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Friday, November 09, 2012

Paint Party Friday, Nick Names

Playing a round
 Warning this is a long post...I hope the art is a good distraction!
Scrabblers and a big head!
I play on-line scrabble with random opponents. I'm pretty choosy who I play with. I can tell a lot from their nick names..."ruthless" speaks for itself, could be a good game with lots of blocking! "Bosspixie" might just be a short bossy woman with a pixie hair cut, possibly trouble. "Fussyone" is a whiner to be sure!!   

Believe it or not "Splotch" is in a heavy metal band, I figured him as an artist!  "Catnip" is pretty self explanatory. "Glad77" might be a  happy thirtyfive year old woman, probably a non threatening opponent! "Seawind," is either a self professed farter, a sailor, or both! A guy you just might not wanna play in person!! Stinky factor!

 "Coolgranma," I'm pretty sure spoils her grand kids!! Might be an easy win there!!  "3kids," probably a busy lady, who  might abandon a game half way through when one of the kids needs attention!! "Bash12," could be a wife beater or a vengeful scrabbler.

Ladynana....is refined, I'd play her, could be a slow game though. "Demerrara".... he's a DRINKER, yep, big drinker...loves his rum, could be annoying if he nods off...which has happened before!! MARYLOU, likes screaming probably types only in capitals, and is possibly an era behind me."Klaws," big red flag, "stay away" could be dangerous... "Gingiruth"  probably a harmless redhead named Ruth!

Cruelzit, you may think is a man with bad acne....of course it has to be a man! A woman would never refer to herself as a zit! In fact he's an avid highscoring scrabbler who's nick is actually an annagram of his real name. He flaunts his email address as "imatigerwords!!" Possibly a cheater? Or a philanderer?
Anyway, I clicked on this player, "Karoline". She sounds nice right? In my non virtual life I have a dear friend name Carolyn who truly is a sweet Caroline!! Kind to everyone! When playing scrabble online it's proper etiquette to say good luck or gl and thank-you or ty when you start a game. We also  acknowledge a  bingo (7 letter word) with a kind response, because it's a rare and difficult play.

 For some reason Karoline doesn't understand why anyone would say good luck or thank you during a game. She feels we are strictly there to beat each other at scrabble! Usually more  discriminating, I seems to always click  her nick by accident, forgetting what her finger notes say. I'm hoping this post reminds me not to play her again. 

She's not overtly grumpy but has a real attitude. She hates when people say good luck at the beginning of a game and refuses to respond!! She can't understand politeness, and shouldn't be fooling me with her sweet nick name!! I am so grateful for a good opponent, and a nice balanced game, of fair play, win or lose! It seems the opponents  who don't use manners lose more often than not. 

What is so wrong with being competitive but sincerely happy for a player who comes up with a great word. It's not as though we're playing for money. I don't get it.... I like to compete, and still have manners and good sportsmanship... holy doodle what is with some people?..My fingernotes say I don't play with grumpypants!! And I mean it!! Oh, as of last night, Ladyjane is no LADY either!! I think Karoline might just have a few aliases!!
 Cupcake brought up a good point too! You really don't know if the person you are scrabbling with isn't a little old lady or a young person dying of cancer, or a man who just lost his wife, or a shut in who's physically disabled! It's important to be kind to everyone on the other side of the screen because you may be their only connection to the outside world and a kind word!!!
 Are you competitive and kind, or competitive and ruthless? What would your nick name say about you?

This is my contribution to Paint Party Friday!  


Janet said...

I love love love the art today!! As for nicknames, I'm terrible at thinking up good ones for myself which is why I always revert back to jkbees (which is just a twist on my initials JKB)

Christine said...

wonderful art this week! as always!

Netty said...

Loving your artwork. I am definitely not competitive in any shape or form.
Happy PPF, Annette x

Laurie Miller said...

I love scrabble, but get frustrated playing online. I forget to come back and take my turn - or if the other doesn't move fast enough when I am being attentive, that makes me frustrated. LOL Oh well - But as for the art. Love it this week. So good to "see" you! Laurie

Marji {RainCityGirl} said...

First - I loved the artwork. Really super this week. I got such a chuckle from your take on your virtual competitors and their screen names. You are so right, one needs to pick a nicname wisely. Great post!! Happy PPF

Mary C. Nasser said...

Wonderful contributions to Paint Party Friday! I love playing Scrabble in person.
I also always wanted a nickname growing up.
Recently, Pauline from PPF nicknamed me Mary the Map Girl!! :)
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Linda said...

