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Friday, October 26, 2012

Zombie Paint Party Friday

Last week and most of the weekend  was spent furiously trying to get three photo books, sixty pages together under a groupon deadline.

 This is pretty much how I felt during the process!! It was an excellent deal I wanted a hard copy of some of my favorite art pieces and family related poetry combined in a few  albums!!
 But seriously by the end of it I was turning purple!! 

  To top it off it took forever to upload them to the company!!
I have a feeling everyone was trying to get in under the  same deadline!!

I awoke in the middle of the night in hopes of  uploading against the time difference. Thankfully I did get it loaded but it took some tenacity. 
I was a ZOMBIE by the end of it!!

And so  relieved when it was all done!!

 Anything I've put my hand to creatively this week has not come to fruition. 
Here's another snap shot of how I felt. Notice my gnarly teeth after
not much sleep and too much coffee!!

Night turned into day!!
Anyone care to take a stab at the metaphor for a cat in the ear?? 
I've heard of a bug in the ear...but a CAT???? 
 I overworked a sketchbook page so much this week that it feels likea piece of thick leather and it's still not worth showing...Can you tell I'm frustrated?

However while thumbing through my blog I found a fun piece that many of my new followers may not have read. 
 Sadly it's a true story accompanied by a digital piece (replica of me and my bro)
done a few years ago! 

 True story!!

We teased my mom about this for years after the fact. Even though she is long gone it's a memory that still holds a chuckle. Keep in mind she was a very short woman, with only a few extra pounds. Really cute, very young looking for her age and a bit aggressive. I was always taller and heavier than my mom. Most of the time I felt like a big oaf following behind her. She never ceased to embarrass me in a restaurant, this is just one of those occasions!
Feisty, five foot mom named Sue
You’d dare not do, what she told you to
 Off she’d drag us to the smörgåsbord
A day off of cooking, she implored

 Down the line we’d trail behind
For twenty bucks, four of us dined
 Filled up our plates, all you could eat
Savories, salads, delicious things sweet.

 Mom always heaped hers, just a little more
with chicken almost toppling, to the floor
We’d cringe and scowl, often protest
A covert measure we kids would detest
 She’d shush us, with a voice cautiously terse
Then proceeded to stash chicken into her purse
Embarrassed we’d shudder at this brazen act
Our mother stole chicken carefully packed

She excused it by saying it was for dad’s lunch
We’d paid for it anyway and it’s wasn’t a bunch
In eighty degree weather the chicken would ride
Nestled amongst lipsticks in her purse it would hide
 Shopping, visiting, with no one the wiser
The bacteria laden fowl, now a potential bum geyser
Hours went by with poultry out of refrigeration
Suddenly she remember her chicken with elation
 Placed into the fridge until the very next day
“Chicken Sandwiches everyone?”
We both screamed “NO WAY”!

You can check an old Halloween post  here  for the  template on how to carve these pumpkins!! Hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!!!

Check out the other zombies artists  at Paint Party Friday!!


Marji {RainCityGirl} said...

I loved this post. That zombee face is great - deadline behind you now - phew! Great poem. Happy PPF

Faye said...

Oh, Giggles, this made me snicker. I have done that before too. I don't remember sneaking food out in my purse with the kids along, but I have put rolls or cookies in my purse. I love the colors in your works. That first art at the top is scary. If that's what you felt like this week, I hope people steered clear. LOL!

Christine said...

very ghoulish painting this week! Happy Halloween!

Gloria said...

Oh! I laughed out loud! I love this post in all it's colors! Love your zombie self and your cat curled up in your ear, too! I drink coffee to and am trying to use whitening toothpaste as much as possible! But I would take a rosy pink pair of teeth instead of yellow ochre!EWE! gross!

Anne Manda said...

Zombie is awesome! Loved the poem of your mom, I can imagine how embarrassed you were - and she wasn't! :-D

Janet said...

I'm glad you made the deadline. The zombie pictures are great...and I liked the story about your mom.

aimee said...

those characters of yours totally lift me up. thumbs up to giggles' zombies!

Rita said...

Great poem and fun story. Love the zombie in all his colors! Happy PPF!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Oh, Giggle, I am all too familiar with those Groupon dealines, too! :0

Glad you got your photo books finished! :)

Another wonderful blog post today!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Jessica Sporn said...

Great story. Love your zombies and pumpkins. Happy PPF!

