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Friday, March 08, 2013

International Woman's Day 2013 Paint Party Friday

Today is International Woman's Day!


The Theme this year is

A Promise is a Promise

Time for action to end violence against Women!

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  I wrote this poem for International Woman's Day 2006 and I try to post it yearly but it doesn't always happen! This time I'm filtering in my Paint Party Friday art work to make it visually more interesting!

 Treat yourself well today!

Mother, daughter, Sister, Lover

I am a woman, and I cry when no one can hear
I have huge dreams, I never share
I have fantasies, I dare not reveal
I have unrequited love, that is never recognized

 I am the white noise in the home 
Persistently preparing, repairing and doing at all times 
I love deeply, with vision, constant hope, pride and joy 
I have a relentless faith, in life, in god, in family, in future
I carry the burdens and secrets of others 
Hold guilt to my heart, where empathy, 
 Forgiveness and optimism obstinately reside 
Often suppressing passion, and creativity
I do my duties without fail, or resentment
  I stand alone in my failures and regrets 
I give, even when there is but a pittance  
I get less, expect less, and take less, 
feeling like I am less
 I am taken for granted, heard with rare acceptance 
I am courageous, beyond my expectations 
I am the unpaid teacher, waitress, homemaker, and psychologist 
I am the solver of problems, and scarcely put first
I have thoughts, I feel ashamed to share 
I have wants, I will never reveal 
I have needs that no one will heed 
I have a lonely soul, which I can not seem to feed 
I am a woman, and I cry alone, about what isn’t 
What will never be, what is lost, forgotten, not forgiven 
Not recognized, or realized, or capitalized, I cry about 
Poverty, and love forlorn, for loved ones, and love forgotten
I am a woman, resilient in majestic proportions
 I am a woman, of maternal magnificence 
I am a woman, with imperial abilities 
I am a unique woman, the queen of my family 
And heart of my home!

Written for March 8th 2009
Today is International Woman’s Day albeit we have come a long way in North America woman in less developed parts of the world are still suppressed. We're the lucky ones, with many opportunities at our feet, yet our own inhibitions can hold us back from being our true selves. Whether it’s voices of our family, from the media or judgment from our peers, we often suppress development of hidden talents, or unique skills because of insecurity or obligation to others. Sadly becoming our own worst enemy!
There are covert ways society has suppressed woman. Woman's Liberation in actuality cost women dearly. Instead of just taking on the home front, raising children and maintaining the home,with time left for a few self endeavors, women were freed to juggle a job, children, extended family while still keeping the house maintained. Making it difficult to pursue dreams with those mandatory obligations pounding at our front door. Families are now dependent on that second wage, and life in many ways has run amok.
I just heard on the news men embody the largest unemployed in North America, forcing some women to hold down the financial fort completely. It’s sad really. While some men can easily slide in the homemaker role, many men are feeling displaced in these tough economic times, while many women are feeling overwhelmed.  

Now I ask, what are we really teaching our children? Do you see overwhelmed women in your circles? What about the men are they adapting to their new role? Is life better for Women? How many women share in wage parity with men?


kat said...

Wow this is a powerful post! Your wonderful words and art are so great! I love all your beautiful colored women and that stylish blue cat! So true, I too believe far too many women have huge burdens to carry what with juggling work and family life...I'm so lucky to be a mother at home, we opted for a simple life, small house and try to do with less...so that I can be here for the children. I've loved visiting here today, thanks so much for sharing! xx

Susan said...

Heavy, heavy post. Your poem is so moving and true and here I thought your gift was art! Thank you for celebrating women. I think that this day has fallen in the weeds somewhere and I admire people like you for bringing it into the light. We have earned our day.

Janet said...

I was so caught up reading your poem that I had to go back to see your art. You write with such truth and so much heart and you pose important questions. I hope you keep posting this poem each year.

Valerie-Jael said...

Great port. Love the poem and the paintings - well done on getting it to us in spite of blogger! Valerie

Mary C. Nasser said...

Wonderful artwork and poetry.
Thank you for another poignant post.
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Netty said...

Loving your great post and your beautiful paintings.
Happy PPF, Annette x


Abela said...

Your work on violence against women. Saludos

Lorraine said...

I always enjoy visiting your blog of a friday as your art always tells a story..happy ppf

GlorV1 said...

Very intense post and loved it very much. Thank you for remembering all us women. I feel good now! Thanks to you. Awesome paintings, love them all.

Faye said...

This says volumes, Giggles. My generation of women expected to be teachers or nurses if they weren't married. Thankfully, my husband went far in education and job, so I held mostly part time jobs, but always jobs I loved to do. Once I wrote for a newspaper and was paid by the line of copy. After paying for the gasoline and other expenses attached to getting my copy into the publisher, I netted about zero in wages. But it was fun. I got lots of valuable experience. But I sure as heck could not have lived on zero dollars a month! I thank God for my sweet, understanding, supportive, very ill husband of almost 56 years.

Ivy said...

