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Friday, June 07, 2013

Paint party Friday Tone of Voice

Sharing this for Paint Party Friday

I'm having a bit of a rough tired week.

I just recently found  " The Tone of Voice" poem
that was once pinned to my fridge 
for over a decade. 
I never experienced enough of a kind voice
as a child. Thankfully my daughter did!

The Tone of Voice
(Author unknown)

It's not so much what you say
As the manner in which you say it;
It's not so much the language you use
As the tone in which you convey it.
 "Come here!" I sharply said--
And the child cowered and wept
"Come here," I said---
He looked and smiled
And straight to my lap he crept.
Words may be mild and fair
But the tone may pierce like a dart;
Words may be soft as the Summer air
But the tone may break my heart;
For words come from the mind
Grow by study and art---
But tone leaps for the inner self,
Revealing the state of the heart
Whether you know it or not ,
Whether you mean or care
Gentleness, kindness, love and hate
Envy, anger are there.
Then,would you quarrels avoid
And peace and love rejoice?
Keep anger not only out of your words---
Keep it out of your voice. 

 I'm pretty sure this poem is one of the reasons my family is intimately
 able to share their emotions whether opposing or not!
I believe your home should always be a safe place to fall!!

This week my favorite neck chain that holds all my silver pendants broke, 
I dropped a large heavy gesso container on my notebook computer and busted the "T" key off it, then I dropped a huge mug of tea all over some of my art supplies and books. Forcing me to clean and sort that mess, which I had been wanting to do for sometime  now anyway......just not late at night!

I was going to attempt to do the icad project and purchased some
index cards...I think I've been living in a cave the last decade....because I was
shocked at how thin the paper was.  I prepped a whole bunch of them but the paper turned me off!! What ever happened to thick index cards?

On a good note I had a wonderful lunch with a dear old friend
 and we had so much fun reminiscing about the old days 
when we were naughty girls!!

Do you ever regret how you've spoken to someone?


Jez said...

I've missed your blogs, and didn't think that you might be having "one of those weeks" when everything seems against you. I hope it's all improved now. I hate harsh words, and regret a few from my past, but as you indicate, thosevwho have suffered from them can either perpetuate them or decide that only loving words are needed. " as the saying goes, if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything!
A lovely poem, thank you for sharing it, I shall think of it all day.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I am so sorry to hear you had such a rough week, my friend. Your artwork definitely reflects your state of mind during the week, not only in the imagery, but in your choice of colors. May your days ahead bring you love, joy and peace once again through your family and artwork.

kat said...

You've had a rough one...sometimes things just don't flow, art can be such an outlet. The going inward process, the letting go, just letting things be.
Harsh angry tones are horrible...I'm a peaceful and calm one, I don't get angry much, not in a heated way.
Have a peaceful and creative week my dear friend! xx

Paper rainbow said...

I hope you are having a better weekend your picture looks so down, That Gesso must have made such a mess! I have one of those big jars and have come very near to some serious accidents with it as it is so difficult to open!I need to look at the Icad thing, everyone seems to be blogging about it.
lots of love x

Christine said...

I will have to share that lovely poem, and hopefully learn from it, I can be pretty direct, too direct sometimes. I hate messy accidents like that and you're right, being tired doesn't help. Nice art today.

denthe said...

oh, that sounds like no fun at all, and your painting says it all .... good thing you at least had that lunch ... ;-)

Nic McLean said...

That's a great poem - it actually made me think of how we speak to our dogs as they can't instantly tell if we're happy or cross with them by how we say their names! sorry you've had such a rough week - at least if things happen in threes you've had all the bad things over with now!

Silke said...

I know rough weeks like that! The good thing is that they pass...

As to the tone of voice, I've been working on being kinder to myself lately and I have noticed the tone of my inner voice. When did I ever learn to talk to myself to unkindly? I am sure I picked it up during my childhood, but that I allowed it to continue into my 40s just blows me away. I'm working on catching myself when and changing the tone - it's hard but so worth it!!

Sending much love and joy!! Silke

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

What a week....glad you were able to connect with your friend and end it on a happy note. Your drawn face tells it all about why that poem is so important to you and your family. Tone is everything, I agree and adults have to also be able to say they were sorry when they do speak sharply and admit they were wrong to do so. xox

Linda said...

you did have a tough week, but hopefully all that is out of the way and this week will be fab- I mean, it's already taken a turn with your fun lunch right? I see so many doing the ICAD challenge, and I've also read about the thin cards. I'd glue two together (if I were doing this challenge that is:)
Happy weekend!

Faye said...

such a poignant post, Sherrie. And yes, I have spoken with the tone of voice I should not have and regretted it. But once words are spoken there are really no do-overs. Many of the Bible's verses warn about misuse of our speaking. Your painting perfectly depicts how one feels when spoken unkindly to. Home should be the safe haven. Too often it isn't.

Thanks for your kind comments. I was so impressed by your phrase: aging lady. It really touched me. I don't know why except it is a kind way to describe her.

sharon said...

First of all I hope next week goes better for you, your face certainly tells a story, so much expression. Those weeks are horrible arent they. Second, go for the icas, like you I had been in a cave for a while mine are thin and lines are on both sides, really yucky. Solved that by collaging some decent paper on them so I could paint, Ive gessoed the ones for next week. It is fun because it only takes half an hour and you got lots of stuff at the end of the week! Take care and have a lovelyn week. and yep Ive said things Ive regretted, I think we all have, the trick is saying sorry from the heart.

