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Friday, October 24, 2014

Peace begins at home! Paint Party Friday

 Paint Party Friday
I am so late posting because I completely 
changed my subject matter for this week.
This photo doesn't do this painting justice. It's richer and more vibrant in person.
Wednesday a handsome father, husband, son, soldier was 
killed on  parliament hill by a lone gunman. 

 Canadians are a peace loving people, producing many 
creative souls.  A threat to our Government was felt by all!

 Thursday business continued as usual on the hill. 
Not with hateful hearts, but with strength, defiance of fear, 
and heartache for a peaceful country's loss of innocence.
The color on this painting is less vibrant.
Although sad, I feel  prouder today than yesterday
that our Country came together holding " Strong and free" 
Government speeches were  genuinely spoken  
with conviction and a sincere emphasis on gratitude!
Velda has a green face but her color is not accurate..I have no idea why!
 Peace begins at home! 
Outside of a wonderful drive into the 
Valley I find a frenzy on the roads  these days.
  I know that life is fast and everyone is in a hurry. However what
 do we teach kids when we don't wave people into a lane,
 or let them go first at a stop sign.  
  Is courtesy a dying art?

There are so many polite and loving artists on
 Paint Party Friday..
 a wonderful example of what 
peace looks like an often chaotic world.
I think to myself how are children suppose to learn kindness,
 manners, courtesy when there are so many overt 
examples of  narcissism, anger, and bullying out there.
  There needs to be more conversations about adult bullying
 before we are able to honestly discuss what happens at a junior level.

More Kindness campaigns like this!  More compassion in schools! 
There are already so many amazing people in the world doing the lions share.

Everyday  courtesies matter!!
 I still see so many everyday rude occurrences.
  I love to give people the benefit of the doubt.
Of course there are unique circumstances,
"A death in the family,  a sick child
or some other crisis..." causing
 people to become oblivious to their actions
....they're excused.
It's the everyday courtesies....like letting traffic in, helping an old person 
who crosses the street and drops her groceries...
No one did.
If our Prime Minister can hug his opponent with conviction
the day after a  parliamentary crisis and 
possible threat to our country.
I think there is hope and room  to  be kinder and
more courteous in our everyday lives. Not just as 
good customer service because we're directed to, but
as thoughtful, kind, loving  human beings by example!
If what we do to others truly comes back to us, doesn't
it makes perfect sense to make every effort to 
always treat people with kindness  and dignity
even if they're being difficult!

" Every Action has a reaction of consequence,"We reap what we sow" 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

And Peace begins at home!

What act of kindness have you received lately that
 affected you one way or another?


Netty said...

Terrific post and you are lucky to have such a fine prime minister. Love all the artworks. Happy PPF, Annette x


Faye said...

Love the post, Sherrie. I got waved into a lane about 2 hours ago. I was worried because traffic was heavy and I am not brave at forging in. I really appreciated the gesture. I was heartbroken for Canadians. We never hear much about crime up north, so this was a shock for everyone. My thoughts on the subject of being polite and caring is that it must be taught at the earliest level. What children learn before 5 often determines the kind of person they will become. Too many people in my country are having babies while they are still children themselves. The stress is too much for a teen to handle, especially if they have no live-in support. The babies are the ones that suffer from lack of caring discipline.

Christine said...

Nice Halloween Art!

I am moved to tears right now watching the soldier's body return home and seeing the Highway and overpasses lined with kind wonderful Canadians...proud to live in this country right now!

Lynn Richards said...

Wow. Such a tragedy, but at the same time you are right-it can really bring a country together and spark important conversations.

Jo said...

So much truth in your words, Sherrie. This world is in a sad state. I am grateful for artists who help make this crazy planet a bit better place. Thanks for sharing your words and your awesome art.

Karla B said...

We have a saying here: " kindness generates kindness". Being kind is so important in a world where people are too much busy caring only about themselves.I may be wrong but one learns kindness at home. It is an exercise of beauty and peace.
I don't know what happened in Canada but it is a country we look up to here not only for its beauty but also for its people. Do you know there are many Brazilians in Toronto? I had a Canadian friend but he passed away last year.He was from Silkirk.When I was very sick, he was caring and supportive. I miss him.You should be proud of your country for sure because it is place where many would like to go or live in.

Cindy D. said...

I really love the hair on the first girl! So wild but well styled! Courtesy is not a dying art. But sometimes it's hard to find. Keep looking! Remember what Mr. Rogers said, "Look for the helpers. There are always helpers."

Tracey Fletcher King said...

It was such awful news and I certainly hope that courtesy isn't dead... i kind of think it is like everything else in that the middle ground has disappeared... either people are courteous or they are rude, with nothing in between, but I am heartened by Phoebe's friends who are all so caring and thoughtful... makes me happy to see such wonderful young hearts out there being charitable...xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Great post. These insane terror attacks threaten the whole world, all we can do is to stick together and be strong. Stay safe, Hugs, Valerie

Laila said...

