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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday Scribblings " Lost"

You may recognize a couple of famous hockey players here!
These pictures are priceless to the parents, avid hockey fans.
Some of these players will never truly know the value
of the time spent with these children

Preschool at Halloween.Just too adorable.

The most gorgeous eyes and eyelashes.
Such a sweet little guy.

Daddies pride and joy!
Mommies little angel
May he rest in Peace
February 26th/2009

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is " Lost"

Lost is an understatement to how I felt this week when I heard my friend’s second child passed away within twenty two months. What do you say to a woman standing on the bluff of dismay? Usually a chatterbox, I was silenced.

Albeit shocked about the timing, part of me wasn’t surprised given the history of the past year. Too many bouts in the hospital with difficulty breathing, elevated seizures then a feeding tube.Hints I chose to deny.

Every morning my friend took her son to preschool where he sat in his special chair with all the other special needs children. Such a happy little guy with limited mobility, dependent on everyone, he seemed to smile a lot, much like his parents.I loved it when he giggled. Attending school was risky, with classmates carrying normal childhood viruses he could easily contract. But it was such a joy for him being with other kids, giving him a semblance of normalcy.

There was a time he could roll, push buttons with his fists to make music exude from his toys. Occupying himself with childhood sounds in a close to normal way. However this last year there were many set backs as his health deteriorated. Meanwhile his parents monitored every move. Aware of every nuance preceding a seizure, mother policed his hospital care. She was her darling boy’s voice. Knowing when he was uncomfortable, angry, or unhappy. Just like any good mother knows.

My friends nonchalant way of preparing food and medication to be syringed every few hours without skipping a beat amazed me. Never a complaint over the laborious chore of feeding him, the years before the feeding tube was inserted. Attending to every need, sound, bathing, changing and carrying around a five years old without a peep of objection. It became very matter of fact, it was her normal. She cuddled, carted him around with all of his apparatus, spoke to him with love, jesting with him as though he understood each and every word. It’s impossible to know for sure he didn’t.

My friend did her best under very difficult circumstances. It was rare for her to take respite care for her son.On occasion her mother stepped in to give her a reprieve, she also had a sitter who was trained to care for disabled children on an hour to hour basis. Lately it was only when hospital staff convinced her, with assurance he would have twenty four hour hospice care could she even consider leaving his side. During his hospital stays she spent every moment overseeing his care, sleeping there for days on end. I wonder if anyone realizes how difficult it is to have a disabled child. All the sleepless nights concerned over each breath. I know I didn't.

With each bout of illness came fear and worry of losing this adorable little child. So deeply loved by his parents. So what do you say to someone who has already lost a ten month old daughter less than two years ago, now a five year old? These children with an undiagnosed genetic disorder left their parents,friends and family totally distraught.The fact that he rallied and seemed to be doing so well the previous month made things all the more startling.

Instead of me, woman of many words finding the right sentences to comfort my friend in her days of need. Guess what, we cried together, and she so lovingly consoled me with her tender words. My dear friend of over twenty years, shared with me in detail, the last hours of her sons life.

Twelve loving people surrounded his bed, read him stories, sang his favorite songs as he laid there. His parents assured him of their love for him, what a precious gift he was to them and everyone who knew him. How his courage and strength amazed them, how honored and proud they were to have him as their son, then they gently let him go.

When he passed the sun shone so brightly through the window, on the other side a bright rainbow appeared as though the heavens opened up to receive him. Everyone felt the passing of his little life as spiritual moment of beauty. Although the moments of grief are dark and the pain grueling, every so often my friend gets a wonderful wave of peace. And she knows it’s her son, saying “Mommy it’s okay, I’m at peace now!”

On a Happier note

Here's Pepper cute new shoes! Oh to be young again....I would be all over those shoes! They go with her funky new spring purse too! Working with fashion has it's perks the shoes were wholesale price. Can't go wrong there!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nothing Prepares you

June 2007 Pepper with Ethan the day of his sister Jaynas Funeral
Ethan in March of 2007 during better days

Photo taken November 2008 during happier times. We had such a great night!

February 24th, 2009


Empty rooms

Full of toys

Empty hours

No more noise

Blank calendar

Appointments void

Nature’s decorum

Looms destroyed

Disabled children

Lives have ceased

Parent’s heartache


Changed world

Changed lives

Changed hearts

A mother cries

Dreams crumpled

To bits of rubble

Spirits captive

In sorrows bubble

Compassion staid

Of what to say

A couple’s anguish

In disarray

No words of solace

No words of just

No words of hope

To help adjust

Lovingly cared for

Through every ill

Needs and nuances

resolved at will

Amazing parents

Profusion to cope

Bound in adversity

On a downward slope

"Sorry," too lame

For suffering endured

Pardon my failure

for a germane word

Nothing I imagine

Can ease this grief

Vacant of answers

For your relief

So I hold you close

In thought and prayer

When the world disperses

Expect me there

After a difficult journey through life, my friend’s young son has passed away. Nothing can prepare you to have a child that never realizes his first steps, or throws his first ball. Nothing can prepare you for daily bouts of medication, feeding tubes and seizures. Nothing can prepare you for a monthly calendar jammed packed full of physiotherapy sessions, doctors appointments or having your child poked and prodded at Childrens hospital. Nothing can prepare you for weekly bouts overnight in hospital with your child during flu season. That’s what my dear friends have faced the last five years. As hard as is was, nothing is more difficult than losing that child. I can’t begin to fathom what it must be like for them to lose a second disabled child. To have no children occupying their home, to have life as they’ve known it halted completely, while ripping out their souls.

