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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bloglandia Halloween Event

What do you mean you gotta go "BOO?"
Why didn't you do it before you left the house?

Welcome to the Bloglandia Halloween Event where I will share the cartoon above, some Halloweens past, and my Garfield pumpkins with a template on how to carve them. Have a spooktacular time this Halloween!
One year I participated in a haunted house, I was the main event and screamed for hundreds of adults and children as I was killed repeatedly. I fell prey to a little fun groping during my scenes, which I delighted in. Yes I was a naughty screamer! We landed on the local news as the best haunted house that year! Money was raised for a school in the area!

I have been making these Garfield pumpkins for close to thirty years now! It always brings screams of glee! I'm actually not much into horror or gore of any kind, yet I love Halloween. Go figure! I guess I just love the dressing in creative costumes. Especially when they are homemade! Here is the template on how to carve this fun character. Click the picture to enlarge.If you attempt to make one please post a picture and let me know how it turned out! For more Halloween tricks and treats go here!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Writers Island " Haunted"

Writers Island prompt "Haunted"
My contribution is late this week because three of us share one Computer
and I tend to hog it a bit more than the others.


I have a fridge that sounds like its on death row
A sink so plugged the water won’t flow
My dryer needs twice, for clothes to dry
But you’d never suspect any thing’s awry
I have a furnace broke down, but I still have heat
Two fires that work, food on the table with meat
A rat stole my BBQ for his home last year
Just needed a shelter, with the climate severe
I have family who loves me, a bed at night
I have friends who help when I share my plight
I have humor, music poetry and art I have love,
compassion and a joyful heart
Still I wonder if it was all snuffed away
No cozy life, no hope, with no where to stay
Then I’m haunted by the Vancouver eastside
A place where hundreds of homeless reside
Strewn with matter, graffiti splashed on window boards
Drug addicts, prostitutes mingle aimlessly in hoards
Mentally ill are trickled throughout the crowd Filthy,
disoriented, screaming obscenities aloud
Desperately they amble in search of a fix or food
Daily survival can entail conduct shamefully lewd
Shuffled into alleys to mingle with rats
As city hall diminishes and disputes true stats
Ugly concealed streets mirror those of war
As the hopeless exist in a life we deplore
At night in bed, I exhale as I pull up my sheet
Still haunted by my vision of those cold on the street

It was still warm one Saturday in September when I dropped Bryan off at work. Nestled under a pink blanket a homeless couple were still asleep in the doorway. A cheerful salutation from the men walking by alerted them. They popped up, quickly gathered their belongings, like a child late for school, and rustled off into the property next door. It’s getting cold now. Night before last when I picked Bryan up at nine thirty I observed a man peek in the store to see if it was closed. While the female waited. Moments later as the couple scavenged through the large garbage bin, the male employees scampered out the back door, alarming them again. Seemingly embarrassed the woman warned her partner with a nudge. The homeless couple apologized, assuring the men they wouldn’t make a mess.The guys were grateful, and told them so, hoping they'd be true to their word. My heart was sick knowing the couple was probably looking for cardboard to sleep on. Bryan got in the car to a hot bowl of curried chicken and rice. We all know what we must do, lets just quietly do it! We all have the ability to make a difference the best we can. It's a great time to purge old coats, sweaters, scarves and hats.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Scribblings "Hospital History"

Sometimes you need more than a band aid.
My dads sixty fifth birthday during his retirement party.

It was November, in the background is my signature pumpkin. Dad was diagnosed less than two months later with cancer of the esophagus. Mom clearly at his side was diagnosed five years later, also with Carcinoma, but of the lungs. Heavy smokers, mom started at thirty, hoping to keep her weight down. I have never felt the urge to try even a drag of a cigarette. Neither has my brother.

Sunday Scribblings " Hospital"

This may be a touch dry, but it is a little history,

in the best order that I can remember it.

Hospital History

Born in one

To a woman five feet tall,

One hundred three pounds

She hiked her skirt on

A Completely svelte body

Immediately after my birth

I was back at two

With pneumonia

Several return bouts

Adenoids were removed

At three years old

Then again at five

Along with tonsils

Then in my eighth year

Close to death

Exploratory surgery


A burst appendix

Fifteen years later

A slip at work,

Caste for torn ligaments

Seven years pass

Twenty two hours

In a serene birthing room

Catastrophic pain

Wanting to die

My daughter is born

And I hemorrhage.

