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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Changed Perspective

Holiday loves to watch the birds and hugs the trees!!
You know when something is mentioned a few times,
by different people during the week I am bound to
address that subject in my blog!! It's interesting how
we can all perceive things so completely differently!
Even family members can be hard wired in opposite ways!
Lizzie prefers to engage with happy people full of spunk!!
Of course different perspectives makes the world more
interesting to some, and mad to others!!  Even though 
I have strong core beliefs, I've always kept an open mind!
 Able to change when I hear or read better perspectives!!
Gloria is a very friendly neighbour, sometimes even too friendly!!
The other day Cupcake and I did a huge and I mean
 very extensive purge on my double closets. I was focused on
whether I might need one of those articles of clothing in the future.
 Even though my philosophy the last few years has been 
if you love it, or it's useful it can stay! Other wise it 
needs to find a new home!
Simone is annoyed that she has to watch her kids swim, when she has so much housework!
I was overwhelmed as my daughter pulled scads of full 
hangers from my closet for me to root through. 
Although I did a big purge a while back there still
way too many things I hadn't released!
The purge was my idea, my daughter was 
very kind and  didn't pressure me at all!!
So far I had one coat in the bag, and many
keep piles surrounding me!
Zola just got her Masters in psychology, now if only she could figure herself out!

 Then Cupcake brought out this long beige
 ( I prefer to call it sand coloured as I hate beige)
cotton summer vest that's about two decades old. 
Very classic boring style that fits over a dress,
a skirt or pants!! It's difficult to find things long 
enough to go over ones bum! This was the only
reason I ever bought it!! Cupcake automatically
placed it in the giveaway pile!! Held herself back
from teasing me, while explaining that I would
  probably never wear it again, kindly suggesting
it may not even fit any longer!
 In that moment I had an epiphany!!
Oh my goodness... I hadn't even thought to
try the clothes on....I just kept what I liked/loved!
I was reasoning what I kept in a completely different way!
After the new perspective I let it rip and joyfully
tossed everything  into the giveaway pile!
Jenny is polish, abhors her large ears, so she covers them with hair!
She was surprised at the change in my demeanor.Cupcake
had taken piles of clothes downstairs to launder since many
were dusty from sitting unworn in the back of the closet.
 I had a new perspective. I even tossed  gave to charity 
some of the laundered clothing!
I was trying everything on, if it wasn't comfortable it
was gone, gone, gone!! Then I started thinking about
the joy another larger woman would get being able
to buy them for a song in a thrift store! Many I had
really enjoyed over the years!!  A few things still had
price tags as I aged out on them, (halter dress).
When all was said and done we had a few laughs.
She said if it was my last day on earth she knows
 I wouldn't want to be caught dead in beige!
 Oh how right Cupcake was!
  I'd rather be found bra-less with a paint spilled
messy long sleep shirt on than anything beige!! 
Joy is slightly worried about a presentation she must do for her business meeting!
That day I was able to happily fill up four huge bags of clothes!
We purged close to one hundred items from our home!
Cupcake is on this kick to get rid of 465 items a month!
In the minimalism challenge! It can include a broken pencil,
clothes, toys, anything, you recycle, give to charity, or toss!
She is 100 things short of her goal this month so 
tomorrow I am getting into our big bathroom....
see if I can help her out!! 

George is debating whether to weed the garden in the heat!
So glad I had her by my side to give me a new

Has anyone changed your perspective lately?

Are you a minimalist?


Valerie-Jael said...

Minimalist I am not, but I do regularly clear out my closets and take what I don't need to the thrift shop! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Jennifer McLean said...

Visiting from PPF. "Thing the herd" is an essential for both my mom and me, it keeps me sane! It took years to finally get my mom to go through her closet and be honest, I think it's to do with growing up so poor. She loves clothes, lol. Good on you for getting a new perspective, many will appreciate your generosity. All your people look so happy and creative!

Linda Kunsman said...

Congrats to you and Cupcake for all that purging!! I'm working on it-but not so much at one time. Clothes are done but I am slowly tackling other rooms and areas. And once my son moves out- my art room(s) :):) supplies are next! Love all your characters and their personalities!!
Oh, and no- I could never be a minimalist. Happy PPF!

SLScheibe said...

I love purging! I don't do it all of the time but I seriously dislike clutter so I purge enough to keep things tidy. I just cleaned out my studio area a couple of weeks ago and purged sooooo much! Mostly old papers but it felt good. Nice that you sorted out your closet. That's always a big one for me too. Love your little people as always! Adorable art!

Sandee Setliff said...

Minimalist? Heck no, come look at my art room, I am close to being a hoarder in there! And I am forever optimistic that I will lose weight ONE day and be able to wear "those" clothes again, I don't care if they are out of style. LMAO #DenialIsABeautifulThing

Faye said...

Oh Sherrie, does this ever hit home! This week I uncovered some slides of my dh's and my trip to Nova Scotia in 1997. The one slide of me up close revealed I had on a top that I still wear. However, since it has a lot of red-orange embroidery type stuff on it, it goes so well with my newer slacks and my capris of the same color. So it stays. Only in this last year have I loosened up and will buy clothes. My dh tried for years to get me to get more fashionable stuff. I think a lot of the holding on is emotional. I am on an attic cleaning kick, trying to get rid of reams of paper and boxes of books that have traveled with me for decades (unviewed and unread). Knowing I have that to do sort of takes away the creativity needed to paint things for me.

denthe said...

I love the descriptions of your characters as much as the characters themselves. They're such personalities :-) Good on you for getting rid of all that stuff. I need to be in the right mood to throw stuff out. Clothes is difficult, especially the favorite things that I don't fit into anymore. As Sandee is saying: I also keep thinking/wishing/hoping I will one day be able to wear them again ;-)

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wow what a great post. I give away to the women's shelter when I purge. I don't really have much to purge. If I was living alone I would have very little. I love the minimalist look in my home. However, I have a husband that hangs on to EVERYTHING!!!! LOL

sheila 77 said...

Oh yes, I am a potential minimalist. Funnily enough, there are over eighty books going to the charity shop today along with a bag of clothes (although I did rescue a few blouses last night, haha!). The sooner they are out of the house the better. I love to read blogposts on decluttering. Good luck with the clearing out.

Poor Joy, I hope she does alright with her presentation.
And poor Simone, housework on a sunny day - bleh. I like her outfit and bright hair.
I'm a bit spooked by Gloria, she does look very friendly. Love her green hair and style. She's wearing slippers!
Holiday's dungarees are a treat.
Happy weekend and week ahead.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

How fun your people are, I love the words that go with them too. I need to purge, but I'm not any good at it...

A Casa Madeira said...

Beautiful paintings.
I loved meeting you.

Courtney said...

I love the minimalist approach and have been working on purging a little here and there over the last several years. I've read a few books on minimalism and like the idea of "less is more." It is definitely something that we continue to work on each year. As always, love all your characters and their personalities. Love them!! Thanks for the great post!

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