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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Culinary Liberation Paint Party Friday

This looks completely different in person! For some reason I'm in child art mode!!
Cupcake was away a full week, and Beardo a few days! Oh my, life was slightly simpler save the dog I babysat! I didn't have to drive anywhere unless I wanted to! I had to search for extra dishes so I could put the dish washer on after four days! I ate things like left over pizza with smoked oysters, poached eggs, and  a salmon sandwich for dinner! Not all at once of course!! I had one load of laundry. The house stayed tidy....save my art supplies strewn everywhere and quickly tidied before they arrived home.
Can you tell I have a great idea for a kids book brewing!
 Still, something was amiss without my little buddies...The house was void of laughter, teasing, meaty conversation, and real joy that comes from loving people so much you could cry.....
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Still as much as I love my alone time, 
I love my kids more!
 Plus they do hundreds of things for me
that makes life special!!
I found this poem from 2007, I wrote it at 51, 
I thought I'd share....Except for this one line 
"Once in a while I manage a spurt
Bustle around, somewhat alert"
which is no longer applicable...
The rest still holds true!! 
Let me know if you can relate! 
Culinary Liberation

I used to be a merry kitchen Bitch
Whipped up anything, without a glitch
A gourmet meal, a dinner for eight
Precisely timed, nothing was late
The kitchen was clean, pretty table was set
I’d chatter with company, it was never a fret
Times of soup in the crock every week
Baking galore is now quite bleak
Culinary abundance is finally gone
Enthusiasm for cooking is more of a yawn
Once in a while I manage a spurt
Bustle around, somewhat alert
Then in an instant it becomes mundane
When Supper hour approaches, I feel disdain
I rather go out, pass on the work
It’s a redundant chore I’d rather shirk
I’ve done my duty for my family and friend
Surely I’ve earned a liberty transcend
Into my writing, computer, and art
It’s these passions now that capture my heart
A potato, or salad, sandwich or tea
Things without mold from the fridge that I see
I eat random times, when the urge strikes
And damn it, i'll eat more to my likes
Smoked oysters and cheese placed on a bun
Sole, and seafood, from which the kids run
Finally it’s my turn to make my own choice
For years I made food my family would voice
Although I’ll admit at times I’ll succumb
After all I live with the guilt of a MUM! 

Written in 2007 by Happytiler

Did you ever love to cook?
 How do you feel about it now? 
My Contribution to Paint Party Friday


MeOfCourse said...

Oh your paintings would definitely make a wonderful children's book. You have so many wonderful stories to tell. Love the colors. Well you had some alone time, now it's back to normal.:) It's what makes you tick, it shows. I cook all the time. Sometimes I take a day off. Have a wonderful weekend.

Faye said...

Oh, Sherry, I could have written that very same poem; it describes me to a T. I love your creations' eyes this week. Very soulful and beautiful. Going back to bed now. Happy PPF!

Marji said...

My Hubs used to travel a lot which left me at home to be on my own. As much as I missed him, I also loved my time to myself... art supplies strewn about and eating the foods that only I like. But, in the end, I would never trade our together time. Love it while you have it - for sure.

Lynn Cohen said...

These characters you are painting are precious and I want to hear the story!

Years ago I liked to cook; then I took a 30 year break. Now I am back! It's for my health I do it, but I actually enjoy it. Food is colorful and arty especially if you own a spiralizer! LOL Hugs!!!!

Rita said...

Such a fun poem. I love to cook but I don't always have time to really go for it. Plus I am gluten free and my son allergic to milk. Finding healthy recipes that don't take too long and are adaptable to our diets can be tough! I manage pretty well, though. I mostly get tired of planning meals than actually cooking them. :)

Valerie-Jael said...

Great post, you always make me smile! Hugs, Valerie

Nic McLean said...

Ha, I love the poem! I can't relate at all because I don't have kids and have never held a dinner party in my life!! Any time we had guests Steve did the cooking as he was better at it than me! Funny enough we had 3 continuous weeks of visits from family recently (2 weeks of my stepson and 1 week of my parents) and when they left Steve went away for a week with work too and suddenly it was just me and dogs (and grumpy cat) and that was weird. I'm so used to my own company and love it but for the first morning I felt a little lost. Soon got back into the way of me time though!! I hope you're able to visit me - it's so annoying when it stops you for whatever reason!

sharon said...