Fantastically fun, artful post!!! I love games like scrabble and consider myself to be kind.I have a good and dear friend who likes to play games too but is so very competitive it's not fun to play with her-so we don't do games :)

Sharon Evans said...

I love your faces full of character and they fit the names you mentioned, Ive a friend who plays online scrabble and she says there are some mean dudes out there! As your cupcake says they could be a nice old shut in grannie who is using the games to vent their frustrations on the world.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

People are funny aren't they... only takes a minute to be polite... and is it really that cut throat... a friend on mine plays online bridge and has said similar things... funny how people think they can be more competitive on line and so rude... can't be fun to play against... glad you stick to your guns and be your lovely self... it probably throws them off no end!!!!

Alicia C said...

Fun portrait of "karolyne" i tried to play yahoo backgammon but i found the ppl way too hateful either viciously impatient or trying to pick ppl up.

peggy gatto said...

I just loved your art here...and the post!!!
you have fun!!!

denthe said...

Your art is wonderful again! Love your three ladies together, as well as the group of Scrabblers. Funny to read your account about the nicknames. I've never played online games and tbh don't feel like it either. I find that people online can be very viscious sometimes, probably because of the anonymity. I'll just stick to the artsy bloggers, those are cool ;-)

Jez said...

I play Wordfeud online, but only with my daughter and husband Dev. We're all about the same level and very competitive but enjoy the fun and the ability to leave supportive and humorous comments for each other.
My nickname describes me perfectly ... And therefore top secret.
Enjoyed the happy post and the paintings of the ladies with all the colour changes.

Gina Sismilich said...

I love your ladies - they are so full of color - I also love your abstract painting - again I love all the intense color (my nickname would be rainbowgirl!)

Nancy McCarroll said...

I play online Scrabble much too much. I play on www.isc.ro if you play there and my name is templeton7 (for the rat in Charlotte's Web) but most people think I am a financer with the Templeton Trust. Too funny, and love your faces, as always.

Carolyn Dube said...

Hmm, what nickname would I have? I am very competitive once I get in the "game" but I am cautious to let myself get to that competitive mode- I am relentless according to my family. Guess that would be my nickname. My favorite today is the 3 ladies! Happy PPF!

missy k said...

Great post!!!!

I am not at all competitive - love scrabble though :)

Never tried it on-line!


Anne Manda said...

Love your group portraits! Just love your glowing colors, too!
I found that people are often so unnecessarily rude on line. I guess it's the anonymity. Luckily the art people, if I may generalize, are always very kind! :)

helloitssandra.blogspot.com said...

I love all your ladies and your pattern is very interesting. It's great the way you have given characters to your virtual scrabble opponents!
I have never played online but I used to love Bingo in the UK, it's not so popular here in Australia but I wouldnt want to play online as I like the atmosphere of the hall. I am very competitive on the Wii though as are all my family although we are always pleased for each other when one of us gets a new high score:)

gma said...

Cute post. I think the words we play are very telling. Cute art too.

lorik said...

Love the art and the entertaining words. What an interesting little microcosm of the "real" world:)

Introverted Art said...

I LOVE Scrabblers and a big head!

Kristin said...

Ohhhh this cracked me up! Those nicknames are so funny - and I loved what you wrote about their possible personalities. And you know I agree with you - NO need to be anything but nice - yes - let's not play with crabby pants anymore!
Beautiful art btw, I love all the color and expressions on your ladies! xoxo

Ritu Dua said...

Beautiful art ...love the various expressions they show and like your art...your post made me smile too :)

Venus Blues Hideaway said...

Love your art--the colors are magnificent!! Yep! I am a "color-lady" myself. I found your blog by way of Angela's Art and began following you so that I can pop in often.


Ginny said...

I loved all of your ladies today. I do know I would not want to play with Karoline. We play cards and it stops being fun when the others get too competitive. I'm not sure what my nickname would be. I will have to think about that.

I want to thank you for all of your thoughtful comments on my posts. They always mean a lot to me.

Mary Walker Designs said...

Happy PPF!

Anonymous said...

I like your ladies - very colorful and interesting expressions :) Also liked your post. I play both Scrabble and Words With Friends. One of my favorite opponents - who was/is a FB friend because we both like the same games and similar interests. But we had dissimilar political interests so she unfriended me after the US Presidential election. LOL
I had five games going with her - all gone when she unfriended me! By the next day her reason came back and she friended me again - but she still hasn't invited me to play with her :(
Moral of the story is, you really can't tell by their name when they might turn on you!

pauline said...

i love this art, Giggles... the abstract shapes are so intriguing. You are such a good writer too. You keep me entertained. xox

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