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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Scribblings "What a difference a day makes"

Sunday Scribblings Prompt this week is "What a difference a day makes"
Last Sunday we attended the twins first birthday party. They turned one Nov 7Th!
I had a few tears of joy that day.  Read on to find out why!

Oh what a difference a day makes
For parent nursing a sick little boy twenty four seven
Loving him implicitly with all his special needs
Only to have him pass five years later

Oh what a difference a day makes
To find out your daughter is afflicted too
 though not as severe she lives only
Ten months, leaving a lifetime impact

Oh what a difference a day makes
When you learn you are pregnant again
With twins, born healthy, functioning
Busy, nothing like you’ve ever known
Oh what a difference a year makes
When they turn one, without weekly
Doctor visits, feeding tubes, seizures
Chattering, curious, toddling down the hall

Oh was a difference a day makes
When you can speak tenderly about
Your children who 've passed
And still laugh in the same sentence

Oh what a difference a day makes
When you can go from daily grief
To hope, joy, new dreams
And a different kind of normal!

I had imagined this day as soon as I found out my friend was pregnant... it came true almost verbatim. There are shrines around the house for their other two who will always be remembered with love. It's a time for new adventures with their precious twins! I wish them so much happiness, today and always! Embrace your children as the wonderful gifts they truly are, you'll never regret it!


Sandee said...

What a beautiful tribute to your friends. I'm so happy for them too. Children are indeed wonderful gifts.

Have a terrific Sunday. :)

Jingle said...

homely entry,
sweet images,
beautiful words.
Thanks for sharing.
Happy Sunday!

Reflections said...

All children, all moments however brief, are the true wonders and gifts of this life. Precious moments, precious memories.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

oh they loved those cupcakes.

jaerose said...

It's lovely to see so much joy after unhappiness...Jae

linda may said...

Whata lovely story to share with us. I am so happy the twins are healthy and bright. Happy Birthday littlies.

Ceebie said...

Oh I loved this post - the images interspersed with the short but heartfelt lines...And to see the healthy children's crumby faces. Liked the sense of overcoming the obstacles but still being able to talk about the ones who have passed. Lovely (and so happy for your friends!)

Diane said...

They are gifts from God, and even if the time is short with them, you wouldn't trade it for the world!

judie said...

Really beautiful post. It gives me hope that I, too, might find a different kind of normal one day. The twins are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Olivia said...

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Lilibeth said...

A great story with hope and encouragement. They will always miss the other two, but what a blessing!

Wendy said...

What a fabulous pink birthday...inspiring...isn't it breathtaking that there are so many ups and downs in what is the true UP: being a mother?

Lucy said...

such unimaginable heartache for a lifetime, but what a gift these two precious babies are. your friends look like such lovely people, i am so happy for their present joy. I can't imagine going on like they did, but so happy they did! Their strength is inspirational and SO admirable! Children ARE the most amazing gifts we can receive. These two beautiful girls look very loved and very happy.

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