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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Violette's Journal Bliss blog Tour & Sunday Scribblings

This post is dedicated to Violette!
All photos are of Violette's home, and art!
Click on the many links to explore more about Violette,
in youtube videos, her blog, and a television show!
In a covert gesture I'm luring my readers from Sunday scribblings to meet my dear friend Violette who has just published an exciting new book Journal Bliss. Violette personifies creativity, interest, intelligence, authenticity and eccentricity all in one! That just touches the surface of this multifaceted woman who lives in a magic cottage!

All my life I felt like the odd ball. Mother’s comments negatively verified that feeling. I never understood why I needed to surround myself in such robust color, why everything about me needed to be artistically loud, why it excited me so, until I walked through the door of Violette's Magic cottage and into my soul during an artist's open house. Finally some fruition; I felt this euphoria as my eyes were stunned with excitement. I was not alone. Finally another such as myself, lover of color and whimsy!

My purple walls seemed tame in comparison. We clicked immediately; conversation was quick and easy as the two Gemini’s found countless similarities! I owe my new found creative path to Violette and her alone! She convinced me to start a blog, and tempted me to draw. At 47 I was convinced I couldn’t draw a line. Oh I’m still in the embryo stages of my creative endeavors, but I have passion and I have paint!!

You too can discover a side of yourself you never imagined existed once you open the pages of Violette's vibrant new book “ Journal Bliss” It takes you step by step through the creative process, sharing "prompts to unleash your inner eccentric." I could go on forever about how inspirational Violette is, how I’ve witnessed Violette facilitate classes igniting creative juices in women with her heartfelt encouragement! None of what I say does her justice! When I opened her book I got goose bumps, my gauge for excellence. Colorful and direct this book will explain how to quiet that daunting inner critic to move into your creative spirit!

As part of the Virtual book tour you can read Violette's answers in green!

I often learn a lot from my mistakes so I was wondering, what's the biggest mistake you’ve ever made?

Gosh....I've made so many mistakes i can't even count them! Let me see.....I suppose the biggest mistake would be listening to the naysayers who pretty much told me to stay small by not reaching for my dreams. They actually never said it in so many words but their lack of support or veiled sabotage efforts did that. My Mom always called me a "dreamer". Her intent was that i not get hurt by reaching too far and that i had to be practical. One friend told me that whenever i received compliments for my art that folks were simply "blowing smoke up my *bleep*". Seriously, he really did say that. This was a man i respected quite a bit. Beware of those who steer you off your path - step away from them. They can be toxic. That's my advice.

What is the most unexpected thing that has ever happened to you creatively?

Hmmm........great question! The most unexpected thing is that I'd find my first REAL mentor while volunteering at a place for Street Kids - Covenant House. Never in my wildest imagination did i think he would appear there. I thought that i would have to make an effort to contact a mentor. I did not think he/she would simply show up! The Universe works in such mysterious ways don't you think? This mentor believed in me and created my first brochure about 10 years ago.

My first meeting with you is proof the universe throws a few surprises our way!
What have you learned from other artists lately?

Oh I'm always learning. Sometimes i learn just from looking at their art online - whether it be the courage to try a new technique or gleaning a bit of inspiration by witnessing their expression. Right now I'm taking an online class from Traci Bautista on creating a large Coffee table book so I'm learning about her method of doing things - it's very vibrant and free! Some artists such as Sue Bleiweiss (fabric/mixed media) have kindly helped me to understand how to create online classes. She shared some experiences with me. I have Kelly Rae's book and am learning how to create a la Kelly Rae. I take what i learn and then put my own spin on it. Sometimes what i learn is that i should push myself a bit further and not be so stuck in doing the same thing. I believe it's a good idea to learn from other artists - it helps you to stretch and grow.

Was there a pivotal moment when you knew you were an artist, when was that? And did you have a difficult time labeling yourself as an artist? Violette you may have answered that already...

I think i did answer that....but I'll reiterate it here (an I'm probably mentioning a different story) - i think it was about 13 or so years ago when i finally could say that i was an artist even though I've been creating art and teaching art for many many years. It was difficult for me to say i was an artist. One of the pivotal moments was when my friend Sharon would speak for me in shops - she would say that i was an artist and that she encouraged me to create and sell my work. Eventually i realized that i could not let others always speak for me and that i had to OWN being an artist myself. I believe that my Bohemian tribe (supportive friends) encouraged me to believe in myself and saw that i was an artist. First they believed in me and then i believed in myself as strange as that may seem.

