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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

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Thursday Thirteen Random thoughts

1 Life sure has it's ups and downs. The people you love most seem to have so much power over us!

2 Stupid woman in Starbucks today, plugged in the cord to her wireless computer right across the customers path to the counter! Lucky no one tripped. First man who walked by accidentally ripped the cord out of the socket with his foot! She was oblivious to anyone else but herself.

3 Where the hell is common sense????  Not common lately!

4 Why are people so RUDE with their cell phones, playing games, texting, posting to facebook while in a room full of people all chatting together??
5 Why do people think it's okay to talk on a cell phone for a long period of time when they're in your company? Next time I'm going to bluntly tell them I find it offensive!!

6 I wonder how much the property taxes and heating bill are on the 2.4 million dollar lottery home!

7 How the heck do you dust the 10 ft rafters of the lottery home?

8  Damn the show "Shameless" with William  H Macy is addictive!

9 I have been wanting to see "For Colored Girls" since it came out. I have waited long enough. This weekend I'm renting it from Shaw on demand! Having a movie date by myself!!!
10 I am jonsing to create, but hesitate to spread all my supplies around the family room making a big mess again!

11  I loved the movie with Graffiti artist Banksy  called "Exit through the gift shop" but it's not for everyone. 

12 I am so grateful for the beautiful yellow an apple green flowers my daughter bought for International Woman's day Tuesday!

13 Darn it, I need to write down my blog ideas before they float into the abyss!! Here today and gone tomorrow! I must remedy that! 


Diane said...

Love your list :)

judie said...

Number 10. Amen! This is why artists have studios, so they don't have to "set up" and "take down" each time. I am not one of the lucky ones to have a studio space, so I "set up" a corner of my kitchen next to a window with a tiny drop-leaf table I got at the Salvation Army store. I can leave a mess there forever. Just sit down and start working. Altho, it's too small to hold much so it is still inhibiting to me. But I try! Hoping you can find a corner for yourself. Have a wunnerful weekend! xoxo

Janet said...

Numbers 3, 4 and 5 are my most common complaints. When did it become the "in thing" to be rude?? I just don't understand the compulsion to be available 24/7. Personally I like to be unreachable at certain times of the day or night!! I treasure my privacy and my quiet time.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I really despise the telephone crap. I spit it right out that they are being rude to me and tell them to knock it off or I'm out of there. I've hung up on my mother while she calls me and starts talking to someone else while I'm hanging on the phone.

Linda Jacobs said...

I got a kick out of these rants and raves!

Kathy McCullen said...

Did you watch "For Colored Girls" yet? One of my students recommended it to me, and, while I thought it was brilliant, it almost killed me to watch it. I thought the incorporation of poetry into the dialogue was just amazing.
I was looking back at a blog post from 2 yrs. ago, for some reason, just now, Lisa, and I read one of your comments in which you encouraged me to try to start showing my work. I had never had the courage to approach anyone about gallery representation; in fact, I had just begun to teach myself to paint, but you were so supportive and helped me to believe that I could succeed as an artist, and I wanted to take this time to tell you how much your faithful comments and support have meant to me over the past couple of years. The joy I've found as an artist was made possible by you and my other blog friends who helped me to see that I just had to be brave and put myself out there. Now I can't imagine being any other way, and I appreciate your friendship and support more than I can ever express. Painting and working in the galleries, in addition to my day job as a teacher, eats up a great deal of my blogging time, but please know that I think of you often.


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