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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday I was driving home after dropping the dog back to her owner. I had the sun roof open, Adele was blaring and I was in my glory. An old turquoise Toyota sedan  was following really close behind me. The fellow was beaming from ear to ear. I felt a bit nervous how close tailgater was.
I thought I heard beeping, and was thinking, oh no here we go again!!! What now? But I talked myself out of it!! Tailgater kept smiling as though he just won the lottery. He was driving a bit erratically so I kept checking my rear view mirror. I kept hearing beeping...but it was probably the music. Next thing I know tailgater was beside me, smiling and trying to get my attention. It was  creepy. Tailgater, probably fifteen years younger than me if not more obviously had spring fever.  What the heck...he was trying to hit on me while I was driving? He drove in front of me, then beside me again. Omg he was acting so peacockish!  Why doesn't he do what I do when I have spring fever, open his windows and turn up the music....geesh....that's all I need some crazy manic guy with an old car....been there done that!!! No thanks!    


Kathy McCullen said...

Peacockish! Your turn of phrase always tickles me to death, Lisa. Your banner is stunning too. Thanks for the smiles today.

Gloria said...

How funny. Tee Hee. Well I haven't had that happen to me in a very long time. He must really have had Spring fever. My husband seems to get that too. He starts washing his car more often, gardening longer, but he is always home so I don't worry. :) Have a great day.

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