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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Things you'll probably never say! Paint Party Friday!

This is my contribution for Paint Party friday
and 29 faces of September!
A little more variety this week,

Things you will probably NEVER say!!!
Day #6
Sure wish I had Green teeth like this guy!!!
Day #7
 Gee, I wish I'd stayed in that abusive marriage longer!!
Day #8
Sure hope that car doesn't lose it's brakes or go out of control
while I'm texting and listening to my ipod as I cross the busy street!

Sure wish those telemarketers would call me every time I sit down to dinner! 
Day #9
Sure wish those pretty weeds would keep choking out my flowers! 
Gee I wish they would make more car honking commercials 
to scare the  bejesus out of me in the middle of the night 
 while I sit quietly painting!
Day #10
They should create way more tv commercials using children 
playing recorders like Target does on their 
back to school advertizement!! 
After  all who doesn't  love the
sound of a recorder being played well!!
Day #11
Sure wish my friend would stay on their cell phone  while we're visiting
 so I can feel irrelevant, bored and uncomfortable  a while longer!
 I love to think in opposites, it makes what could be quite negative
more silly. Sometimes it gets a point across quite well!
  It's a weapon I often used in the day
when I used bullets of contemptible humor!
Those days are passed and I like to think I'm a nicer
person now!!

For the record, none of my friends ever stay on
their cell phones too long in my presence.....
 but others have done it to me and it's rude!
 It's why I rarely answer my land line
 when I have company!
How about you what is something 
you would NEVER say?
Give it a try!

Sending love to all those grieving  
or fighting health issues!


Netty said...

You certainly have given us a wake up call.........lol Terrific observations and words. Is there no end to your many talents my friend.
Annette x

pauline said...

oh girl...these are hilarious! You had me laughing all the way through. THANK YOU so much for leaving comments on my blog (even if i've barely had time to post, let alone comment on any other blogs), thank you for sharing your art, your beauty, your Cupcake... ;-) and mostly, thank you for being you. xox

Janet said...

Fun faces!! I think the one thing you'll never hear me say is "Gee, I hope this hot weather lasts forever!"

Ayala Art said...

Fun colors! Funny faces, and funnier comments, but really, the one that gets me is the one about the cell. Why oh why do people get all into that, while having a "real time" person right there visiting?

Gloria said...

You always make me think and laugh,too! I love all the funny pictures to go with your very correct sarcasms! I would never say to my best friend "I really love it when I can never reach you because you don't know how to pick up message on your cell phone, you landline garbles your messages, you always forget your phone somewhere and you never answer my emails because you are too busy sending out a zillion dumb jokes! PLEASE learn to communicate, in person!" I would never say that!

Nic McLean said...

Fun faces and such a variety as well - I love the big happy dog! Another post to make us think and just full of sarcasm which I'm prone to! How about 'Oh please make me press a few more numbers and listen to a few more irrelevant bits of useless information before you put me through to a real live human customer service person!'
Hope you get through this week! I'm going to contact the folk I have my domain name through and ask them why it might be that you can't get onto my blog as I think it would be their servers that it goes through (although I don't really understand all that stuff so I could be wrong).xx

Aga Gasiniak said...

What a post :) and lots of art works, well done. I especially like face portrait number 7. it is delicate and sweet. thank you for sharing and have a lovely week.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love the array of pieces you have going. My favorites are the abstract face in Day 6 and the Jesus like piece in Day 10. Blessings, my friend!

www.dorissdaughter.com said...

Love your art and your musings. Something I would never say is 'I am fed up with painting and art in general'!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Love the new header and that pop of floral goodness. Funny sayings.....and amazing faces to go with them. I can always count on your for a fresh view of the world....expect the unexpected, that's what I think of when I think of you. Love it...xox

Valerie-Jael said...

Wow - fantastic post! Valerie

denthe said...

Love all of your many different and quirky faces this week! And your observations are so recognizable they made me laugh. Here's some I would never say (kinda fun when you start to think about it ;-) ): "Please, leave your dog outside for the rest of the night, so I can hear his barking all night long and won't feel lonely", and "Let me listen just a while longer to that wonderful music you're playing while I'm waiting on the phone for a real person to talk to me" ... ☺

Christine said...

You had fun with faces today Giggles, lol.

Victoria said...

Wow..such fun and I am giggling..what an amazing post and beautiful art by the way..always vibrant and full of stories shining through! I loved your hilarious commentary throughout.! I have never even owned a cell phone..I am a bit hermit-reclusive-ish..ha ha..so if you ever visit that would never happen lol!You have made me smile..and always a joy to see you creative world and art!

Diana Evans said...

you have a way with colours!!! love these latest works!!!

Jez said...

You are so clever, both with your paintings and your humour. I don't know how you thought of them, and they are all so true. I've tried so hard and can't even come up with one.
Your paintings are wonderful as always, and your humour brightens my day.

Faye said...