Let me start by saying, the upper girl is just smashing. I love all the colors and I bet she's even more beautiful in person.

Thank you for mirroring my thoughts as well, there's too much cruelty these days. At home is a very good place to start, even if the problem is very complex. It's lovely to see how the people of a nation unite in situations like this, but does it lead to changes?
We had a situation some years ago, but I'm not sure all the good intentions comes through.

loveofcollage said...

peace in our heart, peace in our homes, peace with our neighbours, peace in our towns and then a cumulative effect. So sad news in the world today and as your post says its small peaceful courtesy things that we can have an effect on

kat said...

These pieces demand to be looked at, they have soulful eyes, such an array of great characters as always here! Your words are full of interest too, it is so important to try and be helpful and kind, it's what makes the difference, I feel kindness all around in all the little things that close ones around do, I'm blessed!

My name is Erika. said...

I know what you are saying, the news surprised and saddened me. Here in the US, yes, there are so many gun crazy fools but one thing I always love about Canada is the peaceful means by which you guys debate and work through issues. I always thought I was more Canadian in that means that the cowboys here. Its sad that violence has to happen.On the good news-
Your art looks beautiful this week though.

Katherine Jeanne Wood said...

The world is so disappointing, and it's more important than ever to seek out the positive in each day, don't you think? I so agree with you about the PPF crowd. xo

Linda Kunsman said...

Oh dear Sherrie my heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy. You have so eloquently written a post and painted such wonderful art on the emotions surrounding an incident like this. Although tragedies like this can really rattle one's composure I do believe that any one kind and caring act can have that trickle effect that continues to grow. (and yes, both hubby and I will let someone in the lane when driving, and also let someone ahead in a cashier's line when they don't have as much as we do to check out). Love and healing to all!

Gloria said...

Hi Miss Giggles, I am sorry that this tragedy happen to your country. I know exactly what you mean about being sad for the loss of innocence for your country. I felt that way in 2001. It is shocking there is so much hatred...where did it come from?? I hope you have a more peaceful and polite week coming up and can celebrate your art. Your drawing and paintings are always so richly presented.

lorik said...

Well said - and illustrated! Peace does begin at home..and also with our children. I liked too what you said on my blog about your relative who always ends up with a lego component inches work - and that he never noticed it! I used to like playing with my son's lego too...but earlier .... i remember enjoying"helping my father in the shed" hammering bits of wood together...maybe that is my influence?

Ayala Art said...

I think it is terrible that as many good people out there, it takes one bad one to destroy so much...
Beautiful art, so full of fun and life :o)

Aga Gasiniak said...

Great and inspiring post and beautiful and happy art work. Greta reminder about being kind! Thank you for sharing!

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

I can't say how much I loved this post!!! This is something we have been talking here almost everyday... something I feel deeply! My mom taught us well and so have I taught my daughter the importance of courtesy and such simple yet powerful values. I a often confronted with the question? "How will your child survive when everybody is growing with 'no values' these days?" It gets me thinking and yet I comfort myself thinking there would of course be loads of people who think like us. I have so often heard people accusing children that these days kids are so arrogant, no manners etc etc and they fail to see that the lessons need to begin from home.
It's so sad when people without qualms take the highest action of killing someone...How can we take a life when we are in no position to give one!!! It's so saddening!!!

Lindsay said...

When in doubt, do the kindest thing possible.... sigh! Thanks for the reminder... I think I really needed that one today. xxx

Bronson Hill Arts said...

True & beautiful words, Giggles.

It's fascinating how the change of colors affects the mood showing in her face. Amazing.


Sirkka said...

Many variations on the same painting, it is amasing to see how the colors work. And all in company of your wise words, Giggles!

Nat S said...

fantastic -
love-love-love your liberty of using colors
be happy

Janet said...

Today one of the women at the senior center gave me a lovely little crocheted flower she had made...she just did it ion the spur of the moment and I love it. Things like that always make my heart sing. I think it's important to do little things for people. I won't forget her kindness and will think of some special way to thank her.

Your art looks great in every color!

sheila 77 said...

Great blogpost, Giggles, one that tugs at the heart and gives so much to think about and consider. I think one of the problems is it is possible to hear about or see every little thing in the world, and that much of the goodness is not reported - like the fellowship and friendliness of our group on PPF, for example.

I like Velda who has managed to change the colour of her face despite your efforts, nice magic work, Velda. Also like the girl with black and white striped stockings who goes heavy on the eye-shadow, an imaginative painting.

Irene Rafael said...

Very wise post and writhed with so much compassion. We cannot hear this enough these days.

JKW said...

I totally identify with your first and second paintings. It is difficult to be positive in such a negative world, but without a positive there can be no peace. We must not be afraid to be positive. We had a discussion on FB about this very thing. You always manage to open my eyes. Blessings, Janet PPF

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