Next day

I set my hair

Prepared for motherhood

Following six weeks

In palliative care

My dad passes

Five years later

Palliative care again

I sit a vigil daily

For hours

Sometimes over night

Three months later

In the heat of the summer

She dies

Leaving me

A Thirty five year old


Thursday, October 25, 2007

International Artists Day

Meet Beamish
Today is International Artists Day!
In honor of this special day I would like to share this Amazing Cochrane Mosaic Mural with you! I hope you all celebrate the artist within, take yourself on an artist date today! I will be meeting up with my Artist friends Violette, Nicci and Joanna for an afternoon in White Rock.

If you need inspiration to manifest your artistic dreams, then take three minutes out of your day to watch this little clip call " The Strangest Secret"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Writers Island "Blurred"

Photo by Pepper

The Writers Island Prompt for today is " Stranger"


Grey haired stranger

I scarcely recognize you.

Your once handsome pretty boy face

wearing the weather of your years.

I’m staring hard beyond your swollen slits

of instability.

To see if you’re still in there

behind the coffee stained teeth, wrinkles

and unnatural photo face.

“Who are you now?” I wonder,

not actually giving a damn

You stole my youth,

I let you.

If only I’d run sooner…………

But wait,

The treasure you left me

made it all worth while.

Man of little effort,

a character flaw

that followed you

through divorce


into old age.

You look so much older

than your dad did at your age.

Some may still see you as attractive.

I trace your face, knowing the real you

the generous, yet stingy man.

Oxymoron man,

man who abandoned his most

precious responsibility.

Oh, but you will be forgiven,

released from your past follies.

Time will wax you.

Charm will rescue you.

We had everything and nothing.

We lived a good life then,

separate, together.

Quite attentive,

I was a good consort,

"or was I?"

Monday, October 22, 2007

No Choice

Sometimes I’ll observe an incident in life that I have absolutely no jurisdiction over. In frustration I’ll just sit back and peck out a poem. As is true with life in general, people may start traveling one path, when conflict forces them off their intended road. Or they become enlightened and break off into a new direction. Either way I silently watch in angst as they avoid the inevitable choice, to stave off the lurking pain. Despite the fact this poem is written about one particular situation it applies generically to a few unrelated circumstances at this juncture!

No Choice

Broken down vehicle

Cracked at the core

Broken down sentiments

Severed the allure

Broken down conduct

Aiming for the crash

Broken down interior

Extracting the trash

Broken down conclusions

Lesions from the wreck

Broken down appetite

Left with just a speck

Broken down assurances

History less congealed

Broken down fortitude

Prospects now repealed

If I broke my silence this is what I'd say!

You have but one choice

Rejoice, and find your voice

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Illustration Friday prompt "Grow"


Grow up, grow out

Grow together, grow apart

Grow intellect, grow savvy

Grow courteous, grow content

Grow wise, Grow warm,

Grow brave, grow mature

Grow joy, grow humor

Grow harmony, grow calm

Grow acceptance, Grow kind,

Grow thankful, grow generous

Grow loyal, grow faith

Grow love, grow hope

Grow imaginative, grow humble

Grow passion, grow vision

Grow heaven in your midst

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " Queens Subjects"

Click picture to enlarge
Sunday Scribblings prompt is "My first act as Queen/ King of the World will be..."

To be read with a passionate voice!

Queens Subjects

As the Queen of hearts for just one day

I’d mute the adults, while the children play

I’d present a throne speech, to all single fathers and mothers

Inform them that children have seniority above all others

I’d parade distressed kids in droves upon my stage

Let them vent with passion, even endorse their rage

About sexual abuse, violence, bullying and neglect

Substance misuse,and emotions guardians fail to detect

I’d force parents to listen without a chance to respond

Hoping new dedication would coerce old thoughts to abscond

Adults would be exposed to current lyrics the full day long

Then quizzed about everything youth knows to be wrong

I'd trust parents would be enlightened and able to concur

That the songs being sung reflect a world that’s obscure

I’d compel folks to atone by serving their children’s needs

Reminding them to thwart their plans when self-interest impedes

To live as though under a microscope of detection

Where all their actions are emulated in their child’s reflection

One free pass of forgiveness liable parents could conceive

Upon restitution of stability and a refuge, where children can believe

Oh but I am the eccentric Queen of numerous extreme dreams

My very first act is to hush our turbulent worlds screams!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why I love Fall