Love your characters, loads of expression. I love cooking but have periods when I dont want to bother with it.

kat said...

Such sweet little characters here, so cute! Time alone is good and restful but yeah I agree such joy when they all come back! I'm not much of a cooker really, basic simple family type meals, my husband enjoys cooking and is a real help, he cooks loads for us!

Lorraine said...

love the bright dog and that funny poem..I have been making jam lately with the blackberries we have picked and the apples in my garden..I am quite proud of myself as its turned out delish

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

I forgot we were the same age LOL. Your poem cracks me up. I can so relate to all those fancy dinners which I no longer have the slightest desire to make...art supplies strewn all over, much more fun than cooking these days although I do still like to bake bread and make soup.....

Sweet drawings. Y!ou should do a kids book. What do you have to lose?


Karla B aka Lady Skyclad said...

You put on a smile on my face!Adorable paintings!It's good to be here!

soulbrush said...

Love all of this and love your posts. It is more than 20 year since our sons left home to go to University and went on to make their own lives. I really don't miss them, and love the peace and quiet, but it all went by so fast- so enjoy it while you have it. Happy PPF.

Linda said...

Love your puppy painting and yes your art would make for fabulous children's books-go for it! Great poem too. I've always loved to cook and to bake and still do quite a bit-but I don't like doing it for groups any more :)Happy PPF!

Kim said...

Love your cute dog piece!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

What a sweet puppy dog! I understand what you mean about that empty feeling when your loved ones are away. Blessings!

Heather Santos said...

Love all your paintings and the poem!
Happy PPF!
Heather Santos
Sparrow's Journey Blog

Anne Manda said...

Great, cute characters and wonderful poem! I really apprecita how you can make it rhyme, just awesome and fun. too! :)

Ayala Art said...

I can see it will be a fantastic book, with crazy fun colors ♥

SAMARA said...

Gigs, your art is beautiful and adorable and I SO see a children's book in it! I also so see what you mean about the kids being away - maybe yes maybe no maybe yes maybe no - to it being a great thing. The missing, the longing and the alone. Oh, what is a mom to do! lol As for your poem - it is fantastic! You are a definite poet book!!! And yes - foods, dinners UGH UGH UGH. I have succumbed to asking my 15 year old to get alphagetti, something I would abhore for my 28 and 25 to eat! Being Jewish, I used to cook these extravagant Shabbas dinners and lunches for 20 and LOVE doing it! I can NOT imagine it now. I SO dislike cooking, can't get my head around the organization thing of shopping, timing, preparation, which dishes and mostly WASHING dishes afterward. While company are eating, all I am thinking about is the MESS that is yet to come. Yes, I am 57, don't have THAT energy your poem speaks of and am right with ya. Eating out? Yup...Do it anytime and love and appreciate and have great gratitude for those who CAN do the things I used to marvel in myself for being able to do! Love this post of yours. So thought provoking in the most fun way Sherrie. xox

Christine said...

cute funny piece today! I do like to cook on my own terms, what I like when I like. Unfortunately people have to eat every day! Glad you enjoyed your alone time somewhat.

Ilona Heimböckel said...

I love family gatherings (birthdays mostly) and having something nice to eat all together. BUT I'm not good at timing and organizing it perfectly! We have a birthday tomorrow actually and I have bought cheese for about 30 $$ and a lot more that is needed to be bought tomorrow! My son (14 tomorrow) has wished cheese Fondue for dinner :-)
But the everyday cooking can become very tedious! And very often I just want to stay in my workroom and make art :-)
Your art is sweet and beautiful today! Yes for children's books!

Hugs Ilona

Abigail Davidson said...

Those characters are so cute! Could definitely see them in a kid's book! Thank you for sharing and happy PPF!

Tracey Grgic Potter said...

Cute paintings, so fun! I can see them in a children's book. Your post has got me thinking about family, art and the everyday things like cooking and keeping a house. It's funny how priority, thoughts and desires change over the years.

Paper rainbow said...

Oh I relate so much to this!! I loved to cook but now the empty nest syndrome means cooking is not what it was. What is nice though is when my daughter cooks for me, then the journey comes full circle!!