Tracey Fletcher King said...

that is a great story... my gran used to eat her body weight at any smorgasbord... never saw her pilfer stuff though... this tiny little thing used to be able to out eat truckers... hilarious... hope this week brings lots of sleep so the zombie disappears!!!!

Jez said...

Love everything about this post, every single bit, and I've never seen any pumpkin as truly marvellous as those in your pic.
Perhaps the catvis purring with contentment that you achieved what you had to get done.

NatashaMay said...

Your zombies looks scary. :) And I totally love the pumpkins. :)

Debbie said...

fun stuff this week! I love the zombies and pumpkins! the chicken story is hilarious!

denthe said...

OMG I laughed out loud reading this post! Your zombiehead is exactly like I was feeling the last couple of weeks: too much to do and not enough time to get it done. I think I'm gonna print it out and hang it on my computer, so I'll be reminded that I'm not the only one suffering ... Congrats on making the deadline! I think the cat is whispering in her ear to take it easy and not to stress so much ☺ Overworking a sketchbookpage until it feels like leather sounds also very familiar. And that story about your mother and her chicken is hilarious. You should write a book with these stories! (can you tell I'm starting to be a big fan of self-publishing?)☺ ♥

Theresa Plas said...

Fun read! Love the zombies and such! I feel your pain with that process - how frustrating. Happy PPF Giggles!

Melisa said...

LOL, so funny! Those pumpkins are terrific and I love your Halloweeny blog theme!

Gloria said...

Love your scary and colorful zombies and the fab pumpkin! I always love coming to your blog because of your work and great stories. Excellent. Started out my morn with a smile and a laugh. Thank you.

Linda said...

Your posts always make me smile as do your colorful pieces of art-great zombie!

Victoria said...

Hi Giggles..wow..another post full of colorful enchantment!! Love the way you do teeth..they are awesome! and love the cat in the ear..to me that totally is symbolic of our psychic-intuitive sense...and listening to it. Cats are symbols linked to that!
Wonderful post...fabulous!

bohemiannie! art said...

LOL! Too funny. Illustrated beautifully.

Kat Griffin said...

great zombies ! I enjoy the color changes and the funny stories.
the poem of your mom and the chicken in the purse is hilarious.
happy ppf

Ritu Dua said...

Very interesting post...awesome art work too...great work!

LilliBean Designs said...

I loved you post this week! You zombie pictures are totally what I felt like - totally zonked. x

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Wow, the Walking Dead should hire you!!! Great looking zombies...and your story is funny:)ohhh and I love those carved pumpkins,,,very cooool.
Happy Paint Party to you and have a great Sunday.

judie said...

Love your zombie madness..LOL. Mostly love your cat in the ear...can you hear the soft purring? Can you feel the tickling fur?

Would you email me the contact for the company you used to make your hardcopy book? Thanks :)

carlarey said...

Ha! This made me laugh.

A friend of mine's grandmother used to insist on being taken to a buffet, and send her grandkids up to get her plate after plate of food, which she dumped into a plastic bag that was lining her purse.

Finally she was banned from every buffet restaurant in a ten mile radius, and her family was so relieved.

Jane Wetzel said...

awesome zombies :) what a cool blog!

lorik said...

What an entertaining post! Love the facial expressions - and the calm one with the cat purring up against you. He must have been relieved too! Enjoyed the story about your mum too- I have been guilty of more than one dessert at family smorgasbords long ago:)
Great art!

Anonymous said...

wow! this is the most captivating blog post i have ever come across. i am glad i am not in a rush today to visit other sites. you are soooo creative, even in the midst of frustration. i can so relate. yesterday, i stayed up through the night to upload my second video to youtube. well, i don't really know much. so after a long long wait, i got a message saying, "your video is rejected. it is too long." uh! so i had to find alternative ways to somehow share as much as i could using still shots in my blog for art journaling. woooo, it took me hours again, meaning late late night. now, i am goofy but thankfully not irritable... yet... :) thanks for dropping by my blog. alpha shanahan

Sue said...

Wonderful paintings, each face so full of expression:)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Oh my! I think your art reflects how you were feeling, which is sometimes a difficult thing to achieve! Congrats also on getting your groupon deal.

Viola said...

Fun, lovely and colorful paintings! :)
also I think the photos above here, your newer post, are charming! fun to see your daughter as small and as grownup.. she is lovely! :)

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