Sunday my girlfriend, the kids and I spent the day in Fort Langley!
Along the normally quiet streets of Fort Langley weekends bring crowds of wanderers, from all walks of life. I couldn't resist getting a photo of this fabulous old car, that just happens to fit into the heritage feel of the village!
The kids stole away in this leaf filled niche for a prompted photo! Something has distracted Bryan. So many neat things to see in this old town, also the setting for a few Hollywood North movies.
The buildings have a heritage feel to them. We ambled the streets enjoying fresh warm air. Peeking in the antique stores, smelling soaps in others, longing for a few pieces of the jewelry slightly over our budget. I always find it so interesting to see what trends are being flogged by vendors.

We ate lunch in this quiet Court yard. The weather was better than normal for an October day! We were pretty thrilled to be sitting outside at the start of fall!

This is a mural down the walkway of Gasoline Alley, depicting the native culture once enjoyed by our first nations people.
Front of the Stained Glass store
In another life I think I may have lived during the Victorian era. Stained glass just thrills me to bits. Old or new.... I love it all. I noticed the artist was setting up pieces to make jewelry in this shop. I didn't have the nerve to ask if I could take a few pictures of his process for my blog. Maybe when I go to buy some flux I'll chat him up and see if he agrees to a few photos. He did discourage me from using normal flux for jewelery because it contains lead. Thats a scary thought....keep that in mind when you buy necklaces!
As you can see many people took the opportunity to enjoy this summer like atmosphere. There was a very cool hat store where many people assembled to try on the different styles. Beside it, is the cranberry store, everything is devoted to cranberries. Syrups, dressings, creams, pills, even cranraisins which I bought one year for salads. They were exceptional!
During our country drive home this tree stood in majesty on a patch of rolling land, adorned in a velvet coat of red. It wooed my camera. We stopped to click a few pictures.

The kids pose for me. Perfect ending to a great day. Chris and I were a slightly worn out , opting out of the pictures.
Phenomenal view of the mountains with the autumn back drop is just breathtaking and why I love Beautiful British Columbia!
We went to Derby Reach on the way home. Spectacular colors popped all over the river park! People were picnicking, snoozing and fishing off the river.
We arrived home, with full tummies, expended endorphins (from laughing while reading a line of very hilarious greeting cards) and that perfect feeling of utter peace. This is why I love fall!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ilustration Friday Extreme

There’s a problem on blogger, I’m unable to post any pictures of my fantastic Sunday in Fort Langley. Thankfully I had this draft already uploaded! So instead of continuing to be frustrated I will post my Ilustration for the prompt " Extreme"
Life is so full of extremes
Extreme highs, extreme lows
In this case it’s just a case of extreme art.
With a couple of big headed ladies
doing the boogie woogie!
Simple yet they don't seem to be having any fun!
Ever ask yourself "am I having fun?"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " First Job"

Sunday Scribblings "First Job"
Mature beyond my fourteen years, I fibbed to get my first job and no one questioned it. It’s really understandable now when I look at my niece who is shockingly grown-up for her age.

During my training a soccer coach brought his team to Dairy Shack for milkshakes. He ordered several sizes in multiple flavors. It took quite sometime to complete the order. I took his money, placed the dozen milkshakes at the front window, then pushed slightly forward so the coach could reach them. The milkshakes tumbled, in procession, onto his suit! Mortified I handed the man wet rags to clean off his clothes. Consequently, after cleaning up a mess of icecream and milk splattered everywhere, I had to remake a majority of the flavored shakes.

Cockroaches ran rampant in that old building during the seventies. My mom was terrified I might bring them home. My nightly ritual consisted of checking all my clothes before I left the store. One particular summer evening a cockroach decided to wander slowly up the frame of the takeout window. A congenial man noticed it before I could make my attack; he mentioned that I couldn’t help it if they tried to enter. Of course I dared not inform the naive man the little nemesis was thankfully trying to escape!

