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Friday, January 18, 2013

Paint Party Friday What you say can make a difference!

Hypocrite alert!! Read ahead for more.... Happy Paint Party Friday!!
 I love your visits. Wish I had something better to share!!
Digital done with online scribbler and my paint program.

The sabotage monster is sticking around....
And he's getting uglier!!
He's cast a spell on my brain.
He has me focusing on others
 instead of working on my own life!
 I swear he has friends coming out
of the wood work dropping problems
on my lap in the bucket loads from every 
 I have no idea how to dissuade them
without hurting someone!

 Don't mind me I am not my best self right now!!
Because I'M  slightly OVERWHELMED!!!
 On a good note....for stress relief I am painting 
in the evening.....
I played online scrabble with a lady the other day! I congratulated her high scoring bingo (seven letter word)  zealots. She asked  how I stay so positive.  I explained that I was sincerely happy for her. Two weeks ago she was diagnosed with a disease,  finding it difficult to stay positive. I choose happiness, I told her. She was amazed. 

I  jested  that I'm old!!  I told her life  wasn't  always easy, that I've been through a lot of grief  but still choose happiness, finding joy in the small things. It seems the more grateful I feel the more blessed I am. We continued to play our words. She told me she was writing down what I said. She was a sad fifty year old.

I suggested she find what she loves to do, and do that for as long as she has! She thanked me profusely and planned to take what I said to her group.
Cupcake took this yesterday on her Android  sunrise in our neck of the woods!
 She said I really really helped her. I'm glad I did!! You just never know when you will touch another human being in such an important way!!  If she's taking it to her group I imagine what I said will affect a few others too!! Being kind  really matters!

Cupcake took this on her android Sunset the same day!! As well as the next one!!!
 It really is the simple everyday joys that help
 me to stay positive even when the people I love
are hurting!

What do you do when many people truly need you at one time
but you want to take command of your own life?


Carolyn Dube said...

First of all- love her - the way her hair is "collage-y" is fabulous! Once I read the scribbler part I then could see it but before that I would have had no idea. Your sabotage monster has a mischievous smile on him...So glad you were able to share and help the woman. Sounds like you were just what she needed to hear. My answer to everything of late has been art - that is where I find my strength and my answers. When I am lost in painting or collaging often answers just float to the front of my mind- usually when I need them the most. Happy PPF!

Jess said...

I think this lady is so lucky to have come across you. I feel inspired by your words too. :) I do know what you mean though, I'm very good at listening to other people's problems and helping them, giving good advice but when it comes to myself, that's another story!;)
I think it's great that you're painting in the evenings, I haven't even motivated myself to do even that yet!
Jess xx

Netty said...

Being kind and caring is a very positive attitude to have. When we are feeling a bit low there is always somebody who feels worse.
Loving your artwork Giggles. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

Carol L McKenna said...

Lovely that you reached out and shared with your online scrabble friend `

Lovely and colorful art work ~

(A Creative Harbor) ^_^

denthe said...

Oh, she looks great, wow! love her! So glad you could help that woman! Imagine playing an online game and then stumble across someone like you who really touches her in a profound way. That's simply great! Keep up the positive attitude! hugs, denthe

Jez said...

You are always so inspirational, and everything you say means a lot. At the risk of sounding like a 'copycat', I know just what you mean about surviving as yourself when so many people want you, need you, drain you, and I'm going through a similar experience.
But, as you are saying really, these people are sent to us because we are the only ones who can help them just now, and we can only hope that our love and kindness does give them some hope.
As for your digital collage, she's great. I have scribbler and it's one of my favourite apps on my I pad. I always wonder what paint program you use, it produces such colourful images.
And gorgeous photos from your Cupcake.

Marji {RainCityGirl} said...

Its amazing how a few of our own words can be the right ones for someone else. Sometimes we never know that we said just the right thing. Great for you for being there at just the right moment to say just the right thing. Choosing happiness is the best thing. Love the artwork! Happy PPF

Anne Manda said...

Oh loved your post, you are an inspiration! Your art, too it has such a positive vibe! <3 But your question... I don't know... help your self first, to be able to help others? ^_^*~

Faye said...

I really admire you a lot, Giggles. I know you have had some stress in your life (I don't really know or have to know what) and you are still an optimistic and positive person. How wonderful that you were able to help this young (to me) woman set her sails in the right direction. Your art work is always delightful. Have a great weekend.

missy k said...

I do the best I can!

I love this quote (Oprah Winfrey) and it made me think of what you wrote about

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Great art and photographs.

Karen x

Mary C. Nasser said...

Finding the joy in everyday things has helped me, too. :)
I, too, believe happiness is a choice.
I admire you and so appreciate your friendship and encouragement, too.

P.S. I want her hair!! Love!

Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Gloria in CA said...