JoyCorcoran said...

I used to cook so much -- loved baking breads -- even ground my own wheat. Then I found out I was gluten intolerant and had a malabsorption disorder -- I loved food, it didn't love me. I slowly got better but now I spend more time creating things you can't eat. I love your childlike art -- it's always a pleasure to see artists who have not forgotten the impulse for color and form that we are born with. Giggle on!

Janet said...

Cooking is not my thing although for many years I did it so my kids and I wouldn't starve! Now my hubby does most of the cooking and I do the baking. I love to bake! I've never met a cookie, pie, cake, or bread that I didn't like!!

Love the artwork in this post. Sometimes it's good to have the house all to yourself but it's also nice when loved ones are near, too.

Ginny said...

I love your characters this week and I think they would be great in a children's book. I hope you share your ideas when you are ready.

I have never been a good cook and never enjoyed it. Now, I like to bake and find that I am good at it. The problem is I eat too much of what I bake. I guess there could be lots worse problems.

bellefrogworks said...

I used to love to cook - now that I have an easier kitchen to work in and a really nice stove - I sometimes get the urge to create in the kitchen. My 8 yo grandson doesn't really want very grown up food - and although I do it all the time, I don't really enjoy cooking kid food. So - maybe yes and maybe no!!! Love all your sweet, colorful and whimsical drawings. The doggie is so cute. No matter how much we love our families - we all need some totally alone time - it's a time of restoration!

Irene Rafael said...

oh this poem is so familiar. i was even the cook for my family when i was a child. it's where i learned to experiment and cook, where i got so much positive feedback. i still whip up yummy meals with only my husband and myself home but truthfully, sometime would rather save the time and paint. my secret. :)

Irene Rafael said...

oh this poem is so familiar. i was even the cook for my family when i was a child. it's where i learned to experiment and cook, where i got so much positive feedback. i still whip up yummy meals with only my husband and myself home but truthfully, sometime would rather save the time and paint. my secret. :)

denthe said...

I love that cute little girl with the big eyes! And I know exactly what you mean by loving alone time and still missing all the noise and busy-ness. I've never liked cooking, for me it's a chore that I never start with enthousiasm. I do it every day because, like you say, I'm a mum, but I think if I'd be alone I wouldn't cook very often ...

Nat S said...

Love your positive personages

LonettA said...

Amazing and so charming characters!
Very nicely done!

Ariel said...

Love your little puppy art.Guess that poem speaks a lot about women who love their family, who are content to cook for their loved ones. I love cooking too, especially different recipes and cooking on special occasions but everyday routine make me go crazy.

Kirstin McCulloch said...

I was kidless for the first time in five years for one night this weekend, and while I really missed them, it was so nice to just be me!

Your posts are always so synchronistic with my life! I was just saying last week to a girl friend, that it has taken me a while to realise that I hate cooking. I am all for quick and easy and the more left overs the better!

Have a great week! x

Kate Robertson said...

Thanks for hopping over to my blog. DId you know you can make your own gelli plate. There are videos on Youtube on how to do it

Your paintings would make great illustrations for a children's book. Happy PPF although its already Sunday.

Jenny said...

Oh I can so relate Giggles... love your poetry... and your gorgeous artwork... I would much rather be arting than cooking... that's for sure :)

Jenny ♥

Jez said...

Wonderful poem, and as always your originality in creating humorous creatures and then varying the colourways is just marvellous. I love visiting you, even if I'm a bit late because of life getting in the way.

aimee said...

you are my kitchen hero!!!! seriously, I have a doodly project in the works that strikes directly at the heart of culinary liberation -- once I get through this initial madness with the tape I will fill you in!! xoxo Aimee

JKW said...

Between your writing and your art - - - YES, definitely a children's book. I use to cook for family (what my hubby wanted which was NO variety). I am not particularly glad to cook. But. . .I LOVE to Bake in fact show me a new recipe and I can figure out what's wrong and make it better. . .I love that part of art too, except for art I need more practice, lol. I love reading your blog. Many Blessings, Janet

lorik said...

These little faces are so beautiful and i agree would be great in children's books. Your sense of colour is fantastic.

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