My very buxom best friend worked there too. One evening when a bunch of us girls were working alone, she received a phone order. A very sexy male voice at the other end intrigued Tony enough to take an early break to fix her hair and makeup. She’d been shamelessly flirting with the guy on the phone, and was ecstatic to meet him. We all waited in angst to see what this guy looked like. When he came to pick up his order, Tony skirted off to the window, entourage discretely trailing behind. My friend batted her eyes as she handed the average looking male his food, he thanked her, but when he smiled it became quite apparent that he had absolutely no teeth, not one!

Closing alone, late, every week night, caused ulcers. Between all the girls stealing and the cockroaches, I decided to find a new job.

My working at such a young age made me independent and defiant of my parents. Therefore I never encouraged my daughter to take a job as a young teen. She babysat next door on many occasions. When she finally started working at fifteen and a half, it was for mandatory hundred hours of work experience through school, which graduated into seasonal work on Saturdays and rare Friday nights. I wanted her to concentrate on her school work which was pressure enough. While being excellent experience, having a first job as a young teen can be so full of negatives too!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I’ve witnessed Liquor take hold of loved ones wreaking havoc on their lives. I wrote this poem about alcohol abuse. It seems no matter what issues you cover up with booze; they still remain after the intoxication.


For a week or two the smoke is clear

Then like a well cured kindling

It ignites with the spark of a match

Poof, life is fired up with a roar

Rotten wood hides amongst the embers

Flammable hollow pieces quickly disappear

Spilling soot and ashes in it’s midst

Dense heavy moist pieces

Survive amongst the cinders

Poked and prodded

Still they refuse to light

Refusing even the slow burn

Charred and left behind

Uglier in the daylight

Waiting to dry out

Until the next fire

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Writers Island " Renewal"

Rene Newal
Prompt for this week is " Renewal"
For just a moment
forget who I used to be
Explore my rebirth
Please no longer ask me to create
A masterpiece in the kitchen
I’ve traded laboring over red hot elements
For the harmonious tapping of keys
I have replaced telephone calls for emails
The morning crosswords ritual has been set aside
for challenging games of online scrabble
I’ve swapped mesmerizing television time
For even more compelling computer moments
Of reading, blogging and connecting
It’s been a delight to exchange
The beckoning bully, tedious housework,
For flicks of a brush soaked in acrylic
And the marching of the mouse
Through a digital paint program
Into fulfilling art pieces that will linger
More beautifully than dust
I have traded social time
For bathing in silence
Waiting for heavenly guidance
And god’s gentle whispers
I’ve switched my perfectionist stance
For a more creative, peaceful, lax, happy me
All in the name of renewal

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sunday Celebrations

My friend Laura sets a beautiful table for all occasions! Thanksgiving is no exception. Nine of us made for a quaint delectable meal. The Peaceful ambiance produced great conversation and a few chuckles as we shared Laura's homemade, very smooth blackberry liquor!

Two women, with artists souls, dress in retro garb for the celebration! Karen, Laura's sister wore a fabulous Shakespearian style dress purchased in Quebec!
Pepper had dinner at Bryan's family home, where 27 people shared food, loads of love, laughter and Peppers favorite drink, Crown Royal!
Anita, (Bryan's sister) and Pepper cuddle for the camera! Pepper always comes away from that home with a happy feeling! The sisters embrace her with so much love! I just adore them all!
The two youngest flank Bryan, craving his attention! A joyous celebration of Thanksgiving, and the kids came home smiling!

More Thanksgiving Celebration

Twenty seven people for Thanksgiving dinner, all immediate family and partners!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saturday Thanksgiving Dinner

Cousins seven years apart!
My brothers children

My brother's had those slippers at his house for almost twenty years now. One Christmas in the early nineties I bought everyone a pair. Pepper was the only child born at the time. The slippers came with batteries and quacked when we walked. I don't think everyone saw the humor in them as much as I did! Mine are hidden away in a box somewhere! At least they made for a cute picture of this adorable munchkin!

My Brothers little guest is a twin. Her dads is a fireman who just bought a silk screen business. He is very surprised at how well it's taken off just catering to the Indy scene. I'm excited to introduce some of my artist friends to his side business!
These darling twins wearing a pair of vibrant colored pajamas fit right into my blog. They were very sweet to watch!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Art imitates life!

Pepper finds this picture really creepy!

