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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Scribblings " Antidote"

  Sunday Scribblings this week prompt is  " Antidote"


Last week my son-in-law opened for Blues legend Doc Maclean and local artist Dave Boxcar Gates at a small venue in Yale town. After fighting a week long cold/sore throat drinking ( garlic, ginger, honey tea...blahhh), SIL gave a wonderful performance of his own compositions which were well received.

A good sized group of friends and family attended!

After his concert I slipped away to the washroom. In  my absence my friends hair became live kindling, alerting the whole Tapas bar/art den. Oblivious to the fact she was a human candle, my panicked dear daughter screamed “your hair is on fire!”  Scouting the fire source with patting motions my comrade nonchalantly extinguished herself.   I returned to find said friend giggling as though she was part of the nightly fireworks entertainment ! Not surprising for a psychologist  who had  a stroke affecting her speech, with an antidote to obtain her doctorate in Neuropsychology so she can re-educate professionals how to treat stroke victims


Shortly before all the fireworks hoopla I spotted daughters childhood favourite hockey player as he entered the venue. Silver around the edges, he sat politely at a table of people much younger than his mid years. With his brothers he's successfully  raised enough money to support a resource center for psychiatric patients in crisis. A tribute to his father who suffered mental illness. Committing suicide when the all star was only fifteen! A needless tragedy where a parent misses out on his childrens epic accomplishments!

Our night started weak, empty reserved tables, slow service, hunger pangs abound, but in time things turned around. We savored the tunes, scored some nice seats and delighted in the first snow fall of the season! Life can be stinging and hard, but when we work through adversity with a positive spirit, using our own personal gifts to share with the world, much can be accomplished and enjoyed! Life is worth sticking around for!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Scribblings "What a difference a day makes"

Sunday Scribblings Prompt this week is "What a difference a day makes"
Last Sunday we attended the twins first birthday party. They turned one Nov 7Th!
I had a few tears of joy that day.  Read on to find out why!

Oh what a difference a day makes
For parent nursing a sick little boy twenty four seven
Loving him implicitly with all his special needs
Only to have him pass five years later

Oh what a difference a day makes
To find out your daughter is afflicted too
 though not as severe she lives only
Ten months, leaving a lifetime impact

Oh what a difference a day makes
When you learn you are pregnant again
With twins, born healthy, functioning
Busy, nothing like you’ve ever known
Oh what a difference a year makes
When they turn one, without weekly
Doctor visits, feeding tubes, seizures
Chattering, curious, toddling down the hall

Oh was a difference a day makes
When you can speak tenderly about
Your children who 've passed
And still laugh in the same sentence

Oh what a difference a day makes
When you can go from daily grief
To hope, joy, new dreams
And a different kind of normal!

I had imagined this day as soon as I found out my friend was pregnant... it came true almost verbatim. There are shrines around the house for their other two who will always be remembered with love. It's a time for new adventures with their precious twins! I wish them so much happiness, today and always! Embrace your children as the wonderful gifts they truly are, you'll never regret it!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunday Scribblings Bright Idea

Folk Art  Flower Fusion 
Acrylic paint outlined in black sharpie pen!
This painting started one way and layers later ended up completely different.   But I did enjoy outlining everything with a sharpie pen. Sharpies have always been a favorite of mine, long before I attempted any art! Nice to go back to them! I have more plans with this style! The painting Below was my first attempt, which needs more work! I prefer this one though!

Sharpie Frenzy
Sunday Scribblings is very late this week! Bright Idea was the prompt!

Living in an affluent  neighborhood I worried she’d never understand the less fortunate. I had strict boundaries about behavior but she wanted for nothing! A playhouse indoors, toys galore, love with abundant attention everyday made for a very pleasant childhood!

At ten my ugly divorce changed her life and our lifestyle! Attempting to keep her world centered I took her to group counseling for children. It was an amazing program  that gave her coping skills and  a respite during  tumultuous times. Years later I bumped into a counselor who conveyed that her mature input helped them to restructure the program which continues to this day.

Her story and situation paled in comparison to some children who’d witnessed ghastly things. While she attended one group, I attended another. Often little token gifts such as hair products, creams, nail polish were given away each week. Brightening a gloomy period. It meant so much to me who at least had a nice roof over my head. Some woman were destitute, I can only imagine how thrilled they were to get an unexpected gift.

So this year my coupon clipping queen had the bright idea to fill ten baskets for a woman’s shelter. Gathering free items to the tune of $571.00 which she has paid
approximately 57 dollars for, (mostly the tax!) Each basket is full of creams, shampoos, socks, razors toothbrushes….all the necessities with a few extras, Starbucks items, necklaces and bath gels. I can’t say I’m not proud of my daughter who's compassionate young woman. Most of all I’m pleased that having a childhood filled with magic and wonder didn’t spoil her! She really understands those less fortunate!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Beauty of British Columbia in the Fall

 Our Fall was very late starting this year.  
Falling leaves tend to linger longer, 
blanketing the base of the trees and gardens. 
Possibly a hard winter coming? So they say.
We'll see! 

It's really amazing how nature protects itself!
These photos were taken seven days ago. 
Some trees hadn't even turned color yet! 