My friends have been the kindest most loving patient parents any child could ever have. These are the times I question life most. They are wonderful amazing people. I couldn’t have imagined better more tender parents for those two angels who graced this world for only a short time. I can’t help but wonder how my friends will cope with this huge void in their lives and in their home. Nothing could have prepared them. My heart bleeds for their sorrow. I am sad beyond words and tears…........often life just isn’t fair.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Milk Leak

Yesterday I had milk leak all over the passenger seat of my car. Silly girl who bagged my milk must have known it was leaking because she double bagged it. Which they never do at that store. I didn't noticed the leak through my black car seat cover until hours later.
I had wondered why she didn't fill my canvas bag to the brim. Instead she gave me a plastic bag for my dry goods and put the ice cream and butter in the cloth bag. I was tired so nothing computed properly yesterday.

It was a short drive home, I laid the groceries on the table as I ran to the bathroom. Returning to put the milk away I stepped in what I thought was water. I carried the milk to the fridge, then took the jug out of what was now a soaked bag. Looked over to see a huge puddle of milk on the table, and the floor too! Cleaned it all up and left the milk in the sink to be returned when I met my daughter.

It didn't even dawn on my that the milk would be soaked into the seats and rug of my car until I went to meet Pepper. There is was still sopping wet five hours later. No time to deal with it then, we spent part of the evening trying to soak up what we could. I can only imagine what it's going to smell like in a few weeks if I've missed any of it!! A puke factory probably! Lets hope the shaving gel and baking soda foot powder works at masking the odor. To be continued!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blogging and Bella


Curious little munchkin!Settling down

Cute as a button


Happy Smiles

Bliss at last!

I was on a bit of a downward spiral health wise last week and didn’t have the energy to blog. Plus I had a little companion I was caring for. Little miss Bella the puppy stair master wore me out. I wasn’t used to the demands of a puppy, yet loved the cuddles and kisses shared!

At four months old she was much quicker than my wobbly old knee. The first few hours she'd run up the stairs, the moment I joined her she ran down again, keeping out of my reach. This continued for quite a few times. Until I opted out of the "see how fast the fat lady can run up and down the stairs game!" It was five fabulous days of puppy licks and a few poos too! I missed her the moment she left! I’m not yet ready for the work of a tiny canine newbie !! Yet I would gladly baby sit Bella again in a heartbeat!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Scribblings " Trust"

Happy Birthday Gypsy Goddess
Girls just wanna have fun!
Laughter feeds the soul!
We did piles of that on Friday night as we celebrated another Goddess celebration. Two of our clan are missing....but there is another celebration right around the corner. More fun to be had! The birthdays seem to come quicker each year....scary!

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is" Trust." I can only say that I have deep seeded trust issues stemming from childhood, therefore I don't readily trust. Only a lengthy post could do this subject justice. So I opted to do a poem and share a goddess celebration instead!

People I have met for only one time seem to share their deepest darkest secrets. I often wonder how they know I'll not divulge what I'm told.


I hold your secrets to my breast

An honor you’ve bestowed

I carry all your burdens

Sometimes a heavy load

At times I decline to hear

Things that could dismay

Please respect my precincts

With ethics in the fray

Trust that I implement

A gift sometimes assumed

If you negate my borders

Adverse cost can be presumed

Concealing a confidence

Generously I contain

Trust bequeathed by others

An honor I sustain!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Scribblings " Sports"

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is sports, I almost opted out of this one!
Until I decided this would be nice to record for my daughter!

Painstaking and against her will I would load my car with neighborhood kids, a baseball bat and glove in hand, an attempt to teach my daughter baseball. Something I loved as a child. I was persistent, we went several times, some of the other kids ended up playing well into their late teens joining adult teams. Unfortunately my daughter to this day has no interest. Although around ten she loved to watch her hockey and still does at times. Outside of walking she hasn't much interest in sports! And me well over the years I've become an Oompa loompa!

The Pool

Mother was a tom boy of sorts
Stayed outside, enjoyed her sports
Soccer, baseball the athletic state
She swam, golfed, she could roller skate
Her offspring was a different sort
Blatant aversion to any sport
Mother dragged her to the field
Apathetically, her eyes were peeled
Waiting for the orbs connection
Delayed reaction, to the balls detection
Her running was quite the same
Flaying arms, clearly lame
Athletics notably, not her forte
No longer was she forced to play
Until a neighbor put in a pool
Mother had to change that rule
Signed up for lessons, when she heard
Vital for safety, as fear was spurred
Red was the level she had to pass
Before graduating her swim class
A child despising water in her eye
Dunked her head but didn’t cry
Determined she would learn to float
To play in that pool, or in a boat
A little girl who faced her fears
Enjoyed the water with no more tears
Now she swims, no longer scared
Still tells the world she’s “athletically impaired!”

