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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Paying attention to synchronicity!

The other day I impulsively used the word “treasure trove” as a comment on a friend’s blog. Later I read that she'd written those same words as a comment on another blog hours before me. I turned on the television, again in an instant the words rang in my head. I wondered about the synchronicity of "Teasure Trove" appearing three time, within a few hours. Still bothered the next day , I decided to do a google search, there it was "treasure trove" books for Children. Written and illustrated by Michael Stadther, a series of alchemy books for kid’s, which lead me right to Simon and Schuster publishing company in Canada.

I’ve been asking the universe what my path should be. Two Sundays ago I wrote a poem for Sunday Scribblings that may have offended some of the more astute contributors. I didn’t explain that it was the possible outline for a Childs book. Maybe even a reluctant reader. which I hear is in demand. The concept is humorous, appeals to a Childs mentality, and adds a reminder to wash your hands after touching your nose. Yes, the subject is nasty in an adults world, yet can be hilarious to a Child.

When Pepper was young I ritually made her laugh each night before bed. I’d used goofy accents and intonations to read bedtime stories. Some nights I’d go on a tangent randomly rhyming words that put her into hysterics. Together we'd laugh until we cried! She has no qualms expressing the happiest memories of a terrific childhood. I wish I had taped some those ludicrous creative moments. Of course like any parent, there are issues left unaddressed. Now that she’s an adult it’s surprising to hear the funny ideas and actions that transpired during her childhood that I was completely unaware of. Although they left me dismayed, they’re the catalyst for a few children’s story ideas! Some may be off the wall, but that’s what appeals to children. Although they are formative years, I was able to teach Pepper by using humor which developed a penchant for learning!


Anonymous said...

Ya never offended me girly! That would be sooo kewl. If your mom made ya laugh every night. WOOO HOOO Bet that was fun!

vicci said...

Very interesting post Sherrie....I love the laughter! :-)

paris parfait said...

Humor - and synchronicity - are almost always good. You go, girl!

CattyCat said...

I hope you illustrate your childrens books too. You are a natural.

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