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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sunday Scribblings and Thursday Thirteen

Just popping in to give you the abridged version of my last week!

As well as Thursday Thirteen, even though it's friday!

13 Reasons why I haven't been blogging!






5) Can't tolerate the heat upstairs........downstairs, or anywheres!!!
6) The computer is as slow as honey in an ice storm!
7) I've been practicing my zombie woman imitations for next Halloween

by laying on the couch with bad hair, black eyes, and an ugly outfit!

8) I can't think when I'm hot!

9) I went to a movie with a friend, " The proposal" was a fantastic reprieve from the heat! A great girly movie...

A chaser to "The HANGOVER" which I saw a few weeks ago and laughed my ass off....oops I just looked....... my ass is still there damn it....but I did laugh hard!

10) My Brain is in reverse and refuses to cooperate!

11) My coffee pot bit the dust because I put the coffee grounds in the water instead of the filter....but shhhhhhh I haven't told my kids yet! Who can write without coffee???

12) I was on a mission with a friend to find some Air conditioning, and a NEW coffee pot!

13) I'm a crabby, sweaty, wilty, ugly pants who is having a pile of heat generated brain farts....to match all the nasty regular ones!!

Here are a few photos from our goddess soiree a few weeks ago....

Earth Goddesses Birthday, excellent cake made by Nature goddess!

The one small candle placed in the center tweaked my funny bone. I laughed hysterically! It was almost melted and sinking into the cake before it got to the table....I couldn't understand why they were so stingy with the candles! Possibly worried about bush fires? Understandably! We've had a lot of forest fires in the interior of B.C.lately!

Dream Goddess, with her impish grin can always
amuse us with her obscure quips and wisdom!

Nature Goddess....lovely in green!

Fairy Goddess looking as sprite like as always with her perfectly toned figure!

I try to post only the flattering photos of my friends hoping they'll reciprocate ! Therefore I'm not posting the buxom photo of myself, that got me a free chai tea because I was having a really bad hair day!!

This was suppose to be my sunday scribblings for
"MY World" last week!

Head parched


Hazy Darkness


Bladder screams

“Get up”

Faucet opens


Pours into

A tub


After foot


Body rolls flat


Cool white



From heat…..




Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Carry on Tuesday

My Daughter is also my Hero!

Prompt "Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life......"
Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life is yet to be discovered! Seems hard to fathom myself a hero, yet I suspect in my daughter eyes I am! I’m proud to have mastered a pleasurable, harmonious environment, something void in my childhood. Teaching her to find enjoyment with modest amounts of money, she’s now able to enjoy life on a budget. Showing her that with faith and love you can work through any adversity and still find joy! Supporting all her dreams, where in turn she has reciprocated with me! Best of all I have taught her to dance to her own beat and always listen to her intuition! I protected and fought for her when she needed it most, I’m no hero, just a good mother, the real hero is here!

A quick shout out to my friend, artist Donna Gotlib who inspired this post with hers yesterday!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday Scribblings " Plans"

Large acrylic on thick canvas
Sunday Scribblings prompt this week, "Plan"

For years I planned to construct an art coat from my old clothing. Time drifts by, still no coat. Countless days wasted researching styles, and patterns on the net. During festival time I regret not having the envisioned coat. Fear of failure holds me back. Sometimes I think I should just relinquish the clothing to charity and stop lying to myself

There are times my menial plans morph into an exciting new excursion. I love when that happens. Living in the flow, life carrying you to new horizons void of the original plan!

Sometimes my body defies me though. Plans become defunct. So I succumb to my many hobbies. Scrabble, learning, art and poetry! While hundreds of plans continue to swirl away in my brain! Some I have no idea how to materialize.

Procrastination, is my biggest fruition rival! Important impromptu visitors always appear on days my hair is a frazzle, dust is an inch thick; I’m wearing a holey paint shirt, surrounded by a litter of paint bottles scattered from one end of the room to the other. What can I say, I’m being held hostage by an art binge, the perfectionist has absconded with my beauty and left in place this fat artist who despises housework!

My original life plan never worked out, probably a good thing. I changed, life changed, the plan did too. In many aspects I prefer my new plan. It has more purpose; it’s more exciting, and less demanding!! I’ve learned I can walk through adversity, be forced to change the plan, and embrace what comes!!

Acrylic on canvas


Myriad of thoughts

Known as plans

Twist slyly off kilter

Compelled to act

often delayed

By physical


Flounce of ideas


By compunction

“Focus” is demanded


Possibility of



Plan impostor


Fear in his pockets



and achievement

Plans awry

In a haze

Of frustration

On a whim


Chains itself

To imagination


To let go

Forcing things

to Happen!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Awards and meme

Last week my dear Artist friend Donna Gotlib sent me this special award of appreciation. She recently lost her mother Elizabeth after a long struggle with Alzheimer s disease. Donna was the most loving and protective caregiver to her sweet mother. She often refers to my relationship with Pepper as parallel to her relationship with Elizabeth! Check out her delicious illustrations on her blog. Her art is up for a very short stint so catch it while you can!
The sweet Mary from Beadfluff gave me this Tulip Award.Not quite sure the meaning but it came with a meme of questions. For you Mary..... here are the answers!
1. YOUR NICKNAME - Giggles which I have had since I was eleven years old. A ministers son first called me that at a church camp. I lost it along the way, but it's appropriate because I giggle daily. When I started blogging it's the first that came to mind!

