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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All you need is Cookies!!!

And in the end, only cookies matter!! At least that's what me and Cookie monster say!!! 

Today is Anti bullying day!! Be sure to put your pink on in support!! I don't always think adults are the best example for children!! I may sound old now, but boy, kids pick up our demeanor, attitude and even our sarcastic humor! When we make mean jokes using contemptible humor we are their example!! 

Even television and youtube videos endorse nasty mean behavior. We have raised a generation of desensitized kids!! I still wince when I see a kid fall off a skate board, yet I watch a group of young men bent over in laughter. I could never watch the movie Jack Ass after I heard about the paper cutting incident!! I could hear my brother in the next room teeth clenched making painful hissing sounds as he watch the stupid things guys did to entertain their audience of mostly young boys and men! 

If only life was kinder in every area. My son-in-law, the gentle spirit that he is, thinks Cookies could fix everything!! I tend to agree!! Imagine if we stood on  a corner and gave out homemade yummy cookies for free.  People would start out their day so happy!! Unless of course they were allergic to nuts and the cookies were peanut butter!! Just maybe it would be infectious and those people would pass on the love!! I can fantasize can't I ?

If only people were kinder to each other in every way!! If only we spoke tender words of love to each other under all kinds of duress! If only we shared more kindness to the mentally ill, the poor, the addicted, the  homeless. If only we were less judgmental, more thoughtful, hugged more, held hands, danced in the streets. If only we were less self involved, less derogatory, less defaming, less mean in thoughts and actions. I can  fantasize can't I?  I know it all starts with me!! 

I think I will fix myself first and go from there.....meanwhile I painted an anti bullying cupcake gang! What if today we made  cookies, or cupcakes and gave them away to randoms in honor of Anti Bullying day? I wonder what would transpire? 

In  the end, only cookies and kindness matter and all you really need is love and cookies!! Or cupcakes!!!   


Jez said...

I agree, agree, agree with everything you say, and always appreciate your lovely way with words. The painting and the colour changes are, as always, perfect.
But I have another 'if only'. I believe fervently in everything you say, but wish I was more able to live up to my ideals and beliefs and be a better person.
Bullying seems to be a way of life, and as you say, accepted, rather seen as the cruelty it is. XXX

Janet said...

Oh, how I totally agree with you on this subject. And I love your idea of random acts of cookies!

I don't know when it became "cool" to be mean but that seems to be the way things are now and I don't like it. I've always heard you get more flies with honey than with vinegar!

janice smith said...

Great idea to pass out cookies to get everyone's day off to a good start! I love acts of random kindness...leaving encouraging notes in unexpected places is fun. I think it would really be nice to find one so I leave little notes in library books, etc. sometimes. xo, janice

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