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Monday, February 28, 2011

 Sunday Scribbling Prompt this week is "Fire"

Friday morning I scooted right, off a side street, into traffic. Behind me a young, refined looking Asian woman flipped me the bird. Continued to do so for several blocks. Afraid I’d not seen her  she popped her red car into the next lane. Unrelenting, now parallel to my driver side,  I caught her middle finger flailing.  Pointing at me. Disrupting my peripheral vision. With more determination than before! I feared she might clip the car ahead of her!  She wouldn't be ignored, she needed some kind of reaction or verification that I'd seen her. I felt a fire in me.   For a second I reverted back to my twenty year old self. With my head forward, eyes on the road, I quickly flashed my finger back at her.  She continued to dance her middle finger vehemently with ire, one upping me, making sure I saw her! Then she stepped on the gas and sped ahead out of sight.

Oh, I am not one bit proud of my reaction. Nowadays I’m more likely to give someone the two finger peace sign,  a positive thumbs up, or thank-you wave acknowledging a nice deed.  I shrunk to her level. I’m not proud. It’s no longer the seventies. It’s risky business responding or initiating disdain in this manner. However I felt a bit bullied by this young woman! I don’t take chances with my new car. I’m pretty defensive and like to think I'm a courteous driver. I had  safely merged into the lane. There was lots of room! My daughter affirmed I’d done nothing wrong. Believe me she is the first to point out any of my mistakes!! Not too long after we got our flowers at the produce stand we heard a siren barreling down the same street. I wondered if the angry young woman caused an accident somewhere up the road!

The next day, I drove  to  Costco with my daughter.  Not a parking spot to be found on the  busy Saturday. I wasn’t feeling my best.   I didn’t have the energy to walk from the  parameter of several  acre parking lot, plus do a Costco Shop! So I stopped at the door,  suggesting daughter   start the shopping while I searched for  a reasonable parking spot.  I saw a car approaching behind me, so I asked daughter  to get out quickly. Not wanting  to hold anyone up!  Daughter jumped out of the car, opened the back door to get the reusable bags. In my rear view mirror I could see the woman in an SUV behind me swearing banging her fist on the steering wheel and waving for us to hurry! Daughter  saw her too. We weren’t dawdling, but daughter was annoyed that she was so impatient. Instead of waiting the  woman lurched her SUV around my car  yelling obscenities at me as she passed. I ignored it this time! Both daughter and I were glad there was no  child crossing in front of my car when Mrs. Grumpy pants, so consumed in anger zoomed by!  What is wrong with people??? Where have manners gone? It was literally seconds we were stopped.

Scares me how hostile and belligerent people can be behind the wheel. Is it cell phone withdrawal? Clearly there are people driving around mentally ill, exhausted, angry, and drug addicted,  some even have weapons. None of which we can control. One should never  let the fire of their youth grab hold of reason like I did with the  first woman. Wished I’d flashed her a peace sign instead…. I sincerely  doubt it would have helped though!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunday Scribblings Surprises

Sunday scribblings this week is " In a thousand Years"

She's turning fifty. Not in a thousand
years would I have imagined she hates surprises. But she does, and her hubby has been warned....." No surprises!" 

Hard to believe the woman who bakes every friend and neighbor a surprise birthday cake, shows up at each event with some unique idea or gift that makes life more fun doesn't want  a fuss made for her birthday! 

She's not alone. Dear daughter   and Oprah don’t like surprises either. It makes them  nervous with worry.
Yet I often surprised dear daughter  when she was young.  A special outing or event, a new outfit or toy, a favorite food always brought a smile to her face! I prided myself on filling her  life with  joy! It was my pleasure. It's hard to forget the squeals of  glee when dear daughter discovered a trampoline in the backyard ! I can still see her little eight year old body bobbing up and down in utter bliss.

Ugly divorce with hostile surprises,  distressing birthdays coupled with   disappointing announcements put her in a terrible funk.  Substandard Christmases, excluded from kid friendly family events, a Disneyland holiday, and extra curricular activities is the catalyst to her aversion to surprises. Vinegar on the wound, knowing step siblings enjoyed all these financial perks while she was left out!

I was emotionally jerked around by surprises last week. Crying one moment over a personal family issue,  out  of my  realm of  understanding or control. Meeting with a friend was a lovely diversion, finding a few bottles of my favorite  discontinued  perfume somehow elated me, lifting the gloom.   As though out of the dark an angel appeared to divert my distress.  When I fell back into  worry  I click on an email to find a welcome humorous diversion evoking a laugh out loud! Not sure I like surprises myself, however I accept them as a part of life!

As an adult dear daughter has been shook up numerous times by worrisome erratic situations. There is always no resolve and nothing seems to balance out these unexpected emotional bombs dropped on her! It has made her very uncomfortable with unpredictable behavior. I’m sure many children of divorce, ones with unpredictable alcoholic or mentally ill parents also hate to be surprised.

Personally I’d never want someone to surprise me by redecorating my environment without my input, or  show up unannounced to stay for a holiday. It's nasty being surprised by a large  unexpected bill in the mail too.   I’d not want a celebrity to knock on my door with cameras either. I have to admit, thoughtful  well intended, noninvasive sweet surprises make me happy! I really appreciate them,  pretty sure dear daughter does too.   How about you??? What is your best surprise and do you like them?

Friday, February 04, 2011

Quarter of a Century Old today!

I’m wise, but she’s wiser
I’m strong, but she’s stronger
I’m frugal, but she has me beat there too
Twenty five years ago today
After a difficult labor of
Hemorrhaging, internal stitching
Pain beyond imagining
She was born
Each second after that
Was bliss, as I held her
The most contented mother
On the planet.
Not one day of regret
She filled a lifetime void,
taught me true love
  then grew up to be my best friend
She radiates loyalty, hope, and
Generously she thinks of others
Always responsible and sensible
She follows her heart and intuition
And she cooks now too,
as though it is her true calling.
As she walks through the footsteps of life
Dragging bags of her parents dysfunction
She grasps on to her sensible nature,
gentle husband, sense of gratitude
And copes with panache
Each day I have learned something new
From that precious treasure
I call my daughter!

Happy Birthday Darling
You are a one of a kind
I love you beyond words
I hope you know that!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bras for A Cause 2011 " Mountains of Courage in Bloom"

"Mountains of Courage
in Bloom"

This Bustier is dedicated to my dear friend
Helen Cheng
 Done in Acrylics then varnished
The form of this bustier was not quite as nice as
the first one I did, making it slightly more difficult to paint !
Today I am donating this completed bustier to "Bras for A Cause" along with one hundred dollars. The  money my daughter has saved us on sundries through extreme couponing the  past four months  affords  me the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause in honour of my friend. 
Two years ago right about the time I was donating my first bustier " Mountains of Courage" in honor of a mutual friend, Helen was diagnosed! January 4th was Helens second birthday since her diagnoses and treatments! I'm excited to say she looks healthy with a full head of  curly hair! Seems like all those   home perms are finally permanent! I'm pretty sure she's crossing her fingers that they are anyway!

Helen is such a terrific person always full of glee with an ability to recall minute details and dates like no other! We met twenty years ago when our daughters were in kindergarten! We've had so many laughs over the years  and lots of great chatter! I am so proud of my pal, her courage and tenacity to fight through such tough times always with a smile and  winning sense of humor! Love you Helen, you're one of a kind! Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you many more my friend! 
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