Wonderful post celebrating women! HPPF!

Tracey FK said...

Fabulous post... and I loved that line about being the white noise in the home... that nailed it perfectly... and I must say that i was proud of phantom for promoting Int Women's day at her school where it is a big deal as it is a girl's college, and they ran lots of activities to celebrate it... and it was a day when lots of the teachers who had young children bought them to work so that they could show the girls that they are mothers as well as teachers... it was a mad house for the day but magnificent!!!

WrightStuff said...

Great post. We women have come a long way - cause we're so strong I think!

Agree with Susan - thanks for reminding people what today is all about.

The Convenient Vegan said...

a thought provoking post and a wonderfully emotive poem.

Christine said...

Wonderful art tribute to Intl Women's Day, go Giggles!

I am fortunate to have a good husband who respects women, but he is unfortunately not (yet) the norm!

Linda Kunsman said...

wow-powerful thoughts, words and art!! Your poem is glorious and so very full of heartfelt thoughts and observations. As women we need to empower each other. Happy PPF!

peggy gatto said...

I am sooooo glad I did not miss seeing this post!


denthe said...

Love your art this week and that wonderful poem! So well said! It's true that liberation has cost women a great deal. It went from too little to too much, and it's only now that we're starting to find an equilibrium I think. I have a feeling that more men are willing to work less and do more with the children (and maybe even in the house!) but are limited in their possibilities because it's still not really accepted for men to work part-time or stay-at-home. I know my hubbie would love to work less but he can only find fulltime jobs. That leaves a lot of overwhelmed men too I think ....

Jez said...

Every painting is beautiful. What I love about your paintings, Giggles, is of course their brilliant colours, but more than that your individual and unique style. And your ability to integrate your poems with your images is first class.
As for the poem, so powerful, and it says so much for women all over the world. I am particularly captured by the line "I carry the burdens and secrets of others" - yes they are so heavy to carry.
I called myself a feminist in the 1970, when we were fighting for respect and equality - even down to the minutiae of things like not being allowed to wear trousers to work (but I DID and others followed). But I stopped calling myself a feminist many years ago. What women have gained has been balanced by what they have lost. See! Your poem really is so meaningful. XX

Debbie said...

I love this post, and enjoyed the many paintings that you have shared. The poem really touched my heart.

soulbrush said...

You brighten my life and my eyes and my senses on this gloomy morning in London. Happy mother's day and PPF too. Thanks for your wonderful comments on me and my exhibition.

Laura said...

A wonderful way to honour the day. I can always count on finding something interesting and colourful when I pop over here. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love all the bright and fun colors that you use in your paintings! I especially love the kitty! Beautiful!

Dianne said...

a powerful message and excellent questions...I love the color in your work! and I've been there with the whole job, family, home stuff, and it is overwhelming...so glad things have slowed down a bit for me, but really feel for my daughter & daughter-in-law. I wonder if they understood they were taking on a full-time job when they got married?!

Anonymous said...

I'm standing & clapping you virtually, I rarely read posts, not because I don't want, because time doesn't let me and sometimes I don't understand many of the words, so I go just for the image, but I'm sure glad I stopped today and read your post. I just love it!!!

Love your paintings full of energy, feelings...


Have a great day!!

Deepa Gopal said...

Gorgeous work, gorgeous colors and gorgeous post!
Happy Women's Day!

ps: for the past 2 weeks I was having trouble posting here. It was happening with a couple of blogs. Maybe the trouble was in Dubai.

Joy Murray said...

I always try to appreciate how women take care of each other. Even if we are isolated by abuse, the minute we find the courage to ask, a woman will come to the rescue. It's lovely to see the strength in your colors and images. We all, women and men, need to find balance. Everyone seems a bit overwhelmed these days.

Elisa said...

powerful post Giggles. I am also seeing the double work that women is in today. But I think that the times has changed. What would be relieving will be that husband and wife will help each other. In household, children etc. Thank you for the very inspiring poem. You've captured women so strongly. Happy women's to you! Cheers

Unknown said...

Loved seeing all these strong women in all their different expressions, roles...loved the cat, sitting like a quiet soul there!

Anne Manda said...

Love your art and your delicious colors! Strong and wonderful women! <3

Alexiev said...

Good art... congratulate...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

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NatashaMay said...

Wonderfully written! And your art is magnificent. :)

lenoracle said...

A wonderful post for Women's day and your paintings go with it so well. They are strong, much like women!

janice smith said...

This takes my breath away...the poetry, the images, the truth in it all... Somehow my husband and I managed to live mostly on just his income as we raised our family. As the kids grew and became more independent I had the time and space to pursue my own desires creative interests. I feel completely blessed in this yet I still feel every emotion you described in the poem...the emptiness and loneliness seems to be part of the territory of being a woman. Even when no one else holds me back I seem to hold myself back. Hmmm...

PiaRom said...

I am in love with your cat! and your sweet girl with the marigold socks make me smile :))) you are so busy this time and it was much fun to look at!!

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