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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Mutterings

                                                 Digital done for reusable mugs

Today I watched a guy toss a McDonalds wrapper out the window of his car with little concern that I witnessed it. Where are the liter police when you need them darn it!

Now that gas prices continue to climb I'm soooo glad I bought a smaller car. There is so much head room, I can cart a large amount of groceries and  canvases with ease! Love my Kia Soul!
Yesterday an older Cashier whispered, "I use coupons too," as though it was a dirty secret!! I love when cashiers embrace using coupons, makes shopping so much easier. Line ups can get pretty long if a cashier  decides there's a discrepancy. My assertive coupon queen daughter rarely takes no for an answer when she's positive her coupon is valid. Watch out for those coupon queens, they have power! 

 We've been looking after a toy poodle for a few weeks now, even though we brush her hair daily it still mats up like a Rastafarian. No sooner do I work out the mats and she has new puppy dreads!

Having a dog around is fun!  I wipe her feet every time she comes in the house some how she still manages to make paw prints all over the dark hardwood floors. It's  very faint, until the light hits. Then it looks like a pack of dogs trampled through the house all at once! Mop time!

Daughters favorite comfort food is homemade macaroni and cheese, with real Canadian cheddar. For months I have had macaroni Mondays, but today we changed it up and had cheddar cheese perogies and salad. What's your comfort food?


Diane said...

I love reading your posts--they're as colorful as your art. My comfort food? Hmmmmm--I have no preference--all food is comfort to me :)

Gloria said...

Hi Giggles. Great post. People are going to litter no matter what the laws are and that's terrible. Having a Family Pet Member (dog) around is more than good, it soul soothing like art. I love my family pet members and could not be without the their love. Have a great day.

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