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Friday, May 25, 2012

Paint Party Friday Week 11 year two! Digital Edits!

Make sure to check out all the other wonderful artists  Paint Party Friday 

I am still doing quirky childish characters!!
Meet Goozey
 I've decided to do a pile of color edits on Goozey just for fun!!!
When dear daughter went to bed she really didn't like this character....wonder how she will feel when she see's the edits I did on him!!

Art is subjective and most people aren't comfortable being honest when they don't like your work. So I really value  my son-in-law and daughters honest opinions about my creativity! I don't take it personally if the kids don't like something I paint.  Often  I will produce a piece they love, which I despise! It happened tonight when I wouldn't show them what I painted only to find they loved Chewbie who I have posted last!  I think he's a quirky lemur!! I really didn't care for him at all!! That's why he's posted last!
 If I like a piece I keep it even if the kids don't like it!
I still appreciate their opinion though!!
 I have a large painting in my foyer because it's my son-in-laws favorite
....but I really don't care for it at all!!! 

It was really fun to play around with the photo bucket edit program just to see what I could come up with!!  When trying to change Chewbie's color they turned out  really ugly. I guess it depends on the color combinations you use!!


I also did a collage with fun color edits you can see here!  Dear daughter  and my best friend think the collage is creepy, dear daughter doesn't like it, where as best friend does!!!  I love color edits best!!

Who do you trust to give you their honest critique about your creativity?

Monday, May 21, 2012

I've Changed my Mind

My original Collage Sally enhanced with Acrylics
This  collage  was required for Lisa Wrights e-course I'm taking! It's not too late to join in either!!!  It's really opening up my creative spectrum!! 
Thanks Lisa, I'm loving it!!
Collage was  much like Stew,,,which I can say is probably the one North American food I truly hate  and will NEVER like, no matter how wonderfully you cook it!! Although there is no hope for stew, collage has  turned out to be a terrific  recipe for exploration in creativity which I am really enjoying. Once I get past all the little cut up bits hiding in corners I may do a few more on my own!!!

It's been especially fun since  I figured out I could take my collage to  Photobucket and do some amazing colorful  digital edits on it!!! 
Turning Sally  into all kinds of special!! 
She is now a girl of many different colors!!

 I have loved color for as long as I can remember!
I have never understood why people love
white and beige so much when color is at their finger tips!!

It makes my eyes dance and my heart soar!! Color feeds my soul!! 
The second purple one is my favorite! How about you which one do you like best??

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Better Late, Than Never" Paint Party Friday Week 10, Year 2

Patches My daughter likes best

Check out all the inspiring artist at paint party friday.  For some reason I have been doing cartoon dogs lately!   And one Owl!!  Maybe my muse is guiding me to  do  a child's  book! These will also be used as my faces for the 29 faces of May! I've started Lisa's " The Wright Brain Stuff"   e-course I was so fortunate to win!! It's going to be so fun!!... I think there is still time to join in!!!   I am very busy trying to keep up this week! 
Gabby I like best
Twelve or more years ago I had dinner at a woman's home. I didn't know her well. Her place was adorable with old furniture all painted white and beautiful!  On her wall was the most amazing painting of a large flower. Mesmerized, and in awe of this flower  I asked who painted it,  surprised to hear it was her. Curiosity piqued. I asked when she started painting, and was  shocked to hear  she was fifty, since she was just over fifty then!

Woofy Son in law and daughter like him, I find him too maniacal!

It seemed like she had been painting a lifetime, her work was polished and professional. I  inquired a little more. When she was young mother working on a batik of the virgin Mary, her husband came home for work! He yelled profanities at her, wondering why she was working on that crap when there were so many other things needing to be done. The  man completely broke  her spirit! She folded up her canvas, put it in a drawer and never touched another piece of art until she was fifty!  
Goob for Goober
Two kids later she divorced the man! After  a thirty year roller coaster ride, and failed second marriage she  came back to her art! She's a stylish woman, yet I've heard a few family members criticize how she acts and looks! I felt very defensive for this lovely artist and spoke up vehemently.  
I absorbed this woman's story and how others relate because she chose her art. It  horrified me! This budding painter ignited thoughts of my own possibilities since I was closer to fifty than forty at the time! I haven't seen her in years yet I often think of her story , and other woman who live years like the two of us, not living up to  their full potential !!!
Globby Bobby

 It was a few years after our meeting that I started to wonder what was laying dormant in my inner vessel! Then I met my artist friend Violette  (check out her contest this month) who pushed me into blogging... that's when I really dove in, a few months before my fiftieth birthday!! So glad I did!

How about you? Have you had someone who interrupted your creative process, or dissuade you from following your passion?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Paint Party Friday Week 9 year 2 " Happy Mothers Day"

It's Paint Party Friday oh so soon again, be sure to check out all the inspiring artists!! I've had company all week so this is all I could work on...many of these are still a work in progress for 29 faces of May! I'd like to wish all the wonderful woman whether they are mothers or not, the best Sunday ever! Some of us are fortunate to have children, others  lovingly take care of pets, friends and relatives in a motherly way. They too should be honored and celebrated for  all the selfless love they share!!