Janet said...

Sorry you had such a trying week but now it's all behind you and smooth sailing is ahead.

In answer to your question, yes, I do have regrets about how I spoke to someone in the past...in fact, I can think of several! I guess that says a lot about me but thankfully it hasn't happened recently.

Gloria in CA said...

Sorry about the downs. Look forward to the ups. Like your piece. Thx.

Lynn Cohen said...

WEll definitely one of those days for which you would like a do-over!
Now it can all be great stuff, as you've had enough oopses!

Hugs! xoxo

and as always, very cute art!

Wilme said...

Such a beautiful poem and art work to go with it. We had a rough day and our tones weren't nice, so it was nice to sit down, read your blog and remember we are a family! We need to be nice to each other and create a place where everyone feels safe to be themselves and fall - thank you :)

Mary C. Nasser said...

So sorry to hear you had a rough week. Your portrait this week is so full of emotion. Hope this week is a better week!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Elisa said...

wonderful poem. I totally agree. Often the tone of voice causes a domino effect of reactions. I myself am allergic with people who uses a high pitch of tone that signifies anger. Btw I love this line of yours: I believe your home should always be a safe place to fall. Take care!

Tracey Grgic Potter said...

Beautiful words to live by. Thanks so much for sharing these. I think a lot can be read into how things are said, not what is said. I hope you have a better time this coming week.

Debbie said...

I'm sorry you had a tough week and hope everything improves! I enjoyed your art and especially the poem. I'll be thinking of it through out the week now! Happy PPF!

Ariel said...

Oh Sherrie, Hope you have a much better week. We all go through these kind of days right? Yesterday I woke up at 4 in the morning to do some art Started with 2 paintings but how much ever I tried they didn't evolve well. Then I spilled my bottle of modpodge on my Journal and the table. Had to clean it then and there, we went to the library and just as we reached there I remembered that I had forgotten to take the bag of books that I had to return [with the kids,taking snacks for them to have in the car, grocery list,etc,etc such things do happen:)]But this time somehow I managed to keep my spirits up by seeing something funny in all that had happened or by ignoring the difficult moments.
Hope your days will turn out to be much better. And great thoughts as usual. I must confess I have this problem of using a sharp tone at home, especially when I'm irritable and impatient. I'm hoping to change it especially when I think about how I would feel if someone uses such a tone to me.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Thank you for honest and truthful post. I hope you feel better now. We all have time like you had. just remember to be kind to yourself and try to flow with it and take it easy. I do sometimes regret how I have spoken to somebody but I am trying not to criticize myself too much and promise myself that next time I will try to be better. Have a nice and creative week, love and blessings to you

Kim said...

Your art looks so sad this week, hope you have a better week coming up soon. HPPF! xo

Beverley Baird said...

I've never heard this poem but love it. It is so true. As a teacher I must be careful with my words and my tone. I want all my children to feel safe and loved.
Hope the coming week will be better. Love the portrait!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I'm sorry you had such a tough week. I hope this one is better for you. I've definitely snapped at people sometimes when I should not have. I sometimes try not to. I think the piece you posted shares the feelings you are having and that can be a powerful thing...

Ginny said...

I think we all have said something or used a tone that we regret. This poem really is powerful. It is a great reminder that not only our words but the tone of voice that we use can either uplift someone or really hurt them.

Your eyes said it all this week. They were so filled with expression. I am sorry that the week was hard but so glad that you and your friend got to laugh. Laughter is definitely the best medicine (and it is free) Hope your week is beginning on a bright note.

www.dorissdaughter.com said...

I hope you have more luck this week! All these things seem to come in threes and you have certainly had your quota! I have not heard the poem before but its a good one and definitely something to be mindful of:)

NatashaMay said...

Looks like your painting reflects your mood. Hope your spirit picks up quickly. Love the poem, thanks for sharing it. :)

Anne Manda said...

Great poem! Wonderfully expressive painting! I hope next week will be better for you, hugs! <3 And yes, I have used words and tone of voice that I regret now. But I'm getting better... :)

pauline said...

oh dearest Sherrie... what a week! i knew there would be sadness in your words as soon as i saw your painting. But you know what i loved? That you ended it by reminding yourself of the lunch you shared with a friend... that's all that really matters, isn't it? You're not gonna give a rat's ass about your T key on your computer or your skinny index cards when you're 85. And hey, for the record, we ALL have regrets over things we've said (or done). Or maybe i should just speak for myself. Yeah, I have. So you're in good company there, chickie. xox

Meihsia Liu said...

Hope you have better week coming. Love your poem and beautiful painting. Love & hugs. :)

2amscrapper said...

thanks for the blog visit. hope this week goes well. you certainly have a lot of food for thought here

Pia Rom said...

everything is good for another thing ;) isn´t it half wierd if you have write it down...it helps alot in my oppinion..hope the next week will be better ;) ♥ Conny

Christine said...

I linked to your post today! Everyone likes this. Thanks again. http://www.cmlk79.blogspot.ca/2013/06/the-tone-of-voice.html

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