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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Fifth Year Blogging

Happy Fifth Birthday to my Blog!

I'm late posting, with several power outages the  server has been obstinate today. I may only have a few moments.  I’m in the throws of figuring out a giveaway to commemorate my five years of consistent blogging.

I opted out of my writing group to  spend  time blogging. I’m happy to say it’s been a rewarding choice for me! Blogging has attracted like minded people, forcing me to write more often, and create visuals to keep things interesting. Thousands of words later I have a wonderful collective  of stories and events recorded as a legacy for future generations. Some is blathering nonsense, even  a bit narcissistic at times, while other posts I’m extremely proud of. 

Thank you to all who support my blog! I am extremely grateful for each and every visitor, and every comment. I adore the wonderful loving friendships I have acquired through blogging. I couldn’t have imagined my world without you! Just know I deeply appreciate all of you whether you comment or not!!   Stayed tuned for my giveaway...... Love Giggles the Happy Tiler!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Scribblings "Nearly"

click to enlarge collage

This weeks Sundays Scribblings prompt is " Nearly"

Nearly fifty five and I am still learning things about my deceased mother. As we all know Liz Taylor passed away recently. While another blogger made a commentary on Liz’s marriages and generous nature I was most struck by the  tube video  below!
Over the years my mother always seemed a bit outdated with her Hairstyles. It frustrated my brother and I since she was a hairdresser. In his effort to convince her to change hairstyles, I remember him telling her about attractive  women he spotted from behind who he thought were much younger because of their updated hair and clothing.  It was only when the women turned around he noted they were  moms age.

Mom tended to get a hairstyle and stick with it too long. Many of her customers were the same. As young adults both bro and I opted to get our own hairdressers. I’m sure  Mom was relieved  because she could never please us fashion wise. She was already doing all her relatives for free and had little interest in doing hair by then. She never commented on our hair either way once we switched beauticians.

Looking back at photos, mom was an  adorable young woman with fashionable outfits, and cute stylish hair.  Many of which I now see were fashioned after Ms. Taylor.  I see almost every hairstyle mom ever had in this video. Wow you learn something everyday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Change of Attitude

Tuesday I went to Costco for some pick me ups, a BBQ Chicken, and jalapeno bread for an easy supper. I got multigrain cheerios that we all love, coffee, cheese, and yellow tulips for my daughter. I was shocked to see shrimp went from just under nine dollars a bag, to almost fifteen bucks!

Lately I've been taking a night time Advil before bed. My knee was not too bad. So I searched vigorously for the cocoa on my list.  It's usually hard to miss the bright yellow label, but there was none to be found.   Unfortunately  box stores rarely have any clerks nearby to ask for assistance.     

I headed to the check stands. There were lineups galore. My eyes spent the time wandering into the surrounding shopping carts. Curiously looking for new interesting meal ideas!  I noted a different type of feta than I usually get. Peoples clothes, mannerism, habits, relationship dynamic  keep me interested and stave off boredom!

It was nearing dinner hour so I slipped into a shorter lineup. A  middle aged male cashier took my card.  I asked if there was any cocoa. He was a bit Blasé, telling me he hadn't seen any come through lately. Head down ran a few of my groceries through, stopped and asked if I wanted to donate to the Japan Tsunami fund. I paused for a second. Then quickly said "yes." He asked how much, I blurted an amount without much thought. Even at that it felt cheap.  I should have put the yellow tulips back, counted my blessings and added that to my donation too.  But  my daughter needs tender care right now, those tulips gave her some joy. Enough about my guilt.

After my donation the Cashier perked up, kindly yelled over to customer service about the cocoa, asked them for the code, sweetly asked how many I wanted, sent someone to retrieve one for me. His whole demeanor had change. Was this even the same guy? He was very sweet! 

While waiting for my cocoa I could hear the next few customers decline to contribute. I was so happy to see Red Cross on my bill!!!   Verification it's going to a good place. I looked around Costco, so busy. I thought  if everyone  gave just a  bit it could mount so very quickly!  Who knows, might give another  Mr. Grumpy pants  a shot of much needed nicety!