I wanted to do some art for Illustration Friday prompt "Open". Unfortunately my idea didn't materialize, so I guess I will ponder it a little longer. Instead this couple appeared! Di-versity and Ad-versity! When I looked at them I thought to myself what's this all about?

Have you ever known a person to changed so much you barely recognize them? Maybe that's why the young woman is green. It seems like she has two mitts on her shirt, they seem to be pointing at the male. Funny how art can imitate life without being cognitive of it during the process.

I've noticed that healthy relationships tend to enhance the best in us. Toxic relationships tend to sabotage us while covertly robbing us of our worth.

Sometimes I find it hard to stand by and watch a young couple flaunting their affection knowing that the roots have been set for a disastrous future. If only you could warn them! I wonder if that's why you see so many wise old ladies just observing youth without contributing. They seem to know their words would be futile!

It's Canadian Thanksgiving and I am fortunate to be celebrating two days this weekend. So for all you Canadians, happy Thanksgiving, for the rest of you, have a great weekend!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Fall Lurking and the Journey

Take just a few moments of your day to view these two inspirational clips! You won’t be disappointed! I am such an advocate of Scott Strattons quick flicks! These literally take seconds to watch but often make a huge impact. I hope you enjoy!

Photos taken at an outdoor mall within walking distance of my home
The first sign that fall is lurking! Isn’t it interesting how these bushes turn red without direction! They just seem to know their their life path or course with a little help from their friend the weather! Still they have an impeccable natural rhythm with the season. Do you flow with the seasons as smoothly as the red bush does?
Or are you ambling around day to day, functioning without much thought or feeling? For years I was on the treadmill of life, just going through the motions. Doing what was expected of me. Everything I did was gaged around someone else's needs more than my own! Eventually, after much reflection, piles of self help books, lots of loss I finally found a creative path that really fills me up! Feeling creatively satisfied trickles into other areas of my life. Helping me to gain new insight about myself.
On my journey I asked myself these few questions. Who was I at eight years old, and how does that pertain to my life now? What would I be if I could be anything in the whole wide world? Lastly I wondered how I lost my childhood dreams? Yes it's all a process...and I'm still on a learning Journey!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ode to things Moms SAY!

A dear friend sent me this clip! If you've ever been a mom, had a mom, or even heard a mom, you'll appreciate this bit of humor! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Happy Thursday to you!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Altered Purse

Front of the purse painted silver.
I don't think the photo does it justice, in fact it looks like there are strokes and wrinkles where there aren't any.
This is the finished altered black paten leather purse I did for the Purse-onality art show! I printed out one of my original digital illustrations, glued it on the purse then painted over it with acrylics. I softened the face to make it look more vulnerable by adding silver to the eyes. Then sealed it with modge podge. I may do a varnish tonight too!

This it the final stage back of the purse which I struggled with. I still prefer the front and yet the back really does represent who I am!
I started to stamp gold flowers on it in hope that I could improve it, still it was a disaster, so I continued on.
This was the original finished version, but it just didn't bode well with me, it seemed too plain.
The beginning stages, where the face looks hard and angry. My goal was to cover up the lettering and soften up the face.
I wrote a required blurb to accompany the purse!

I’m a passionate Woman in a magnificent romance with art! For years as a type “A” personality I rode the treadmill of life on high speed. Then I crashed! An illness, death, divorce, loads of grief, brought me to a pivotal change of lifestyle. Now, much slower, wiser and way more pensive, I fill my life with words, and newly discovered artistic talents driven by love and the spirit within! In retrospect I know there to be peace after pain! You just have to believe and face it!

The following poem, written and posted last year, was inspired by my digital illustration "Face it"

Just Face It

Just face it, you’re getting old

Embrace it, you’re wiser too

Just face it, time to shed the load

Embrace it, the young spirit in you

Just face it, you’re wearier now

Embrace it, there’s an artist inside

Just face it; you shan’t meet all desires

Embrace it; the new inspiration tide

Just face it, your bond is altered

Embrace it; memories inhabit your heart

Just face it, grief’s finally waned

Embrace it; feelings replaced by art

Just face it, you’re not the same

Embrace it, your generosity is past

Just face it; innovation’s required

Embrace it, creativity will last

Just face it; you may not have partner

Embrace it, peaceful time on your own

Just face it, the sacrifices have merit

Embrace it, prosperity of love known

Written by Happytiler

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