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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Change of Attitude

Tuesday I went to Costco for some pick me ups, a BBQ Chicken, and jalapeno bread for an easy supper. I got multigrain cheerios that we all love, coffee, cheese, and yellow tulips for my daughter. I was shocked to see shrimp went from just under nine dollars a bag, to almost fifteen bucks!

Lately I've been taking a night time Advil before bed. My knee was not too bad. So I searched vigorously for the cocoa on my list.  It's usually hard to miss the bright yellow label, but there was none to be found.   Unfortunately  box stores rarely have any clerks nearby to ask for assistance.     

I headed to the check stands. There were lineups galore. My eyes spent the time wandering into the surrounding shopping carts. Curiously looking for new interesting meal ideas!  I noted a different type of feta than I usually get. Peoples clothes, mannerism, habits, relationship dynamic  keep me interested and stave off boredom!

It was nearing dinner hour so I slipped into a shorter lineup. A  middle aged male cashier took my card.  I asked if there was any cocoa. He was a bit Blasé, telling me he hadn't seen any come through lately. Head down ran a few of my groceries through, stopped and asked if I wanted to donate to the Japan Tsunami fund. I paused for a second. Then quickly said "yes." He asked how much, I blurted an amount without much thought. Even at that it felt cheap.  I should have put the yellow tulips back, counted my blessings and added that to my donation too.  But  my daughter needs tender care right now, those tulips gave her some joy. Enough about my guilt.

After my donation the Cashier perked up, kindly yelled over to customer service about the cocoa, asked them for the code, sweetly asked how many I wanted, sent someone to retrieve one for me. His whole demeanor had change. Was this even the same guy? He was very sweet! 

While waiting for my cocoa I could hear the next few customers decline to contribute. I was so happy to see Red Cross on my bill!!!   Verification it's going to a good place. I looked around Costco, so busy. I thought  if everyone  gave just a  bit it could mount so very quickly!  Who knows, might give another  Mr. Grumpy pants  a shot of much needed nicety!


Janet said...

It just takes a little bit from each person to add up to something BIG.... and that includes smiles and being nice.

MissKoolAid said...

Isn't it amazing how one little gesture can make a world of difference?

I hope Pepper is doing well (regarding your "tender care" phrase.)


judie said...

Good post girl. Lots of messages here.

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