2. YOU ARE -
Deep thinker with a busy mind, clever, whimsical, passionate, with a thirst for knowledge. Oh no I'm not going to air all my bad habits, dirty linen so to speak, here!!!

very obvious through this blog, my daughter and son-law who I think of as one!
Imagine by John Lennon

5. YOUR FAVORITE FOOD/DISH - perogies, and chili Pepper house Chinese food, I had both this week, which is rare!!! Lucky me!!!

Money, money, money and making big purchases, again money, making life altering decisions, oh and last of all Friction!! Thankfully I pull myself out with loads of faith!
7. YOUR FAVOURITE COLOR - That is a loaded question, because it depends on the era, the item, and whether it's clothing or decor. I love all color but gravitate towards jewel tones....yet I have plans on updating my decor in citrus colors...I do love black...anything sleek and black!!
clip sunglasses,Ibphrophen, wallet with cash, lipstick, brush, notepad and pen in that order!!
9. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED - Last night when my son-in-law sang me his newly composed song....I made him play it twice and I cried again!! I don't cry easily either...only when something really touches me!! I hope one day I can put it on my blog!!
10.SIX RANDOM FRIENDS TO SEND THIS ON TO - I choose Luluspetals, Cookie, Forgetfulone, Queensize, Rosy, I put five cuz I'm a rebel!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

One Minute writer My Favorite day

My favorite Day
One Minute Writer

My favorite day is one dedicated to creativity without interruptions.
A day completely free obligations, where I can be totally present for my art!
Where my soul can fly free!~~~~Happytiler

Of course I have many favorite days spent with friends and loved ones too!!
But this is today's one minute writer prompt......
check it out to see what others have to say!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunday Scribbling "Indulgence"

Many Faces of my little girl, now an adult.
Sunday Scribblings Prompt this week in indulgence!

At three months old her dad and I took her into the Irish Rovers open door pub/restaurant at Expo 86. It was a festival atmosphere with full Celtic band playing. Older women scowled, men smiled welcoming affirmations, and some addressed us saying this is how all families should be. Many young people hovered with positive comments.

Alert and bobbing on my knee in time to the music, she ate, then slept while the band played on. Fastidiously changed and fed, (probably too much,) she never cried once.

From the beginning I promised myself I’d never be a whiny mom complaining about being tied down. Instead I had a diaper bag full of everything necessary to keep my treasured baby happy, plus a little Oscar cooler with a six pack of baby bottles. Off we went to discover the day! My daughter could sleep through anything and still can!

We enjoyed expo with our season’s passes, ambling through each exhibit, listening to different music along the way. People constantly stopped, remarking what a good baby she was. Most rewarding was a comment from a child care worker who’d been observing us all evening at Irish Rovers pub. Expressing how impressed she was with my mothering, and interaction with baby. Continuing to praise me, by saying she sees hundreds of children, but Pepper was the most well adjusted happy baby she’d ever seen. Her beautiful statement was just what a new mother needed and trumped all the negative gestures from the judgmental women glaring at me! In that instant I knew my indulgence was Okay!

My daughter still loves Celtic music Floggy Molly, and Drop kick Murphy’s, being top on her list. Last St. Patrick's Day she was at the Nine Fine Irish Men in Vegas a place she also loves!
A photo taken on St Patrick's day with a random lady. Since her husband died in order to stave off loneliness, she dresses up nightly to spend time with people at the local bar. Pepper has met her on two separate occasions now!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Altered Stool

It all started with this eyesore, from the seventies. It's lived in four different homes.In the first home it was used at a very beautiful nook we had installed. Since then I've used in all my on-suites to do my makeup.It's been stood on as a paint stool, to get into cupboards, it's been used as a sewing chair and craft chair, It's been recovered a few times. The last time being twenty years ago. It has never matched this house, but it was so useful that I couldn't part with it! I kept planning to do something with it, but never did. No one but my family ever saw it. As you can see it is now bent, rusty, and pretty much done!! I had to bring it out of the garage to get a photo!
BoldSo a few month back we picked up three of these stools. One for Bryan to play guitar, one for the garage, and one for my bathroom. But low and behold this stool was way to high for my doctor Ruth type short legs!!! (Visualize them swinging on this chair!)
My wonderful son in law decided to trim it to match my freakish short legs. But when he turned it over to power saw the legs down, the base got a bit scratched up!! So I decided to paint it!!

I painted it with loads of acrylic, then took a paper and pulled the bulk of the paint off, which gave it a smudged affect! I still need to get varnish and do several coats so it will hold up, but I am using it til then!