  Everything is so lush and pretty! I had to pull
                 over to the side of the road to capture the overwhelming awe I felt!
    Sometimes we take for granted the beauty that
      surrounds us here in British Columbia!  

 All these natural  intense colors are an artist dream!
Year after year I'm still mesmerized by the beauty!
Probably why fall is my favorite time of year!

 Temperatures are dropping, leaves are finally falling, scarves and hats
are trickling into winter attire.   I still won't wear socks though!
That bohemian hippy chick in me refuses to wear socks until it snows!
Do you like the cold weather?

So blessed to live in B.C.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday Scribblings and the painted umbrella

"Raining  Cats and Dogs"  umbrella made in memory of Ethan Brearley for "The Center for child Development"

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is "Friction".

Friction plagued my twenties as a young woman asserting her power. Men found me interesting but intimidating. Enlightening their wives about credit ratings, pensions, or job security was frowned upon. So many occasions I came up against the patriarch. Certain men would refuse to speak to me about business until I set them straight. My wit, passion and tenacity always prevailed. Many times there was discord, with me  winning my power. I never backed away from what I believed in!

Yesterday I thought those twenty something conflicts were wasted energy. Then last night while my daughter was talking I realized it was a stepping stone to building strength, so I could endure death, divorce, illness and being a single parent. My daughter is flexing her wings right now! Just like I did, she’s setting up a personal constitution, interrelated with her beliefs and experiences! Taking on the patriarch in areas that need enlightening.

The other day she was appalled to hear a grandfather complaining how his former daughter in law didn’t send enough diapers along for the whole weekend of his sons visitation! Informing him his son should buy his own diapers during visitation. Grandpa rebuked that he already pays child support. Which was so little it threw my daughter into a tailspin. Needless to say there was A LOT of friction. Another male nearby verbally supported her disdain. Grandpa, who really enjoys my daughter later worried that she was annoyed with him. The third party said “I think you got on her nerves, but I’m sure she’s fine!” Meanwhile daughter figures grandpa needs to step up to the plate as well! After all it’s grandchild too!

Although I’m proud to watch her turn into a butterfly her mothers daughter  it’s hard when she exerts her power on me! I no longer desire to add friction to my life, or personally fight for the rights of others, or verbally assert my personal opinions with verve, or live in emotional upheaval. I much prefer to  paint out my feelings, penning them, or venting through poetry to those who dare to read! At this time in my life I'm more about telling stories of experiences so you can take from it what you will! Don’t get me wrong though, the fight is still there if need be, I just fancy a different road now! A peaceful one!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Blog Blast for Peace and the painted umbrella

Charity umbrella done for developmental disabilities in Memory of Jayna Brearly.
Today is annual peace globe day, where bloggers unite towards making a more peaceful world!

Had he lived it would be my fathers 89Th birthday. Such a peaceful man and loving dad despite the fact he was not privy to one himself. He would be proud to know how peaceful my life is now, and how wonderful his granddaughter turned out!

My mother has long passed away.
She dreamed of a classroom
Where children were taught empathy.
She’d be sad to know there are a mixing pot of families,
many who rarely say a kind word to each other in the home
Let alone teach their children empathy
or kindness towards one and other

Despite sending our children off
Well equipped with hugs, kisses 
a great lunch and  loving heart
Some children come to school
Empty, full of anger, sorrow, and disillusionment
There are those who believe isolating "good Children"
from  unfortunate victims of  chaotic unhealthy homes
Will  protect their kids
from being victimized, damaged or influenced

 I believe that neglected children need our love
our support, our compassion, and understanding
They need us to build their self esteem
Teach them kindness, give them hope
for a peaceful future despite any turmoil now.
We need to be that good influence  in their life
 Connect and care
We need to step up and step in
Lead the the way by example
 Because we can ALL make a difference in a child's life.
We can ALL work towards a better tomorrow
and a more peaceful world!

After all, Peace starts at home,
peace starts with you!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween Night

 Can you believe this whimsical piece is my  everyday bowl?
I'm sure you're not surprised. None of my friends are! 
We gave out little bars to the little ones, and full sized bars to the big kids!
Some were adults I'm sure. But hey I love the spirit of Halloween, so power to them!
 Many kids squealed getting a full sized cadbury bar! Just a little insurance that our house doesn't get egged. In actuality my parents of modest means always handed out full sized bars. In keeping with their tradition I too have always handed out large bars. Several years we have been out involved in a haunted house, or visiting others. Which I welcomed when times were too tight to buy candy!
 Although this couple has celebrated Halloween together for almost nine years    they've never carved a pumpkin together! I had to capture their  first carving session. The middle one is mine,  for the traditional Garfield pumpkin that I carved when  Pepper was a child!Pepper did hearts on hers, Bryan did music notes and this Garfield was not one of  my best. I think  the thrill of a Garfield has left the house! One thing for sure, we don't do scary in this house! Except in the morning before I do my hair!
 Here they are  on the stairs awaiting  their porch debut!
Garfield seems smitten with the hearts don't you think?
 We made yummy pumpkin seeds splashed with extra virgin olive oil and salt, then baked at 350 degrees until golden, a little over 15 minutes! We had friends for dinner more than  125 kids knocked at the door. Many kids passed by, afraid of a large container parked against the house for roofing material.... It was a spooktacular evening with friends and family!

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