You speak of your inner gremlin, once that voice is hushed do you ever get frustrated with your art?

Do i ever get frustrated? Oh yes.....i still do when things are not turning out the way i had hoped. Those times are not as often as they used to be. Even when something is not turning out well i can always use it as a collage background or paint over it.......even a crummy drawing can find it's way on my blog to describe what i am going through. It's all fodder. I don't so much get caught up in how things SHOULD look like - the Gremlin though is often yammering in my ear telling me that things don't look right or that so and so does a better job than me etc. Mostly......when my "Joy Wagon" is well fueled i have no problem silencing the Gremlin. I do fall off the Joy Wagon and have to refuel it now and then!

What piece of art that you’ve created has made you the proudest and why?

I can't really say that there is one piece of art that made me the proudest. Well i guess giving birth to my kids Jessica and Ryan is my finest work of art. But if you're talking about REAL art - a body of work such as my book Journal Bliss would be my proudest - not so much about what it contains even though i am happy with the results but I'm elated with having stuck to my dreams and pressed on forward despite all of the setbacks, rejections and pitfalls. Also i wanted to reach as many people as possible and i believe with a book you can do that! That's the proudest creation for me!

What was the most surprising reaction you've had to your eccentricities?

The most surprising reaction to my eccentricities was when i would drive my painted Glittergirl van (which is now retired and living in my driveway). People would sometimes look at it in disbelief - some asked me if i was a clown and others asked "what the heck were you thinking?". Mostly though my Glittergirl van elicited excitement, joy and curiosity. The inspirational words would often prompt people to ask themselves if they were in fact following their bliss or if "they were working like they don't need the money". At least one newspaper article was inspired by something a writer read on the Glittergirl van.

Have you ever considered licensing your art, for ceramics and such?

Yes i have but i haven't tried hard to find the right company. I have sent out a few packages here and there which were met with rejection. I'm not the greatest at sending tons of marketing materials out - i guess that's where a virtual or REAL assistant would come in handy eh? I would like to have greeting cards, prints and canvas giclees made of my work.

Is there anything you've personally conformed to that you never thought you would?

Well just recently at my daughter's black and white wedding i wore pointy black stilleto-ish shoes which drove me crazy. I wore them because i wanted to look "semi normal" at the wedding. Towards the end of the evening i took off the shoes and put on my Birkenstocks and danced around with glee. I'm sure people thought i was nuts but that was the best part of the evening for me. Can you tell that i don't like to conform?

Quick questions

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Belgium Chocolate

Dream destination never traveled?

Greece (one of the tiny islands) - I always wanted to leave a note that said "Gone to Greece - back in two weeks!"

Secret wish?

To make a 6 figure income so Mr. G could quit his job and work with me!

Favorite paintbrushes and why?

I don't have any favourite paint brushes - whatever is handy is good to me!

Outside of art, favorite thing to do as a child?

Go camping with my family to Shushwap Lake every summer.

Favorite flower?

Right now it's lilacs because they are in bloom - i can't pass a lilac bush without smelling the flowers. Soon it will be all the flowers in my backyard like geraniums, petunias, verbenas, lobelias, alysym, sunflowers, nicotiana and heliotrope.

Favorite dessert or sweet?

I'm not really big on sweets apart from the occasional chocolate - but if i had to choose I'd say my blueberry pies.......i make a mean pie!

Thanks Sherrie....i love how your mind works! Being a Gemini like me - i am not surprised! I appreciate you participating in my Virtual Tour and spreading the word!

Love, Violette

Thanks Violette for your candid answers, I enjoyed being apart of your blog tour!

Journal Bliss in now available in bookstores and online here!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Grateful Goddess

Goddesses at the Surrey Chili Pepper house, with the owner Edward!

