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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pump Dude

Today I was doing errands.  Saw that gas was a bit cheaper at a Co-op   station.  I decided to top up my tank! I drove up to the nearest pump, in behind a  vacant truck. I expected the owner was paying for gas or buying  lottery tickets. I sat patiently waiting, because that's what I do!...I'm pretty darn patient! Meanwhile a  man standing three pumps away was smirking at me. He had that, "what's that dumb chick waiting for", kind of smirk on his face. He kept staring as though I had my skirt tucked into my underwear, which wasn't possible because I was sitting in my car....Okay....maybe that was possible, but he couldn't see it.  Anyway, he kept smirking. I felt uneasy, a bit foolish, but didn't  know why.I could have switched to a vacant pump on the other side.  Instead I kept waiting, maybe a little too long.  No one returned to the truck.  Pump  dude continued  laughing at me. Still shaking his head  in contempt. Obviously I was  doing something wrong.   He definitely thought  I was a stupid, heck if I knew why!   I considered passing on the gas, not passing gas, after all I still had three quarters of a tank of fuel. But I wanted the cheap gas, and a touch-less car wash to get the winter salt off my car. It was now  evident  the truck driver wasn't coming back. I looked in my rear view mirror preparing to back up. As I swung my head around, there it was. A city tow truck. Rear view lights butted up to my passenger door. I had blocked him in. I felt pretty sheepish. There was nowhere for him to go until I moved! Pumper dude was still shaking his head, now blatantly laughing at me.  Duh.....Fat chick finally got it!! Thankfully I had sunglasses on to hide my shame! I quickly pulled out and around to another pump, parallel to him. He pulled out and left, thank goodness. I'm sure I created some evening fodder, for  pump dude and the trapped tow truck driver!
I imagine I swooped in behind the vacant truck just as the tow truck was planning  to perform a tow! Oops!!!


Jeni said...

Jeez! Pump dude or the driver of the truck should have told you what was going on.

I enjoyed reading... :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

i still think he was admiring your beauty

Dreamer said...

I agree with Jeni, the jerk had no class...he should have done the gentlemanly thing and gentley explained what was going on.
Oh well, they had to wait too, so whatever, their problem. I just don't get why people enjoy making others feel bad, when your intention was to innocently get some gas. bleh on them lol.

Forgetfulone said...

Funny story! I would have made a hasty exit, gas or no gas!

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