I agree with Netty. There is always someone feeling worse. I try to stay positive and then when I feel negativity creeping in, I remember how blessed we are and how life is so great. Every breath I take I am thankful for. It's good that you lady friend was inspired by you. Then who wouldn't be inspired by you and your work, just awesome. Take care.

Linda said...

Fun, fun art!! Sometimes I have found that when I'm feeling down or drained I make a point to call a special friend because those conversations will always provide me with love and laughter. And you are so right that one never knows what a simple kind act or word can do, because you don't always know what the other person may be going thru. Here's a ( big hug ) for you!

Denise Mulligan said...

That's really wonderful that this woman found you and that you helped her.

So many people seem so miserable. I decided a long time ago that I was going to be happy no matter what happens.

Sometimes it's a trial, sometimes I don't keep to it. My dog pooped on the floor and I stepped in it.... barefoot.... at 5:45 am. Yeah, **** happens!

On the whole I try to be happy anyway. It is an affirmation that gets me out of the darkest of moods.

Last week, my neighbor, who I was friendly with, had a heart attack. She died on arrival to the hospital. She was 55 years old. It has deeply affected me. Her poor husband is devastated. They were both on their second marriage and had found happiness with each other. He is about to retire from the Post office at the end of the month!

Our days are numbered! We can't waste them feeling bad. It all too soon will be gone. No one is exempt. I don't mean to be so dramatic but this woman's untimely death has made me realize even more that life is fleeting.

I'm sure you help even more people than you even are aware of. Just by being yourself, just by being happy. Everyone loves to be around fun, happy, full of life people.

I'm so glad I read your post today. It helped me too!

Debbie said...

being grateful to our creator is what makes me more positive. Its wonderful that you could help lift this womans spirits with our positive outlook. I enjoyed your fun paintings today!

Debbie said...

'Love this expressive face in all of the different color combinations!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Very cool. I just bought the paper app for my ipad and so am becoming more intrigued by digital painting.
Sending happy thoughts your way,

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your work brought a smile to my face, and that's a good thing. Blessings!

Rosie said...

Yes, your artwork let me smile too. So colourful and wonderful, love it.

Happy PPF and a lovely weekend.

Greetings from Germany

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Lucky her to find you to inspire her. Its contagious being happy. We all have choices, some choose to be unhappy..some to be happy like you.. Your colors are happy colors too. HPPF and thanks for your lovely comment.

Kristin said...

You really are so full of love - and you were right where you needed to be that day - I agree, kindness is the only way to go :)
I still don't know how to manage it all either, but we can only try ;)
Love the art too - especially the scribbles! xoxo

Christine said...

lovely digital painting and I love cupcakes sunrises. Keep up your positive outlook and your kindness, life is not easy and as you get older the challenges seem to increase!

minnemie said...

Ooo, I really like your scribble art lady' s hair! Glad you could encourage your scrabble friend...

Faye said...

Thanks for the visit and comment, Giggles. I forgot to comment on Cupcake's photos. They really are phenomenal!!! Very beeautiful.

NatashaMay said...

Love your art and love your attitude! :) i believe we are what we choose to believe but sometimes is so very easy to choose the wrong thing.

Elisa said...

Really love your post giggles. Love your attitude and how you choose to be happy. That's the secret to happiness to be grateful.. and to do what you love. Your artwork reflects the joy you feel and give to others. keep it up!

Janet said...

I love the face painting!!! She's fantastic...love her hair, and all the different colorations.

It's good that you can enjoy simple joys each day. And you have a good attitude about life so I'm sure things will turn out okay. Keep painting!!

Fallingladies said...

Do any of us really control our own life? I think all our lives belong to others, especially those we love. We care for them and give up what we want for them. But, like you, we find the small joys and it's all good!

lorik said...

I love your art - and the way you write. It is so young! It amazes me when you say you are old:) It must be the happy, positive attitude...I hope some rubs off onto me...and everyone else.

janice smith said...

Well, consider me another person you have helped today! Your comments on my blog and now this happy, positive post have blessed me beyond words! I adore your lady and your monster, and the way you helped the scrabble playing lady.

Nordljus said...

What a beautiful story! How lucky she was that she met you, and that you could help her. I admire how positive you are. "Choose happiness" sounds so simple, but it isn't at all, it's hard work, I find. But worth trying.
Your drawings and play with them are so sweet! Hope the sabotage monster will leave you alone soon!

Julie said...

I really loved reading your post today. It's very inspiring. And just looking at your art makes me happy, I love your style! And today's quote is perfect also. :)

JKW said...

I have absolutely no idea what scribbler is, but I do love the purple lady so much. . . I feel I would love to write a story about with her. Blessings, Janet PPF

Lynn Cohen said...

I was away last weekend, so I came back today to do both blogs. You are an amazing counselor over Scrabble yet! Way to go. Lucky partner you had, indeed! I too love how you spread the joy in life to others.
I LOVE the self portrait here too; and the other more whimsical creatures! Colors are great.
You are a blessing, you know that right?

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