Wonderful list of "don't do" items along with some wonderful illustrations. I love that I could visit all of your faces at one time. For one, I get to compare all your different styles at once. For another, it sure is easier to comment. Sherrie, you know I really appreciate you for telling it like it is. You are using your past experiences in a positive way. Thanks for sharing your delightful art.

Debbie said...

You are hilarious! Your art has such character!

Tammy N said...

These are so fun and colorful. Love the day 7 face.

MeOfCourse said...

Awesome colorful faces as always and love your comments on all. I don't know...what gets me is the texting part of phones. I guess you could say...Hey, call me up to let me know you are going to text me and then I'll text you back?
tee hee. I don't get texting. What the heck is a phone for then? I have never texted, if that is a word. Have a great day, awesome work as always.

aimee said...

I really like the one on the park bench (they guy with the hat and bird) -- it looks like a modern day Chagall scene!

Monique said...

Love your painting and love the words in between even more. =)
I think I'll give that a try =).
Happy PPF.
xx Monique

Linda said...

what fantastic faces and your hilarious observations had me in stitches! I don't know how you come up with these things but I love every time I visit-always brightens my day!

miz katie said...

:))) Love your sarcastic humor, dollface.

Paper rainbow said...

My fridays are always brightened by your fabulous posts!! I'm off to a 21st party tonite, and after a long week at work am unlikely to say...
' I am so looking forward to getting off the sofa and motivating myself to get ready' :)
your 29 faces are so funny,
Those green teeth really need attention... :)

SAMARA said...

omg hilarious! the works of art are wonderful and....i love your new blog look! wonderful colors and images. Happy PPF!

kat said...

What a quirky and fun lot, it's always interesting and such fun round here!

Abigail Davidson said...

Enjoyed the humor you brought to this post, and what fun artwork! Happy PPF!

Kate Robertson said...

Oh I love seeing all your faces for the week. I love the gentlemen with the bird.

Ariel said...

I love the 8th day girl and what you've written about texting is something that my hubby always complains about-be it the pedestrian or the driver.
Have a wonderful weekend

Wilme said...

Each one is so unique! Lots of variety for sure and as always I love those beautiful cheery colors:)

lorik said...

These are great! Love your humour...and fully agree about the phones:)

Lynn Cohen said...

I get so caught up in your words I have to go back and SEE the art to register what my brain took in. That dog with tongue hanging out looked like a pregnant woman to me at first!
I love your bright colors! That young guy and that old guy stick out for me...but the women all rock too!

I'm with you on the cell phone bit! My dearest friend was so "connected" to her family members that there were often SEVERAL phone calls during a visit. Aggravating? Yes.
But I loved her anyway!

Grace Amaury said...

Such fun and colourful pieces! Great work!!

Ginny said...

You nailed it with everything you said especially the cell phone. I cannot stand it when you are talking to someone and they are either texting or reading a text. Then later they can't remember the conversation "we" were having - I wonder why. Ok, that feels good to get off my chest but I think your way of doing it is healthier.

I love all of your faces. Each one is different and creative. I always enjoy my visits here so much! Have a great week.

Anne Manda said...

Awesome, fun technicolor pieces, love them! Great list, funny but true! :)

Lorraine said...

great post..hate its when people are on their mobile phones ignoring you

Miss Marple said...

Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog. I am always happy when peeps comment!
The list you wrote is very, very funny...I have to give it a try when I am feeling annoyed next time (which will certainly be soon!)
Have a great sunday - Irma

Kirstin McCulloch said...

I love your list!! It made me laugh out loud! I hate when sales people knock on your door, just as your three year old is having a knock down tantie!! Have a great week x

(P.S. I am not sure why my comments haven't been coming through - I will check my blogger settings tonight! x)

Tammie Lee said...

it is so fun to see all your faces and characters. they are fun and interesting.

Tracey Grgic Potter said...

Ha, ha fantastic humour. Beautiful artwork. Thanks for brightening my day x

Tracey Grgic Potter said...

Ha, ha, very humorous. Your art and words brighten my day, thanks x

Carol said...

Great art and love your list... I was laughing all the way through it.

janice smith said...

Hey there! It's been a while since my last visit but it is SO GOOD to see that you are still posting your wonderful, witty commentaries! I love the way you made so many good points in such a light-hearted way here and your faces are just really great! And the cell phone thing?...I totally concur. The only time I answer my phone when I'm with a friend is if it is one of my kids (which is only once in a blue moon!). Hope you are well. Enjoy your week! xo, janice

Forgetfulone said...

I hate those "flutaphone" commercials by Target! That's what we called it... a flutaphone instead of a recorder. Great paintings!

Sugar Lane said...

cool work!
truly love the colors!
kisses from Bombay,

JKW said...

Those are some crazy faces, I love them. I would rather keep the comments positive, no I'm not pollyanna, but keep the positive going. . . too much negative in life now. Blessings, Janet PPF

NatashaMay said...

Great post as always. I sure am not saying those things. :) Love your paintings!

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