I now realize why we go through tough times, so when the good times strike we appreciate them to the max! I can't tell you how much joy I feel being with my goddess friends. Funny, intelligent, open, creative woman, with passion, and tenacity! How lucky am I to have all these amazing people loving me????? We've all had rough patches, mixed with tears of disappointment, devastation, illness, and sadness, through it all we come together. Nothing was clearer than last Christmas when the girls all made it to my house after one of the worst snow storms with barely any street parking.
We love each other and need each other, that's clear.
We're hoping to live long enough to party with the youngest of the group who is 15 years my junior! Gypsy Goddess mentioned that we may all be dead by the time she hits 75, I protested! Fairy Goddess and Gypsy Goddess flanking, our youngest goddess!
This is what happens when you work out five days a week
and have no interest in cooking!

One of my gifts was wrapped in this fabric.
Nature Goddess said it reminded her of me! I agree!


Guess who made the cake?
Yep our precious Gypsy Goddess all decked out in blue! She fantasizes about turning into a leprechaun..... I think those green hands are a great start!
Not only does it look whimsical and fun, it tasted spectacular!! We left about an eighth of the cake with the restaurant staff, they always look forward to a taste of our cakes!! I had another at home that my kids made....How will I ever look like Fairy Goddess with all this cake in the house??? LAUGH OUT LOUD!! As if.....it would take a heck of a lot of visualization for that to ever happen! We did a lot of laughing tonight....so much fun, next week we'll be seeing a play in town together! I can't wait!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Journal Bliss, and the fun begins!

The celebrations began last week for my 53rd birthday. Funny I still feel 13. Seems like I just started doing what I truly love. I am only forty years behind. Oh well it's never too late to follow your Bliss as my friend Violette touts in her New Book Journal Bliss. Be sure to pop back on monday when Violette answers a few questions I threw her way for a promotional blog tour supporting her visually exciting and inspirational new book! I could not be more thrilled for my friend than if I'd written the book myself!!
Last night we had a scrumptious Greek dinner on the beach where the time flew by as we flitted from one subject to another with a sense of glee. Never enough time to fit in all the ideas when two Gemini minds ignite! Violette urged me to draw and start a blog, guiding me out of a dark forest where's I'd been aimlessly walking through a labyrinth of creativity trying to find the right direction. Having been the first person to refer to me as an artist Violette has been my creative doula. Supporting me through the birth of my art when I had no clue I could draw a stick! It's a gift that keeps on giving, filling me up, it's a mystery, a prophecy, an endless vessel of fulfillment. I only wish I'd been introduced to the possibilities of that gift when I was thirteen. If you know of any artistic people creatively flailing around be sure to recommend this book to help them out of their creative doldrums! Also a perfect gift for an artistic grad!
Today is my birthday, it's hot and the suns shining. I'm doing exactly what I want to do. I considered test driving a Honda Fit. Instead I'm finishing up a revamp on an old table, reading Violette's book Journal Bliss, the kids are making me a BBQ. I will continue to do art, while watching a few movies we rented....the perfect day in my eyes.Oh yeah and I have to fit in a nap since I was awake at three AM last night!!!

I hand you my heart!
A new acrylic angel completed this week

Tomorrow it's goddess night with my girls and more hook ups next week. I feel so blessed to have phenomenal group in my life. I can never say it enough...thank you to my friends and family, I love you all implicitly!!
A special shout out to Violette who continues to feed me inspiration by just being herself!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunday scribblings Worries

Sunday Scribbling prompt "Worry"


Worries nestle amongst

Insecurity and fear

Adopting each other

Generating thoughts unclear

Amalgamated with guilt

Manipulating calm

Kidnapping peace

Placing doubt in my palm

Intuition is swayed

Lost in the fray

Wasting time, energy

While emotions stray

Out of control

They manifest

Creating hope

Evades the unrest

So I Anchor thoughts

In faith and trust

That life will develop

As it must

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shredded life

A shredded life

I’ve been in the mire

Of my past strife

Sorting out documents

From my old life

Shredding years of papers

No longer in need

A hellish chore

An arduous deed

Emotions jerked

Tousled around

Remnants of ugliness

Strewn to the ground

I had bouts of elation

Sorrowful too

In the wave of remembrance

Of the life I outgrew

Haunted by boxes

No longer of use

Wrapped in old love

And spousal abuse

First car, first house

Appliances too

Invoices for everything

We ever bought new

Taxes, certificates

Receipts for jewels

Mortgages, check stubs

Insurance renewals

Letters and cards

Filtered through the mash

A History of feelings

Grueling to rehash

What have I learned?