Yesterday I was driving home after dropping the dog back to her owner. I had the sun roof open, Adele was blaring and I was in my glory. An old turquoise Toyota sedan  was following really close behind me. The fellow was beaming from ear to ear. I felt a bit nervous how close tailgater was.
I thought I heard beeping, and was thinking, oh no here we go again!!! What now? But I talked myself out of it!! Tailgater kept smiling as though he just won the lottery. He was driving a bit erratically so I kept checking my rear view mirror. I kept hearing beeping...but it was probably the music. Next thing I know tailgater was beside me, smiling and trying to get my attention. It was  creepy. Tailgater, probably fifteen years younger than me if not more obviously had spring fever.  What the heck...he was trying to hit on me while I was driving? He drove in front of me, then beside me again. Omg he was acting so peacockish!  Why doesn't he do what I do when I have spring fever, open his windows and turn up the music....geesh....that's all I need some crazy manic guy with an old car....been there done that!!! No thanks!    

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pump Dude

Today I was doing errands.  Saw that gas was a bit cheaper at a Co-op   station.  I decided to top up my tank! I drove up to the nearest pump, in behind a  vacant truck. I expected the owner was paying for gas or buying  lottery tickets. I sat patiently waiting, because that's what I do!...I'm pretty darn patient! Meanwhile a  man standing three pumps away was smirking at me. He had that, "what's that dumb chick waiting for", kind of smirk on his face. He kept staring as though I had my skirt tucked into my underwear, which wasn't possible because I was sitting in my car....Okay....maybe that was possible, but he couldn't see it.  Anyway, he kept smirking. I felt uneasy, a bit foolish, but didn't  know why.I could have switched to a vacant pump on the other side.  Instead I kept waiting, maybe a little too long.  No one returned to the truck.  Pump  dude continued  laughing at me. Still shaking his head  in contempt. Obviously I was  doing something wrong.   He definitely thought  I was a stupid, heck if I knew why!   I considered passing on the gas, not passing gas, after all I still had three quarters of a tank of fuel. But I wanted the cheap gas, and a touch-less car wash to get the winter salt off my car. It was now  evident  the truck driver wasn't coming back. I looked in my rear view mirror preparing to back up. As I swung my head around, there it was. A city tow truck. Rear view lights butted up to my passenger door. I had blocked him in. I felt pretty sheepish. There was nowhere for him to go until I moved! Pumper dude was still shaking his head, now blatantly laughing at me.  Duh.....Fat chick finally got it!! Thankfully I had sunglasses on to hide my shame! I quickly pulled out and around to another pump, parallel to him. He pulled out and left, thank goodness. I'm sure I created some evening fodder, for  pump dude and the trapped tow truck driver!
I imagine I swooped in behind the vacant truck just as the tow truck was planning  to perform a tow! Oops!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Mutterings

                                                 Digital done for reusable mugs

Today I watched a guy toss a McDonalds wrapper out the window of his car with little concern that I witnessed it. Where are the liter police when you need them darn it!

Now that gas prices continue to climb I'm soooo glad I bought a smaller car. There is so much head room, I can cart a large amount of groceries and  canvases with ease! Love my Kia Soul!
Yesterday an older Cashier whispered, "I use coupons too," as though it was a dirty secret!! I love when cashiers embrace using coupons, makes shopping so much easier. Line ups can get pretty long if a cashier  decides there's a discrepancy. My assertive coupon queen daughter rarely takes no for an answer when she's positive her coupon is valid. Watch out for those coupon queens, they have power! 

 We've been looking after a toy poodle for a few weeks now, even though we brush her hair daily it still mats up like a Rastafarian. No sooner do I work out the mats and she has new puppy dreads!

Having a dog around is fun!  I wipe her feet every time she comes in the house some how she still manages to make paw prints all over the dark hardwood floors. It's  very faint, until the light hits. Then it looks like a pack of dogs trampled through the house all at once! Mop time!

Daughters favorite comfort food is homemade macaroni and cheese, with real Canadian cheddar. For months I have had macaroni Mondays, but today we changed it up and had cheddar cheese perogies and salad. What's your comfort food?

