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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A bug in the ear!

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I drew this little picture; as usual I didn’t quite know where it was going. All of a sudden there is was, a bug in the ear! A cliché my mom often used, which I have continued to use in my life! I find it’s a subtle way to communicate when children become Mother deaf!

When Pepper was a teen I sometimes had to put a bug in her ear to get things across. I think women are notorious for that. Dropping delicate hints when they require a task to be done! Or when they spy something desirable that’s a little extravagant! Have you put the bug in someone’s ear lately? It works for me, and it always gives the person on the receiving end an out!

Voice of My Mother

He heard her voice, but it didn’t compute
More motherly blather, for him to dispute
So she found subtle ways, to leave a hint
She timed it perfect, then ignited the flint
Fired up, she whispered words of wise
A day or two later, she could see in his eyes
He got the message, it was put into play
Mother smiled in contentment, as she got her way
She did the same to dad, with her womanly wiles
with that our bathroom, got new purple tiles
A new floor was laid, after his night on the town
He appeased her when she wore, that day after frown
She just had a way, the five foot tall Sue
With the bug in his ear, he knew what to do
Nothing exorbitant, she played on his shame
She used subtle suggestion, to keep the man tame
He had a penchant for shuffle board, and a beer
For curling and golf, to the pub he would veer
A domestic goddess, she ran her own shop
The woman rarely sat down, she just didn’t stop
Years later, well after she'd been gone
I still remember the bug in the ear, she used all along
Her words of wisdom to make us abide
Words as a mother, I have since tried!
The beat travels on, one generation to another
The Voice of a woman, the voice of the mother!


vicci said...

This is so true !!!!! Great post! I can still hear my MOM...and she's been gone for seven years now....so...I hear myself..as she was everyday....

Anonymous said...

I have to say that my mother isn't gone yet.Whenever I do something, I always have her voice telling me if I should or not though. I hope that even with this voice going through my head. I will one day be an individual. :) What a wonderful post!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I sincerely hope all of your poetry and prose are being kept in some sort of journal or book form. You have this uncanny knack for expression through words that is just amazing.
You are loved!!
Hugs, hugs and more hugs,

Tammy said...

Hehehe and my hubby thinks that's manipulation. I rather like wisdom better. :) Loved the art and poetry. XXOO

Janet said...

Cute drawing and "oh-so-true" poem.

Also I love the photos of dance class in the earlier post. I also want to lead and I have two left feet!! The only dancing I do is around the house when no one is there to see me!!

Lucy said...

haha WOW, is this the truth! I love love love this poem. We women DO have a subtle way of moving mountains! ( lazy kids and spouses) Your mom sounds like a super woman. "She timed it perfect, then ignited the flint" I can't tell you How "me" that is! Timing is everything, sometimes I have to hold back my thoughts for days to find the right moment ( you know how tough that is!) We women are genius'! As is your creative poetry Sher! xoxo

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Wonderful poetry & art ... we woman can be quite clever, eh? xx, JP

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Wonderful poetry & art ... we woman can be quite clever, eh? xx, JP

Footpad said...

Terrific poem, though one quite beyond my experience.

My mom wanted to be the kind of woman who could gently nudge others to her way of thinking, but she was impatient and crossed the line to manipulation.

It seems your mom was more patient. And that's certainly worth celebrating.

Thanks for sharing!

-- f

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