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Love story

Two Hearts Meld

Hotel rooms all alone

So much time to ponder

She missed his kiss, tender hugs

The two became much fonder

There was a secret brewing

In the previous fall

No one knew the covert plan

Just her mother, that was all

Hunting for a red dress

Could have been purple too

To emulate the forties

Tradition being her taboo

On a quiet mission

Shopping trips to town

To find perfect outfits

Matching suit and gown

Bubbles of excitement

Filled January air

With the plan in motion

Only a few weeks to prepare

Hushed it stayed for that time

Only very few were told

Knowing the discernment

Certain to unfold

He painted their boudoir

Assembled a new bed

Soon home from London

She’d wear her dress of red

In the dead of winter

He carried her away

To a glitzy destination

For their special day

When they got there

A trade fair to attend

Then a special celebration

Honoring a future blend

Girl’s spa date after breakfast

Dressing at a hurried pace

Limo waited patiently

They almost lost their space

Walking in together

Nervous coughs did occur

In the Graceland Chapel

Their love to confer

They said their vows consciously

With a giggle or two

Solidified the last five years

With yes, I will, I do!

She's his Valentine Wife

Happy One year Anniversary darlings.....
I love you and hope you are having a fabulous time in Nova Scotia!
You are so blessed to have each other, being married has enhanced your lives!
You are so fortunate to have found a person to meld so comfortably with!
Many people search a lifetime to find what you have!
Enjoy the day, enjoy the year, enjoy the rest of your lives as best friends
and great lovers!
All my love Mom

Friday, February 13, 2009

Quirky alone Valentine

Don't feel discouraged if you're alone on Valentines day!
Make yourself feel loved today!
Rent some new movies you've been wanting to see, get cozy and watch them!
Or take time to rent a couple of seasons of a television program you've never seen
Splurge on your favorite take out meal and some junk food in the mix!
Buy yourself your favorite flowers, a new lipstick, or a new cd.
Visit your favorite place in nature.
Buy a new book, a magazine, a new cozy pair of slippers.
Call another single friend to join you for a movie
Explore somewhere new in your city
Buy yourself some paints and a canvas....give it a shot
Buy your favorite spirits, make a nice place setting and watch a movie.
What ever you do don't fret without a partner.
Choose to make yourself happy first!...it's only a day...
it can be anything you choose it to be!
No matter what, love yourself the best way you know how,
because you're worth it!

Be proud of your choices, be proud of yourself!

Always remember we teach people how to treat us!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meme and a fairy

Beautiful green fairy Pepper picked out for me!
As I clicked the image to enlarge I realized she looks like my daughter
with the big blue eyes and platinum hair. I guess that's the allure!
She's been wanting this expensive cake pan for sometime now. Perfect timing and price. It has wonderful detailing on the sides I can't wait to see the results! I have had my heart shaped pan which is very different than this on for over 30 years and still love it.
Her mothers daughter, she loves hearts as much as I do!

Not everyone likes glass faced dolls, however I really do! I am going to enjoy this little treasure everyday. It brings such a smile to my face and I love her!

Tagged to name seven things you may not know about me.

I have been tagged by: Lavendula Lovliness
to name seven things that you may not know about me.
The rules are to name 7 things you may not know about me, then tag 7 others.

1) I used to play pool, darts, horseshoes, bowl and sing Karaoke

My passion for any of that has waned over the years! Replaced with other interests!

2) I once called the SPCA on a neighbor for leaving his dog tied outside for two

Weeks while he went on holiday…. When confronted, even though my ex warned me not to admit to it….I did. Continuing about my business on my balcony, refusing to look away when he stare me down in a threatening way! Although I saw signs, I had no concrete proof that he was abusing his wife too.

3) Early eighties before my child I had a ballroom dancing affair with a man….no sex, Every Thursday night I went to a pub to ballroom dance. Until he confessed to leaving his girlfriends six year old alone in the house sleeping while he came to the pub! I NEVER SAW HIM AGAIN! I would have reported that too had I more extensive knowledge about him.

4) I used to be a neat freak, but as I age I’m kind of messy. It’s really a state of mind; I refuse to see it anymore, unless I’m having company at which time I panic. Although when I cook I’m pretty tidy!

5) I don’t care to travel…it’s just never appealed to me. I love where I live and I’m quite the homebody. However I do love flying….go figure! If I ever do travel it would be to the UK, Scotland to see where my dad was born. My brother is the same; I guess we take after my dad!

6) My ultimate holiday would be camping in a deluxe Winnebago right on the shore of a lake! Must haves include a laptop, and air mattress for floating on the lake in the sun!

7) I hate to admit I am rather passive aggressive, I listen, ponder, then do my own thing.However I do respect other peoples opinions and ideas and often adhere to them!

Lucy, Tamara, Gel, Mary, Rosey, Sandee, Diana

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