In this process so grand

The storing of papers

Ought to be banned

Ignoring the bulk

Of the task as you go

Weighs down your life

With burdens in tow

I have many regrets

And Gratitude galore

For all I once had

Now I have more!

Eight bags shredded!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Illustration Friday Contagious

I have been known to have an infectious laugh that's contagious, hence the nickname Giggles acquired when I was eleven.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nenos awards and Mr Petals Art

I've been honored with an award from my buddy Tammy over at Queen-sized funny bone! I just can't get enough of her blog which switches from humor to heartbreak on a dime! My blogging soul sister Lucy at Luluspetals also awarded me, another versatile blog that takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions I crave daily!

Lately I have been on a blogging lull, very sporadic in my posts because of other creative endeavours, plus the frustrating lag in my computer.So this little perk me up forces me to kick it up a notch!! Thanks ladies, much appreciated!

The aim of this award:
* As a dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging.
* To seek the reasons why we all love blogging.

* Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.

* Don't forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
* Answer the awards question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
* Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.

* Don't forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

Why I love blogging.

1. I love to write, possibly keep a record for my family and future generations
2.It's an intimate way to connect with like minded people
3. I have connected with bloggers making unexpected devout friendships along the way

4. Sometime you receive lovely surprises, like this wonderful follow your dreams necklace (Check out her May giveaway!)
I won in a draw on Ronnie's blog at Radiantrace.

5 and this amazing birthday gift from dear blog friends that you come to love!
Acrylic done by Mr, Petals with love from his hands
and Lucy's (Mrs Petals) heart for my birthday!!
I love it too....if you look to the left part of the mountain
looks like a set of lips, I feel like they
actually sent me an early birthday kiss!

6. Blogging allows you the ability to contribute whatever you want in any form you choose.
7. It's a way to express sides of myself not always divulged.
8.It's cathartic to release plaguing thoughts and feelings difficult to express in person.

9 I feel so much joy when I can inspire others with something significant.
10. I've come to rely on blogging as a wonderful creative outlet.

I enjoy so many blogs that I read, I apologize for being remiss at commenting lately, so I'm challenging anyone interested in giving their reasons for blogging to grab this award and run with it! I would love to read your reasons!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not the biggest Loser!

My fun new digital header makes me smile for sure!
Hope it makes you smile too!

No I would never wear colored leggings,
but I think it's humorous!!

I think the caption should read
" Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"

of course I wouldn't want to infringe on the copy written words!
Any reference to "hot" when you're over fifty unfortunately means flushing!

Definitely not the biggest loser that's for sure!! Despite my larger package I really am happier than most! Would I like to be less poundage? You bet. Albeit I just don't move around enough anymore! Doesn't help that I have a bum knee exacerbated by my clutch.

I need a new vehicle! I find it a daunting decision at this age. A tad more difficult than previous years when I used to have confidence coming out of my yin yang in everything I
did. Now I'm nervous to make
an irreparable mistake. Doesn't help that I have a huge list, much sparked by ego!!

Must be funky or fun
Must be black
Must be a convertible....Possibly I could do without that but I don't want to!
Must be dependable
Must be safe
Must be a great deal $$$
Must be from a dealer not going bankrupt
Must be a non smoker if it's a used BMW
Must be Low mileage if it's used, not previously driven by a male under thirty
Must be roomy to carry canvases
Must be good speaker system
Did I mention it must be a good price...the best price$$$$
Must be an automatic
Must seat five ( so I can bring Bryan's little brothers along)
Must not be atrociously priced to insure!
OOPS Oh and did I mention fuel efficient...... how ungreen of me!!

So there you have my dilemma.... if I was no longer driving a standard my knee would heal....it usually does when I take a break from driving! After I resolve this issue I have many more with equally as many demands!! Woe is me....still I choose to be happy! It will all happen in due time!
This is my blog background inspired by Violette's post yesterday!
I love these color combination's and childlike lines.
I would love to have this pattern for gift wrap! Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Blooms

Please check out this you tube video, you won't be disappointed, it will make your week just a little bit better....
it's amazing and what the world needs a little more of!!! Check here!!