Sunday Scribblings " Free"

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is “Free”

Are we ever completely free of worry once we become a Mother? Not in my world. Even though I share a communal living arrangement with adult children I still worry. I feel their pangs of pain, as well as their elation. I often wonder how we manage to make it work through pms, and other moody moments. I’m sure there are times we all just button our traps to keep the peace. Other instances it’s pure love and respect that keep it all together. For the most part we enjoy making each other happy, rolling over the rough patches best we can.

I feel fortunate to be friends with my daughter and son-in-law.  My life is nothing of what I imagined it’s would be at this age.  Unexpected  twists and turns forced me to embrace obscure changes.  Accepting  these modifications with a flexible perspective has been a bonus.

I try to look at the positive in most situations. Do I wallow in pessimism? Sometimes, for a second. Mostly I look for the good, that glimmer of light in a dark place.   I try to find beauty in people and circumstances. When I concentrate on finding what’s lovely I’m blinded to the faults. (or at least for the moment they’re hazed over.) I truly think it frees my  soul from the confinement of negative thoughts! Possibly the key to my friendship with the kids! It keeps me happier too! 

How about you, how do you deal with life unexpected?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Embracing the chips!

Photo in a state of perfection
I truly hate to admit I was pretty anal before kids. I wanted to be a kind parent, so I tried not to sweat the small stuff. Still I carried my need for perfection into motherhood. Always over prepared and organized, with many changes of clothes wherever we went. I washed my floor every night before bed. Being super mom was not always a good idea. I never cried over spilt milk, never made her feel bad about a mistakes, or accidents. I just over excelled in keeping things perfect. When I became sick I had to relinquish the need for perfection. Many years of incorporating perfection fell by the wayside! Laundry backed up on me, while I took naps to stave of headaches  and exhaustion. Dust danced around the house longer than normal. I learned to realign my life! I grieved the old me, set boundaries, paced myself and divorced perfection!
I've embrace who I am today. Less perfect, wiser, and more content. It's a relief to surrender perfection. So the other day when I discovered my favorite Mary Naylor Tea pot had a huge chip out of the spout I was able to shrug and say " Oh well." In the past I may have felt a larger  pang of upset. With the devastation in Japan I can only feel blessed to have a wonderful roof over my head, family close by and other beautiful things in my midst. I spent too many hours of my youth fretting over nonsense. Life is so precious, to be respected, honored, and enjoyed. My prayers go out to the Japanese people, who went to bed one night never knowing how their world could be turned upside down the next. So enjoy the character of a chip in your teapot, I am!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twenty five years ago

My dad's been gone 25 years today! St patty's day was a great exit for a man who loved to party, dance and sing!  I can't help wonder what he would think about today's five dollar Starbucks coffees, cell phone bills in the hundreds,  hand held computers, grandchildren he's never met and the divorce rate! Probably horrified about the coffee and cells. With one land line we always managed to meet up with friends, and find our way to appointments on time. We also  enjoyed high quality coffee, parallel to Starbucks since dad drove a coffee delivery truck for awhile.
I'm sure he'd be thrilled having a granddaughter only an inch shorter than him at 5'8" since he loved tall women. Even though mom, the love of his life was  only five feet tall.  I wonder if he'd see how much my daughter is like his wife. Tiny, feisty, a great cook and baker. Not to mention a spiffy dresser, great money manager with a huge heart!   Would he be surprised about my relationship with her I wonder? I think he'd be surprised at what an easy teen she was, how straight she is too.
Too bad he never met his only grandson. A kid with a natural musical, and athletic ability, much like him! Dad would be so surprised that his one nephew is a professor and Cancer research scientist! 
I think he'd be proud of the mother I am, how I kept everything together after divorce, raising my daughter in a wholesome way! He'd be disappointed about my weight but never say a word. He may be sad that I'd not attempted to mate up again. He's be utterly shocked that I am an artist, almost as much as I am!

