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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Scribblings " Free"

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is “Free”

Are we ever completely free of worry once we become a Mother? Not in my world. Even though I share a communal living arrangement with adult children I still worry. I feel their pangs of pain, as well as their elation. I often wonder how we manage to make it work through pms, and other moody moments. I’m sure there are times we all just button our traps to keep the peace. Other instances it’s pure love and respect that keep it all together. For the most part we enjoy making each other happy, rolling over the rough patches best we can.

I feel fortunate to be friends with my daughter and son-in-law.  My life is nothing of what I imagined it’s would be at this age.  Unexpected  twists and turns forced me to embrace obscure changes.  Accepting  these modifications with a flexible perspective has been a bonus.

I try to look at the positive in most situations. Do I wallow in pessimism? Sometimes, for a second. Mostly I look for the good, that glimmer of light in a dark place.   I try to find beauty in people and circumstances. When I concentrate on finding what’s lovely I’m blinded to the faults. (or at least for the moment they’re hazed over.) I truly think it frees my  soul from the confinement of negative thoughts! Possibly the key to my friendship with the kids! It keeps me happier too! 

How about you, how do you deal with life unexpected?


Janet said...

I just try to roll with the punches! A positive attitude goes a long way in keeping me sane. Like you I sometimes have a second or two of negative thinking but I snap back pretty fast.

Jingle said...


friendship is cool, family comes first too.

stay blessed.

Old Altonian said...

Family first in all things - outside of family, old-fashioned commonsense applies. NO 'shooting for the moon', when the answer can be found in next door's garbage bin!

Linda May said...

Cool family Giggles
I tuck in my chin, put my head down and get to work, the harder the work the better.

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