As a daughter I was misunderstood, in turn I also misunderstood my mother. Fortunately the relationship with my child has not been sullied by this chain of dysfunction.

Mothers Blooms

written by happytiler

Mothers tend perfect blooms

Stems delicately push through soil

Of clay and rocks

Reaching for the sustenance

Of her love

Rooted in possibility

Each petal colorful and unique

Gently hovers in the light

Of hope and faith

To be fertilized

with dedication,

devotion and kind

Preparing seedlings

to feel less daunted

Alone in a field of

wild flowers.

However my niece seems to be dealing with similar unreasonable drama with her mom, like I did. Hearing about her teen angst brings up the emotional challenges I shared with mom, her grandma. Funny how the beat goes on in some families even though we try to direct it differently.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Three word Wednesday

Can you tell a fake smile....take the test here!

I decided to participate in three word Wednesday this week, these words brought to mind my mother with her telephone voice for customers, and crabby kitchen voice for the family. Unlike my mom I am unable to fake a smile or a mood on demand. If I'm not feelin it you can expect it will show up in my demeanor. However I can usually spot a phony or disdain in a persons body language instantly.


There was a curt judgment

In the cryptic demeanor

The flash of a contrived smile

Hid nothing

The intention

Was to malign someone

Or something

In a covert way!

Monday, May 04, 2009

I remember a day

I can't say I haven't fallen prey to desires of new things. I still do, only I'm fiscally restricted. Everything in my life has been a trade off! Letting go of one thing to acquire another. Just so happens Peace was more important for a time, than money. So I lived on mothers love, creativity and friendship. However I do remember a different day, when life was much simpler. I've filtered a few photos from a goddess gathering into this post for no particular reason, except to break the monotony of the words.

I Remember a Day

I remember a day

When a greeting at the supermarket

Was authentic, and the cashier knew you

When a deal was really a fair price

Not a loss leader, a way to suck you into

Buying something even grander

I remember a day

When employees were devoted

Worked hard, were respected

Even thanked for a decent days work

Then came a fiscal surplus

Companies became greedy

Cutting hours to a minimum

Making it impossible for employees to

meet the needs of administration, or consumers

Rendering customer service a commodity

I remember a day

when retail workers

Smiled because they were happy

Not because of a warning

Or pep talk at the beginning of their shift

But because they were loyal to their company

Grateful for their jobs,

and had a few extra moments to giggle with

and form an honest bond with customers

I remember a day

When people knew each other more intimately

Were less concerned about what to acquire next

Where to travel, and who had the most

But were more concerned about what friends, family

Neighbors and coworkers needed and felt

A time when sharing food, chatter, love and fun

Was elevated above material consumption

I remember a day

when birthday parties

Were simple gatherings of children playing

Topped off with balloons, games and cake

I remember a day when kids connected to

Build, create, sing, run, bike , invent , play

Games, laugh , roller skate run through the sprinkler

and no one worried whether they were having fun

Because most of the time, they were

I remember a time

When homes were sparse and

neighbors had pretty much the same

Girls graduating high school

either borrowed a dress, made it

or bought it at the local sweet sixteen

parents didn’t have to re mortgage their

house to pay for graduation celebrations

weddings and college

goody bags didn’t cost more than the birthday gift,

because there were no goody bags

I remember a day

when green

Was the color of grass

And we automatically turned off

Anything electric, never

left a door open too long unless it was summer.

Were cautious about opening the fridge too often

Poured only a few inches of water

Into the tub, then shared a bath

One sibling after the other

Helped take the clothes off the line

Picked fruit off trees and

Ate fresh produce out of the

garden all summer long

I remember a day

When less, was enough!

So was one car per household

Two pair of shoes a year

Play clothes and good clothes

A time when parents felt safe

Letting kids walk the street alone

I remember a day when a child

Would help a neighbor they didn’t know

And a neighbor would help a child

Without fearing them

I remember a day

When people seemed more accountable

Honesty was at a premium

I remember a simpler time

Where Ethics were a priority

I do, I really do!

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