My brother is turning fifty this year, man he looks so good with his six pack abs. Dad would be pretty surprised to see how handsome and well preserved his son is!  How he has  maintained a seven day workout since the age of  twelve years. How proactive he is about nutrition. He'd be proud. If only he hadn't smoked, maybe he'd still be here to enjoy this era! Miss you dad!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Journal Page

Thursday Thirteen Random thoughts

1 Life sure has it's ups and downs. The people you love most seem to have so much power over us!

2 Stupid woman in Starbucks today, plugged in the cord to her wireless computer right across the customers path to the counter! Lucky no one tripped. First man who walked by accidentally ripped the cord out of the socket with his foot! She was oblivious to anyone else but herself.

3 Where the hell is common sense????  Not common lately!

4 Why are people so RUDE with their cell phones, playing games, texting, posting to facebook while in a room full of people all chatting together??
5 Why do people think it's okay to talk on a cell phone for a long period of time when they're in your company? Next time I'm going to bluntly tell them I find it offensive!!

6 I wonder how much the property taxes and heating bill are on the 2.4 million dollar lottery home!

7 How the heck do you dust the 10 ft rafters of the lottery home?

8  Damn the show "Shameless" with William  H Macy is addictive!

9 I have been wanting to see "For Colored Girls" since it came out. I have waited long enough. This weekend I'm renting it from Shaw on demand! Having a movie date by myself!!!
10 I am jonsing to create, but hesitate to spread all my supplies around the family room making a big mess again!

11  I loved the movie with Graffiti artist Banksy  called "Exit through the gift shop" but it's not for everyone. 

12 I am so grateful for the beautiful yellow an apple green flowers my daughter bought for International Woman's day Tuesday!

13 Darn it, I need to write down my blog ideas before they float into the abyss!! Here today and gone tomorrow! I must remedy that! 

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Gypsy Goddess Fiftieth

Our friend Artist Violette hosted a wonderful art party at the magic cottage Friday evening. We all brought appetizers, wine, and gifts for Gypsy goddesses 50th birthday celebration! What a blast we had!

Ahead of time each goddess individualized a pocket for an apron. Then Dream goddess and I attached the pockets with a backing and added trim. Gypsy goddess was overjoyed with her new treasured apron!
Violette hand painted the Gypsy soul in a heart,
 and I  painted the gnome and cupcakes!
Gypsy goddess has an affinity to gnomes, 
and has  always created fun cakes and cupcakes!
Here I captured Gypsy's pure bliss! Overwhelmed with joy
over the apron. She's an old fashioned girl
who honors anything creative or homemade!
Here are some of our creation done in the Creative Juice Studio.
after wonderful instruction from Violette!

We topped it off with a colorful cake I made in honor of gypsy! Note the striped candles. Gypsy loves to wear whimsical striped socks under dresses, so I thought they were fitting!  It was fun and I'm satisfied Gypsy goddess felt truly loved after this celebration!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Sunday Scribbling "Always a Never"

A doodle done in an art journal Feb 8th
Sunday Scribbling prompt this week is "Raw"

 My daughter's in crisis, there is nothing I can do, she is raw! Her father is moving to another country. She feels at a complete loss. Knowing she may not see him for a long time, if ever. Because divorce is complicated, and step parents can be very difficult to take.

Often a stoic girl she describes herself as an egg, with a fragile shell, completely soft inside. There has been little regard for her feelings during the process of him moving away. As much as the man doesn't fit the criteria to be my friend, I want him safe and sound for my daughter. So I pray for his safety and happiness. Even though almost everything he does irks me to the core!
I wished he'd been a more of  hands on dad. But he had no example and didn't know how. He is a sad man who's missed out on a genuinely amazing child. Sidney Poitier says, " The measure of a man is how he provides for his children" There is not much more I can say. Except I am so sad for my daughter, and my deceased mother who also went through the same. I am so sorry for the ugliness in her life that was no fault of her own. There is no way to rectify any of this....it's just plain awful.

Always a never
A child of divorce
Continuously pounded
By what will never be
Nibbling at crumbs of
Family past
Grappling for resolve
Where there is none
Hanging by a string
Of need
Knowing it will
Swing back and forth
Until it breaks
Dropping them
Into a puddle of dismay
Muddied by mistakes
Not their own
By a heavy brick
Of longing,
and deceit
Waiting for atonement
That will never come
Satisfaction that can never be
They stand alone
In a mire of pain
With no comfort
Desperate to move
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