out of the spout I was able to shrug and say " Oh well." In the past I may have felt a larger  pang of upset. With the devastation in Japan I can only feel blessed to have a wonderful roof over my head, family close by and other beautiful things in my midst. I spent too many hours of my youth fretting over nonsense. Life is so precious, to be respected, honored, and enjoyed. My prayers go out to the Japanese people, who went to bed one night never knowing how their world could be turned upside down the next. So enjoy the character of a chip in your teapot, I am!


Janet said...

I relate to what you said here....
"I've embrace who I am today. Less perfect, wiser, and more content. It's a relief to surrender perfection."

I understand that completely. I used to worry about every little thing but finally I woke up and realized none of that is important. What is important is that I live a good life, enjoy myself, help others, and the rest will all take care of itself. A few chips along the way won't matter!

Forgetfulone said...

I still sometimes struggle with not sweating the small stuff. Peace will be mine someday.

Beautiful teapot!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

in my house each imperfection tells a big story. lol

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