It does double duty as a table to hold my beverages while I bathe. Then I sit on it to do my make up too! I love it. But this dear little stool with the chopped off legs, has been the catalyst to many other changes in that room!! Stay tuned for the frantic whimsy that has taken over my on-suite.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mishandled Guitar

I heard it on the News!! They didn't get mad, they got even. Comically too!!! Only after another passenger spoke out in shock as she witnessed baggage handlers tossing guitars around on the tarmac were the band mates alerted to the mistreatment of their guitars. After several failed attempts at compensation from United airline for their busted equipment they decided to write a song then post it on youtube...it's excellent. I guess this will be there big break....pun intended!!! Check it out you won't be disappointed!!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sunday Scribbling " Human"

My sunday scribblings is late this week, the prompt being " Humans" reminded me of this story, I hope I haven't told it before!

I have an infectious giggle. Humans seem drawn to that, albeit some may find it annoying at times. In the nineties I went to a local taping of the Jim Brynes variety show with friends. During the show my giggle echoed through the packed studio. My infectious laugh, turned heads, soon everyone was giggling. Some of the skits were so funny I couldn’t help myself. I do relinquish a laugh easily though!

The comedians figured out I was the catalyst for the big laughs directing their gaze towards me. Bruce Greenwood came on stage (an actor I’m not particularly fond of) threw a few flat one liners in my direction. I didn’t laugh. He was there to sing, but seemed hurt that I didn’t laugh. He tried again to no avail. In that moment I realized it doesn’t matter how much fame you attain, lurking insecurities can pull you down. He just became goofier as he tried to garner my giggles. He never did!

Every other comedian managed to keep me in hysterics.. Even the pianist turned around, kibitzed with me! After the two shows were taped, all the comedians came up to the table, shook my hand and thanked me personally for laughing so hard. It was a thrill I won’t forget! My friends said they should use me for laugh tracks!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Illustration fridays Shaky

This morning I wanted to play with color digitally for Illustration Friday! So I decided to make some houses on shaky ground!! Don't we all know people who live metaphorically on shaky ground? Personally I don't care how beautiful and perfect their homes seem I have no desire to trade places with them.

As I enjoyed observing youth during Canada Day I realized my inept self esteem of youth. In retrospect I was way better than I ever thought I was!! Sadly, my later years I rarely give it a thought. That's probably a good thing!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Canada Day in Cloverdale

First you have to follows Peppers lead and paint your toes red
To match a little red dress!!!
Then you need a handsome bandit on your arm!!
One to hold you close and cuddle!

You need a large open park with an amphitheater, enough room for 35,000 patriotic British Colombians of all ages to hoot and holler in!!!

You need a diverse crowd of people, celebrating peace and freedom!

An awesome lineup of free entertainment, like Jeremy Fischer, Bif Naked, 54/40, and many others to entertain all day long!!!

Of course you need an incredible close friend

Who knows how to laugh, is willing to tolerate all your struggles, and annoying little nuances !
Great hat wearing Weather
Sound seats, with a wonderful view of the stage!A couple of random patriotic eccentrics to photograph!

A plate of homemade tasting perogies!

Loads of Kettle Corn
A peaceful heart, gratitude, and pretty much you have the most amazing Canada Day event ever experienced at the Cloverdale millennium amphitheater in British Columbia!

Kudos to the police who had hubs of people and traffic under control! Our female Mayor for making sure it was the biggest and best production ever! Outside of a few glitches with fireworks coordinating to the music, I was so impressed with the smooth transitions in such humongous crowd! I guess we're truly ready to host a great show, for the 2010 0lympics!!

Wow, what a day!! I couldn't be more grateful to live in such a generous, peaceful country!! It seriously brings me to tears realizing how fortunate we are! What a spectacular day it was!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy 142nd Birthday Canada

Happy Birthday Canada
I am so proud to live in a peace loving nation, that embraces diversity.
Today I celebrate with verve my fortune to be born in such an incredible country!
Majority of the photos are owned and taken by my daughter.
Canada as we have experienced it!

White Rock Beach Spring 2009
White Rock Beach British Columbia 2007
White Rock Beach Sunset 2007

Vancouvers West side Summer 2008
Vancouver Granville Island

City of Vancouver 2008

City Vancouver British Columbia

Victoria B.C. 2007

Victoria Beacon Hill Park 2007
Victoria B.C. Parliament buildings
Victoria B.C. Horse and Carriage
Victoria B.C. Empress Hotel
More Victoria B.C.
Sun Flower Surrey B.C. 2007

Vancouver B.C. 2008Surrey B.C. fall 2007

Sunny Winter day in Surrey B.C. 2009
Winter 2008 Fraser Highway Surrey B.C.
Brand New Golden Ears Bridge British Columbia
winter before it was finished 2009

Fraser Highway Surrey B.C. June 2009

Halifax Nova Scotia February 2009

Regina Saskatchewan Prairie Province 2007 Regina Saskatchewan
Regina sunset

Spring Toronto Ontario East Coast 2008

Spring Toronto

Toronto East Coast of Canada 2008

Spring Toronto 2008

Pemberton British Columbia Summer 2008

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