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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twenty five years ago

My dad's been gone 25 years today! St patty's day was a great exit for a man who loved to party, dance and sing!  I can't help wonder what he would think about today's five dollar Starbucks coffees, cell phone bills in the hundreds,  hand held computers, grandchildren he's never met and the divorce rate! Probably horrified about the coffee and cells. With one land line we always managed to meet up with friends, and find our way to appointments on time. We also  enjoyed high quality coffee, parallel to Starbucks since dad drove a coffee delivery truck for awhile.
I'm sure he'd be thrilled having a granddaughter only an inch shorter than him at 5'8" since he loved tall women. Even though mom, the love of his life was  only five feet tall.  I wonder if he'd see how much my daughter is like his wife. Tiny, feisty, a great cook and baker. Not to mention a spiffy dresser, great money manager with a huge heart!   Would he be surprised about my relationship with her I wonder? I think he'd be surprised at what an easy teen she was, how straight she is too.
Too bad he never met his only grandson. A kid with a natural musical, and athletic ability, much like him! Dad would be so surprised that his one nephew is a professor and Cancer research scientist! 
I think he'd be proud of the mother I am, how I kept everything together after divorce, raising my daughter in a wholesome way! He'd be disappointed about my weight but never say a word. He may be sad that I'd not attempted to mate up again. He's be utterly shocked that I am an artist, almost as much as I am!

My brother is turning fifty this year, man he looks so good with his six pack abs. Dad would be pretty surprised to see how handsome and well preserved his son is!  How he has  maintained a seven day workout since the age of  twelve years. How proactive he is about nutrition. He'd be proud. If only he hadn't smoked, maybe he'd still be here to enjoy this era! Miss you dad!


Janet said...

This is such a wonderful post about your family. Your dad was a handsome guy. I'm sure he would be very proud of all that you've achieved.

Forgetfulone said...

I know he'd be proud of you and Pepper! 25 years. Sigh. My dad has been gone 6 1/2. I wonder if it gets any easier. Probably not. This was a touching post.

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