 Dear Mom

You've been gone twenty one years now, I understand you better now than I ever thought possible. Our lives are nothing alike. I've still never had a drag of a cigarette and could count on my one hand how many alcohol drinks I have in a year! A far cry from all those card playing nights where we drank together until the wee hours during my twenties. We fought too much, and disagreed about life in general. In retrospect I realize we just preferred different lifestyles. I should have respected that more, wish you had too!


You knew the man I married was never right for me, after being with him twenty five years we divorced. Life was very rough  he made our life a living hell for two years. Sadly he's never been  the father I expected him to be.

I'm so grateful you taught by example how to live frugally! It got me through some extremely tough years, along with help from friends, and my dear brother. On my own I managed to hang on to my home, and raise an amazing daughter. At twenty six she is married four years now.   I live a very peaceful life with the two of them

 My daughter and I do everything together. We've become wonderful friends! We spend quality time cooking, cleaning, shopping and planning together!  Although  we are completely different in many ways we have the relationship you always dreamed of having with me! She loves all my friends like aunties, and is so thoughtful, just like you were. There are so many similarities between you and your granddaughter! I find it just phenomenal that she only knew you five years yet you are so much alike. From the purse she carries loaded with everything from the kitchen sink, her love of travel, money management, and charity. She is so intuitive, thoughtful and has so much empathy for others! She loves and worries about her husband exactly like you did! She  picked a one of a kind terrific guy who is so good to me! Much like dad was to your mom!

When I was young I dragged you for hours on end through the malls with your sore hip. I am so sorry for that!  I really wish I hadn't been such a consumer in the eighties. You were right, I shouldn't have bought my daughter  so many toys, shoes and clothes!!

 I always remember you saying that having nice things in your thirties was enjoyable, but soon becomes a burden in your fifties. I'm at that point mom, where less really is more. I now understand how your  house cleaning skills waned over the years too, as it became way less important to be so  fastidious

My life is nothing of what I imagined it would be, but oh so special in so many ways! I am so fortunate to have my children as  good friends! I feel blessed to have so many creative gifts too! They get me through the day feeling so much joy. I've not been depressed in my life, like I think you may have been! I just want to tell you I always loved you even though we didn't always mesh! I wish I knew then what I know now....and I am truly sorry for all my youthful judgements....you did the best you knew how!!  As mothers day approaches I can't help but remember with fondness a mother who tried her best and taught me so much!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Paint party Friday week 8 year 2 " Releasing the Beauty"


It's my favorite day of the week Paint Party Friday Make sure to hop over and check out all the wonderful array of artists sharing their weekly creativity! This week I am sharing seven  faces  that  I started for the 29 faces of May challenge over at Ayala blog. They were all done in a sketch book, using watercolor back ground and acrylics for the faces.  I photographed them, and on a few I did  a color brightness adjustment with an editing tool.    I thought one of the faces was a female, now I realize it's actually a male.... even the name is unisex. They all gave me their names except the singer and the girlfriend....maybe they're  into something nefarious and don't want their names on the internet! They do seem like a colorful couple!! lol

Over the years I've had a few friends who visibly wear stress, and fatigue. Yet when they gather with fellow comrades voicing sadness or worry the veil of distress falls away, revealing a soft vulnerable beauty. I really don't think people are meant to carry trouble and stress alone. 
Recently my dear hairdresser was burdened with her mothers medical crisis. We  picked up a coffee and flowers on route to our appointment. I was really shocked at how down trodden this young woman was. Her beautiful thirty eight year old face was aged, worn and sad.  Our appointment  was interrupted by many calls pertaining to her moms care. We were only happy to accommodate the pauses considering we could have been cancelled completely.

The hairdresser sipped her coffee purging her concerns while working on our hair. Soon worry lines filled in, energy and color returned, her face changed, exhibiting momentary repose. Almost like a miracle. We made a difference, by caring and listening. We left feeling better  with refreshed hair/spirit  knowing our hairdresser did too!!  


I've noticed this a lot. People are just not meant to carry sadness and stress alone. We all need laughter, love and small snippets of joy to thrive. Beauty is not just good rest, good genes and makeup, it really is a state of mind! Friends, loved ones and people invested in humanity are so important to our well being!

The Singer
What heartache or anguish are you carrying alone because of fear or pride? What do you need to share with a trusted ally to alleviate stress and release the beauty?
The Girlfriend


Thursday, May 03, 2012

29 Faces of May

So I am attempting to participate in the 29 faces of May  challenge! So far I have done several pages but I'm late as I was figuring a way to post photos to my blog. Thankful Ayala the host of this fun project gave me great guidance!! Here I go!!! You can check back every so often to see how it's going. There are over one hundred participants you can peek in on!! Enjoy.... Hope I stick with it!! Thanks Ayala for hosting!!

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